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Posted on Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 @ 1:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Maralen Seitha

The screen is activated, but Maralen is not sitting before it. Rather, he paces a short distance away.

It is on nights like this that my lack of need for sleep is not a blessing. It leaves me too much time to think. This time, however, I am not thinking of the past. This time, I am concerned with the future.

He stops pacing and turns toward a window, staring out.

I served the Partnership and the MindShapers. I know there are things out there so terrifying that they might drive the normal mad. But I had never seen a creature like the ones we pulled from the Tholian and the Klingon. There were records, sketchy at best, in the Partnership's Libraries, but nothing containing enough solid data to have prepared me for what was happening on that ship. I suppose I am fortunate that I had served such harsh powers, though, as it gave me a mental defense against what I saw.

I will cope, as I have always coped, with the events on that ship. But my concern now is for Charlotte. She was attacked right here on Defiant, in her own Ready Room... by one of our officers. This concerns me in two respects.

He pauses and puts his face in his hands for a moment, then takea a deep breath and lowers his hands. He moves to the desk and sits, his eyes showing the concern.

The first is in the way of a personal concern. Someone cannot be betrayed in such a fashion and have it not affect how they see everyone, at least for a time. I am relieved that she showed trust in me, and I hope that I can help her through what is coming.

The second is in the way of the Executive Officer of the Defiant. As such, an honor which I fully recognize as such, I am concerned about not only our crew but the rest of Starfleet. My analytical mind has not stopped going over this since we ran from Tholian space, and I have come to a disturbing conclusion.

There are only two ways the officer could have been infested -- and I say infested rather than infected because this is a parasite rather than a disease. One is by being on the Tholian ship, but he was not as this attack occurred while we were there, which means he was already infested. Which leads to the second possibility. He acquired the parasite from either his previous posting or the starbase. Either of those leads to the undeniable conclusion that these beings are already infesting Starfleet. The questions then become... how deeply are they rooted and how high are the levels of command they have infested. At this time, there is no way to know. Thus I am concerned.

Right now, there are no answers, and that, frankly, fluffs my fur. I hate having a lack of information to use to formulate a strategy.

He sighs and sits back, leaning his head back against the chair and sighing.

I will add more when I have more. For now, I need to meditate.

He reached forward, and the screen goes black.


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