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Meet Ups and Mayhem

Posted on Wed Jan 9th, 2019 @ 9:10pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Ensign Claire Lafayette & Lieutenant Dante Rawlins V1 & Ensign K'Muss & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir V1 & Lieutenant Andromeda Sheffield Dr
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Mission: Episode 4: Fires of Arcadia
Location: Promenade Pier, Starbase Arcadia
Timeline: MD3, Midday

Taking a break from a walk around Arcadia's shopping district Kit was feeling a little parched. Lucky for him he knew a great hang out spot close to where he was. So he headed straight there.

Upon entry, the relaxing atmosphere washed over him. Plus his favorite bartender was on duty. "Hey kit. The usual, Andorian ale?"

"You know me too well, Mike!" Kit smiled.

This was Thyra's first time on this base. She was very amazed by how busy it was and how much of a variety of people there were around.

She was going to meet a fellow officer she met prior on the ship. He wanted enjoy a little off duty chat with her at a bar over an Andorian ale. So as soon as she was settled in she had gone for the bar.

She looked every so pleasant as she smiled to everyone. Somehow most people seem to appreciate the shiny personality of the ensign and smiled and nodded back at her. She walked in to the bar and hoisted herself on as tool next to the caitian male. She looked to the bartender and said, "One Andorian ale please."

She then turned to Kit. "Hello again," She said smiling to him. "I hope I didn't make you wait too long?"

"Hi!" The caitian said, raising his glass. "Not too long. A taste of home, eh?” He smiled.

Thyre smiled. "Yes, that's nice." She took the ale and took a sip from it. "So where is home for you these days?" She asked curious to get to know the caitian.

"Recently here on Arcadia, but now back to my old ship" He laughed. He took a sip. "Ahh. Just like at home home" He smiled. "Andorian ale was ready available at home"


Dante had just finished picking up some supplies he needed, mostly a few pair of basketball shorts, some sweats, new basketball sneakers, and a few shirts. It was a free day, he wasn't due on the ship at all, so he'd gone incognito, dressed in a pair of nice jeans, dark blue with some fading built in, and an olive green t-shirt that seemed to hug his body in just the right places to show off the work he did in the gym. He wasn't normally a conceited guy, but every once in a while it felt nice to show off your assets and get noticed, and today had felt like that kind of day.

Shopping bag in hand he wandered a bit further through the Arcadias business district, and wound up in a section that was mostly devoted to food, and drinks. He was sort of hungry, but not enough to sit down for a meal, and he was definitely thirsty, so he figured he'd split the difference and walked into a small, dimly lit, and very comfortable looking bar he spotted. As he sat at a table, tossing his bags in the chair next to him, he flagged a passing waitress.

"Do y'all have any sort of food menu?", he asked when she stopped.

She answered affirmatively, took his drink order for a small jack and coke, and walked away. When she returned she had his drink, and a small menu. He glanced over it and ordered a small basket of parmesan garlic chicken wings, and an order of what was listed as special house fries. Once she was gone he settled back in the chair, sipped his drink, and looked out over the crowd to see if he recognized anyone.

Claire Lafayette wandered into the bar, leisurely approaching. She was wearing a fairly skimpy blue dress that accented her red hair in just the right way, enjoying the time off duty and living up the chance to dress up. She’d been somewhat aimless today. With the ship fully emptied out and no responsibilities, she’d drifted between vaguely entertaining activities. But the sight of the bar seemed like a nice change of pace. She wandered in, seeing a few familiar faces. She waved at K’Muss upon entry, though she recognized a few other faces. “I guess this is where the cool kids are hanging out,” she joked.

"You know it!" Kit laughed, he raised his glass. "Hi Claire." He smiled. “Glad to see you again. Life treating you well?"

“Not too bad. Just trying to keep myself entertained,” Claire replied with a laugh. “Good to know I chose the right bar though.”

She settled into a seat near a man she hadn’t met yet before ordering herself a fruity drink she hadn’t heard of before. “You’re the new helm guy, right?”

Dante had noticed the beautiful woman as soon as she'd walked in. Her blue dress and her red hair made her fairly difficult to miss. When she came over and sat next to him he didn't turn and follow her with his eyes, but he took note nonetheless. When she had ordered her drink, and then spoke he turned. "Yep, Dante Rawlins.", he replied, holding his hand out to shake. "And who might you be?", he asked, turning in his chair and leaning sideways against the table and facing her fully.

