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Trouble, per usual

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 @ 11:33pm by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Summer Gallagher

Mission: Season 2, Episode 3: Foxes and Henhouses
Location: Starbase Arcadia, Residential District
Timeline: MD 1

The Artemis had docked some time ago, and Captain James and his crew had gone to work. Surveillance had been set up. False mission reports submitted, to conceal their investigation. And the pieces had begun moving.

As he looked out over the Starbase, Chris couldn’t help but note how much had changed in a few short months. He’d been in this apartment months ago. At the time, he’d been Captain of the Defiant. And Summer has only just returned to him, that very night. In fact, this room had been hers at the time. Now they were back, using it as an off ship saferoom. And his relationship with Summer had progressed substantially. Yet, being back here, he could feel the first night jitters all over again. It was silly, he knew. They routinely spent their nights together. But the trappings of the apartment has a familiar, adventurous air to it. He also couldn’t deny that being away from the ship and alone together was nice.

He stepped back inside off the balcony, speaking aloud, not entirely sure where inside Summer had snuck off to. “The other teams are in place. If there’s any strange activity in the Command Tower, we’ll know soon enough. For now, we wait.”

She came out of the main bedroom, dressed in civilian fashion - a dark blue summer dress, that hung from straps at the shoulder, and hung to her knees. "Well, while we wait, we can relax. No need to stress out just yet. And for those watching us, we should play a part don't you think?"

“You’re looking awfully nice.” He turned to face her, and smiled when he saw her. “So do you have any plans for how we should blend in?”

"I figured, no one would look twice at two officers stealing some alone time." Summer went and sat on the couch. "As long as we do not engage in more active activities, we should be able to blend and keep focused."

"Then tame it is," Chris said, taking a seat beside her. "I can't say I'm thrilled about the War Council the Admiral has called. Sounds like a trap if ever I've heard one. And knowing that she's one of them..."

"It is a trap and knowing, means everyone will be there with their eyes wide open. We will be safe enough. And we will stop them." Summer was confident in that. "Both crews are good at their jobs and the Admiral will be stopped or cured."

“True. Captain Reynolds seems to know her stuff.” Chris scooted himself a little deeper into the seat, relaxing his posture a little. “The stuff we run into out here never ceases to amaze me. Giant space entities that steal while planets. Parasitic beings trying to spark a war. Romulans from the future. Renegade Captains from the past. Sometimes it’s a wonder we bother to explore at all. And could you not?”

Summer nodded."I agree. It makes life interesting." She smiled and cuddled into his side. "And makes it better to explore with you."

Chris smiled, pulling her in to a kiss. "I could not agree more."

Summer smiled as their lips met. "So once this is sorted, we can get back out there."

"Good. And we can get back to exploring instead of all...this." Chris gestured vaguely. "I'm looking forward to taking Artemis out along the inner rim. There's some wild star systems there. Not to mention getting a closer look at Sagittarius A."

Smiling she shifted to sit in his lap. "Lets just 'pretend' some more to throw off the scent shall we? And then we can plan our next destination."

"And if someone is watching us 'pretend'," he said with a teasing smile. He wished the possibility was a little less real.

Her lips curved and she shifted closer. "Lets give them something to watch."

He raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Well, aren’t we adventurous.” He got a little more comfortable in the chair. “As with most of our antics, I will follow your lead...for a bit.” He shot her a sly smile.

"And you know I like it when you flinch control of the reins" She whispered in his ear. "In the building across the street, third floor from the top, fourth window from the left." she continued in his ear as she ran her hands up his arms. "Tug my dress up to my hips Chris, lets pretend some more."

The whisper definitely caught him off guard. ‘Focus up, kid.’ He made a point to play it up, finding the bottom of her dress and slowly working it up toward her hips. It took effort to stay focused on the moment and not what his hands were doing. But his eyes were subtly scanning the surrounding buildings. Sure enough, Summer was right. Of course Summer was right. In the time he’d known her, she’d rarely been wrong. He wasn’t quite sure what her plan was from here though. They’d eyed surveillance but were they going to confront it, or just note it’s presence. He dabbled in spycraft, but Summer was at home here. He’d follow her lead.

Glad she had worn really great underwear, Summer shifted again so her hair fell down across her face as she lowered her head towards his, but her eyes were watching through the fall of hair. "Give him, five more minutes of watching us, then take us into the bedroom. From there I will beam over and take him out."

Five more minutes? He couldn’t tell who Summer was playing with more: him or their watcher. Or whether this was for her own benefit. He teased back at her. "Shall we keep our friend waiting or put him out of his misery?"

Summer smiled. "The sooner i deal with him the sooner you can finish what we started."

“I approve of that plan,” he joked. “Alright, scene transition. Get ready.” He scooped her up, carrying her into the next room.

She laughed as he did so.

A few moments later and a lurking infected guard met an unexpected end.


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