First Officers Log, Stardate Unknown.

Posted on Thu Mar 12th, 2020 @ 2:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1

First Officers log, Stardate [shuffling sounds], Stardate currently unknown.

Approximately half an hour ago Captain Reynolds departed from the Defiant aboard a shuttle packed with enough explosives to take a small station out and headed for Typhons ship. Our sensors indicate she's currently unharmed, but the virus that's ripped through the Defiants systems are making it hard to be certain.

Prior to Captain Reynolds departure I was promoted to First Officer and command of Defiants operations were handed to me. The crew took the news moderately well, each of them have their own reasons for trusting the Captain and our current curcumstance doesn't leave us with much pause for thought.

We have determined that a virus was cleverly hidden amongst the systems that enable the cloaking device to function. Since it was executed we have lost control of several key systems leaving the Defiant dead in the water without any way to help the Captain beyond our presence.

We are determined though. Doctor Lindsay has provided us with an ingenius solution in order to rid the virus from our systems. Using his medical expertise he has interfaced with the ships systems and is currently combating virus as though it was biological. Peliminary readings look promising.

The rest of the Senior staff have been scattered throughout the ship with an handful of the Junior Ranks supporting us. Between them they intend to destroy the cloak, restore the Defiant's impulse engines and bring the transporter system online. Should they all be successful we might be able the grab the Captain and make a swift retreat.

In the meantime, the crew of the Defiant are showing themselves to be everything Starfleet had hoped members of their ranks would be. Intuitive, focused, resilient and loyal. I'll feel sorry for Typhon when we finally get operational, he isn't prepared for the recourse this crew will inevitably enforce.

End log.