“I thought so. I’m pretty good with faces,” she said, proud of herself. She took his hand. “Claire Lafayette. I’m one of the science officers aboard Defiant. I was on duty when you met the captain. Not that people tend to pay attention to us mere junior officers,” Claire said with mock offense. “I just recognized you and was trying to place your face.”

Taking a sip of his drink, and setting the glass back down, Dante smiled. "Somehow I don't think you get overlooked very often.", he said, with a twinkle in his eyes. "Will you accept my apologies? If I hadn't been so overwhelmed by the size, and advanced nature of the ship I'd most definitely have noticed you.", he added.

Claire raised her eyebrows in amusement. “I can’t exactly blame you. Defiant is pretty eye catching. But good to know I’ll be noticed a little more,” she said with a wink. “You picked quite a time to join though. Not a lot of flying to do aboard a space station. Especially when the ship is emptied out and under a baryon sweep. Hell I’m trying to keep myself busy. We don’t usually lose access to the ship while we’re docked and I don’t exactly love hanging out a restaurants all day.”

Dante chuckled, "Yeah, pretty terrible timing, I guess.", he said, taking another drink. "On the other hand, any other time and I might not have been in here when you walked in, so...", he added, letting his voice fade off and a smile to cross his face. "So, there's a whole space station full of things you could be doing other than sitting in a restaurant, if you are bored. Anything you can think of that would be more fun?" he asked.

“Oh a few things,” she said with a wink. “My usual gang is off doing some weird botany tour. I love science but plants aren’t my thing. And I don’t have access to my quarters so I can’t do any of my usual solo activities. Feels a little weird in a borrowed room.” She took a sip and winked at him. “What about you? How are you keeping entertained?”

Draining the last sip of his drink, and setting the empty tumblr back down, Dante looked over at her again chuckling deep in his chest at the less than subtle references. "Honestly, right now, it's not very difficult.", he said in answer. "But, if you aren't really feeling it here, I'd be down to go wander around and find something more interesting.", he added.

She eyed him analytically for a second. He wasn't too thrown by her antics. He could be fun to hang around. "Yeah, a change of scenery couldn't hurt." She drained her drink before turning to him.

"What did you have in mind?" Dante asked, wondering just how this afternoon was going to play out.

"Let's just wander and see where it takes us," Claire said with an entertained smile.

"Sounds good to me.", Dante said, grabbing his bags. "You've got a better idea of the place, lead the way.", he said, giving her a surreptitious up and down glance now that they were both standing up.

"Then follow me, flyboy." Claire didn't miss the look, but she didn't mind it either. She led the way out the door onto the pier.


Claire and Dante had made it a short distance down the pier toward the command district. At this part of the station, you had a good view of the other two piers across the retention lakes. The artificial atmosphere was very pleasant today, making Claire glad she chosen the sandaled heels over her closed toed alternatives. "So tell me, Dante, what kind of thing do you like to do for fun?"

Walking beside her Dante glanced over, smiling, and then faced forward again. He still couldn't believe he was walking next to someone this pretty. Pushing that thought aside he focused on her question. "I'm pretty open, honestly. As long as it's not going to kill me, or get me arrested. I like sports, my favorite being basketball, and I like music, I read from time to time, and when I can I like to give back by doing community service... And I just realized how lame every bit of that probably sounded.", he added with a self-depricating laugh.

Claire laughed at the final comment. "You know, it was fine until you pointed that..." She paused looking across the lake to their right, trying to figure out what she was seeing. "...out."

She stood there for a moment, just staring, trying to focus her eyes a little more.

Thinking he'd just seriously blown whatever this had been Dante mentally kicked himself, glancing away from her, and the scene she was trying to focus on. "What about you, what do you like to do for fun?", he asked, leaning back against the railling, facing away from the direction she was looking in and bracing himself with his hands. When he glanced towards her again she was still staring intently across the lake, and he was afraid he'd offended her in some way. "Did I say something wrong...?", he asked, a concerned note creeping into his voice.

Claire, for her part, was completely oblivious to Dante's concern. Her whole focus was on trying to decipher what she was seeing. "You're fine. Shut up and follow me," she said grabbing his shirt and striding in the direction of the lake.

