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Finally Safe

Posted on Fri Sep 7th, 2018 @ 2:48pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1

Captain's Log....I honestly am not even sure what day it is right now,

The USS Defiant has finally escaped from the Tholian Quarantine Zone. We're currently on our way back to Federation space, traveling at about Warp 6.65.

Our escape wasn't an entirely non-violent approach, so I hope we only did minimal damage to the Tholian craft. I don't want our treaty negotiation mission to be a total failure. Even if we need to give them more than we originally agreed to, I hope we can hold it together.

The ship has performed remarkably well, despite the stresses I've placed upon it. The Klingon Cloaking Device is actually functioning at the moment. The Tholians seem to be able to track us vaguely, but can't narrow down our location.

Repairs are already underway. A good portion of Deck 8 still doesn't have power and there are a variety of secondary system malfunctions. But if that's the worst of the damage, I'll take it.

For now, I'm just dealing with the damage to myself. The medical team says I need rest. I suppose I'll give that to myself soon. I just want to wait a little bit longer.


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