Suddenly all thoughts of having blown his chance vanished as the beautiful woman in the strappy sandals, and the skimpy dress grabbed his shirt and started dragging him along behind her. "Um... okay...", he said, and tried to figure out exactly what was about to happen, but fairly sure he wasn't going to hate it. He was a little confused as to why they were moving vaguely towards a dense congregation of people milling around over by the diplomatic center, but figuring he'd just go along with her and see where it went.

"Focus up. I hate saying this, but eyes off me and over toward that pier," she said somewhere between teasing and seriousness. "Tell me what you see. Over on the diplomatic pier." Claire pointed across the grassy area.

At their distance, it just looked like a congregation of people milling around. No, not milling. They were all moving toward the center of the pier. And quickly. Almost as if they were running. Then it became easier to make out. Small bursts of red light flew back and forth from the main diplomatic center to the crowd. A man dropped to the ground behind the crowd. He didn't get back up. Claire was certain she saw someone fall out of the diplomatic buildings upper windows.

"What the hell?" She didn't know what to do in response. It took only a moment longer and her suspicions were answered. Along the length of the massive central building on the station, bright red running lights lit up, causing a wave effect up to the top of the station dome. Loud klaxons echoed throughout the station followed by the recognizable voice of the Starfleet Computer VI.

"Station Condition: Red. Unauthorized weapons fire detected along Diplomatic Pier. All civilians, get to safety immediately. Do not leave your shelter."

Claire shot him a shocked look. She hadn't expected anything like this. "What...what do we do?"

Dante's head was spinning at this point. Things had gone from really good, to incredibly bad in the space of a few minutes. He watched as the red lights flashed along the central building, and as he heard what was said over the stationwide intercom his face went completely blank. Looking down at Claire he just gaped in shock for a few seconds, "I have absolutely no idea, but I'd be willing to bet we need to find somewhere to take cover. Those phasers were not set to stun.", he said, finally gathering his wits. Then, looking down he nodded to her feet. "You're probably gonna wanna take those off.", he said, indicating her sandals. "Unless you are a hell of a lot better at running in them than most women I've known.", he added, crouching down and taking the phaser he'd had stashed out of the holster on his right ankle.

"I'm not very familiar with the layout of this station, do you know of anywhere we can go that would be safer until we can figure out what the hell is going on?", he asked, dragging her down with him so they didn't make such an obvious target. "We can't go charging in to the fight with you in that dress, you wouldn't last ten minutes.", he added, phaser in his left hand, his wright wrapping around her waist and keeping her close while he tried to figure out what to do.

Claire was a little startled but clung to him as he lowered the two of them. "Ditching the heels is a good idea, but I think the outfit change is going to have to wait. I'm nowhere near a change of clothes and I'm not exactly going to strip in the middle of a situation like this." She pointed back toward the restaurant they'd vacated. "K'Muss is back there. He's probably packing heat like yourself. I'd imagine we stand a better chance in a larger group. And the Andorian is our Comms Chief. She might be able to get us in touch with the Captain or... something. I don't know." She trailed off for a second. "The Captain was in the Diplomatic Center."

"Fair point.", Dante said in response to her comment about the dress. "We need to get back there as quickly, and quietly as we can. We're gonna have to stay low though, that dress, and your hair are going to attract a lot of attention. Once we get there we can come up with a better plan, and hopefully get to the Captain.", he said, looking around for the best path to get them back to the bar. "Alright, that way.", he said, pointing towards the path he'd chosen and heading off, still in a deep crouch, the phaser gripped tightly in his left hand, set to kill as he'd been instructed to do.

“Yeah, I had a different kind of attention in mind when I got dressed this morning.” Claire followed him, struggling to maintain the crouch. After a moment, a slight ripping sound caught filled the air. Claire has created a small set of tears in the fabric of the bottom of the dress, sacrificing a little more modesty for mobility. “Alright, that’s better. Just keep your eyes where they’re supposed to be,” she teased, following close behind him.

Dante laughed lightly with the comment about attention, thinking about how well her plan had worked. When he heard the tearing sound and looked back he gave her a very innocent face. "Who, me?", he asked, completely amazed at the absurdity of their teasing during such a situation. "Alright, let's go. We're almost there.", he added.

“Sorry,” Claire said regarding the teasing. “I’m just trying not to have a full on panic attack.”

Reaching back with his free hand he took hers and squeezed it for support. "It'll be alright. Just breath. We're almost there, and then we can figure out what to do.", he said, and kept them moving forward. It took nearly ten minutes to cross a distance that should have taken two or three if they'd been able to move freely, but finally they rounded the corner and were able to pass through the doors back into the bar they'd left so recently. Once back inside Dante scanned for their crewmates and then crossed the room to discuss the situation.


Thyra had just finished her drink. She had a lot more to ask, but before she could say anything, the red alert started to blare. She looked around as her antennae were moving around frantically. Almost on instinct, she grabbed her communicator. She heard the monotone computer voice.

She turned to K'Muss. "Do you have a weapon?" She asked. She then looked around. She knew in a crisis situation the restaurants were designated shelters on the base. People were stirring and panicking a bit.

"I have a holdout phaser on my ankle, just in case. Ever since my first mission on Defiant. Remind me to tell you about it when we're not under a state of emergency," he grinned. He unstrapped the phaser and brought it to stun.

She looked to the weapon he got from his ankle. She nodded. "We have to keep these people calm. You stay at the door, I will talk them down." She said calmly. She got up from the stool. "Ok, everyone. Listen, calm down. This is a designated shelter, please remain here and calm. We're starfleet officers. We will find out what is going on, but please, remain calm." She looked around, she was still holding the communicator in her hand.

Everyone looked to the blue Andorian female. The panic seemed to have calmed down, but people were still talking with each other. She joined K'Muss at the entrance. She opened her communicator. "This is Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir to Captain Reynolds, do you read?" She called. She looked to K'Muss, breathing through her nose in easy strokes as to remain calm. Her body language showed a certain calmness, but her heart was racing inside. She waited for a response.

The comm channel crackled, an obvious sign of some sort of interference. No response came. Just a static-filled silence.

Kit’s caitian ears couldn't help but pick up movement. All he knew was ‘somebody's coming’ so he stayed near the door, waiting for the right moment.

He leveled his phaser, only to almost have a heart attack. He took several deep breaths. "Oh, Claire. It's you" he huffed, squeezing over to make room.

"Don't shoot," Claire called as she and Dante approached, squeezing back inside. She was breathing heavily from the stress of situation. "Oh, thank god. At least we have two phasers."

Nodding to the others once they were near enough to talk Dante spoke, "Good job keeping everyone calm in here, Ensign.", he said turning to Thyra. "I don't think you'll be getting an answer though." he added, nodding to the communicator in her hand.

Looking at all of them together he continued, "Last we knew she was inside the Diplomatic Center when this all started. Even if communications are being allowed at this time I doubt she'd hear the signal in the first place. It looked pretty bad even from this side of the lake. So, since I've been on station the least amount of time I'm going to have to rely on you guys a bit for information. Do any of you have anything you think I need to know about the station, or the best way to try to get to the Captain?"

"I know people who live nearby. Trustworthy people," Kit chimed in.

“I don’t know if we want to draw attention their way,” Claire said, knowing he was referring to his brother. “We may want to try and find the captain. Or the rest of the crew. God, I wish Defiant was an option right now.”

In Thyra’s hand, the communicator crackled again. This time it seemed to be an incoming signal.

Glancing at the communicator in surprise Dante nodded, "Go ahead, Ensign, maybe it's the Captain.", he said, hoping against hope that it really was.

Thyra opened the communicator. "This is ensign Sh'shraaqir, captain is that you?" She asked. She was also hoping that it was the captain. They needed answers about what was happening.

The communicator replied with a garbled series of sounds, which could have been a woman's voice...or any number of other sounds. The interference was far too strong for a signal to get through.

Claire looked at the device skeptical. "I think we need to cut through the interference before we're going to get anything. Could we patch it through the stations comm system instead?"

"Yes," said Thyra, "We could boost the signal. Give me a minute." She started to punch some buttons on the communicator. "Ok patching in to the stations comm system." She pushed a loose hair strain behind her ear. "There we go. Now, lets try this again." She moved the device closer to her face. "This is Ensign Sh'shaaqir, Captain Reynolds, do you read?"

Andromeda (Andie) had been pursuing a shop with some wonderful artworks when the call had come through. She had, left it immediately and was now running through the halls. She had found a first aide station, abandoned in her travel and had managed to get a medical kit and emergency kit from it. She was almost past the bar when she saw people inside it. She skidded to a halt on the heels of her half boots and slowly, hands raised entered the room. She did not want to be shot.

"Ah excuse me?" she said to the group. "Lieutenant Sheffield, Medical Officer, Are there wounded in here?" She didn't know her way around that well and had gotten turned around several times.

Claire poked her head out. "Wounded no, panicked yes. What ship are you with?" The sudden appearance of a helpful medical officer seemed...unlikely. Claire wasn't about to take any chances and let an infected person into the bar.

Andie studied the group. "Well I just arrived not 2 hours ago from the Constitution, I am meant to be transferring to the Defiant but with the ship shut down I was given temp quarters on the station. To be honest, I got the impression that my transfer was not likely to happen by the deck chief. He made it sound like they were going to disband it....look I know you don't know me and there is something big happening on this station, I am a fully qualified Medical Officer. You can look me up in the registry if you like. Its Andromeda Sheffield."

A beeping issued from Claire's left hand where she held a tricorder, a bit concealed behind her back. She looked down at the screen before turning to Dante. "She's clean." She'd let Dante decide how to proceed. He was the ranking officer after all.

Dante moved towards the woman who'd just walked in, after being advised of her status by Claire. "We don't have any wounded, but this is a designated shelter, so I doubt it will stay that way for long. I'd like you to stay close to us for the time being. We're trying to communicate with Captain Reynolds at this time for more information, and depending on what she has to say your help may be more than appreciated." he said.

Andie nodded. "Of course," she said.

The communicator finally came back to life. The muffled but distinct voice of Captain Reynolds came through. " I repeat, Ensign, do you read me? There were a few weird thumps. "Damn, I can't get a clear signal on this thing."

"Oh, oh," Thyra waved enthusiastically with her other hand, pointing to the communicator. She then turned to the communicator again. "Captain, this is Ensign Sh'shraaqi, I can hear...we can hear you now. Do you hear me?"

"Barely," the woman's crackly voice replied. "We're on the rail system, headed toward Promenade pier. We've had to abandon the Diplomatic Pier entirely. Its swarming with hostiles. Where are you?"

"May I, Ensign?" Dante said, reaching out, hoping his desire to speak directly to the captain wouldn't be construed as him pulling rank.

Thyra nodded and handed the device to the lieutenant. "By all means, sir," She said smiling.

Accepting the communicator Dante hells it closer to his face. "Captain, this is Lieutenant Rawlins. We're holed up in a bar on the other side of the lake. I've got three ensigns here with me, and also Lieutenant Sheffield, from medical. We've got civilians as well, but this is an emergency shelter. Do you require assistance?", he asked.

"We're on our way over toward you along the rail system. There's only three of us. Commander Gallagher, Lt. Maralen, and myself. Did you say you're with Sheffield? Oh, thank god. With Jerry off station, I figured we were without a doctor," the captain relied. "We'll come to you. We can figure out a plan once we're there. Is Lt. Holland with you?"

"No, ma'am, Lieutenant Holland is not here with us.", Dante replied. "We will wait here, but if you need help we aren't far.", he added.

"Understood," Charlotte replied. "And Lieutenant, set your phasers to kill. Reynolds out." The comm line crackled and then cut out.

Andromeda listened carefully but was still lost. She had no idea what was going on.

Turning to face the medic who'd joined them Dante spoke, "Alright, I'm not sure exactly what's happened, but I'll fill you in on what we've got so far. Ensign Lafayette and I were walking by the lake when she noticed a disturbance at the diplomatic pier. We watched for a bit, but ducked for cover and came back here when the phaser fire started and the station went to red alert. Until the Captain gets here that's about all we know.", he said, hating that he couldn't give her more information, or really any assurances.

"What did you mean that I am clean?" Andromeda asked curiously.

Dante glanced over at Claire, not sure how best to answer. Not even sure he really should. "I'll have to ask you to wait for the captain to return before we get into that, if that's alright with you.", he said, turning back to face her.

Claire nodded. This was definitely a decision for the Captain to make.

Kit kinda nodded. "She can definitely say better than us" he said.

This just got better and better Andie thought. "Very well."


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