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Finally - A home

Posted on Tue Feb 26th, 2019 @ 1:58pm by Lieutenant Andromeda Sheffield Dr

Mission: Episode 5: Better Angels
Location: Arcadia

Andie had finally made time to make it back to her quarters. It would be nice not to have to share. And when she finally got back to them and managed to take a good look around, she was even more impressed. Larger than her old shared cabin on the Melbourne, it gave her a nice space to relax.

It didn’t take long for Andie to get out of her uniform into a comfortable flowing shirt and a pair of shorts. She then set about unpacking. She had just finished setting up her easel and paints when her Comm went off. Frowning she moved to it, freezing when she saw the from address. Her parents. Brilliant end to a crappy day.

Probably going to yell at her again for assaulting Selene. Assault. Bull twang. Andie knew the items that had hit Selene had barely hurt her, they had been soft anyway, taking a breath she opened the connection.

On screen her parents appeared. They were, to Andie’s mind, Aging gracefully. Her mother’s once blond hair was now almost snow white, but no lines marred her pale complexion. And his Grace of Sheffield, was still turning grey, adding what many classed as distinguished to his looks. Both were now in their 60’s. And their eyes, still made Andie want to run and hide, though she had long stopped doing that so not to give them pleasure. Their eyes were always hard when they looked at Andie. After all she was the unplanned, unwanted child, who rebuffed their attempts at affection when they finally realised what an intelligent child they had and when they had wanted her to be their daughter fully rather than some child they bore who would never amount to much.

Andie bowed her head “Your Graces” She had very little emotion in her voice. The emotional neglect from her parents had forged her into who she was. Someone who could give care and emotion to people who were not related, and yet hold it back from those closest to her genetically. She hadn’t been lying when she stated that her parents had contributed genetic material and little else to her upbringing.

“Andromeda Crystal” Her sire’s tone was cool, any cooler and she would be on Andoria.

She raised her head and looked him in the eye. “Was there something you wanted?”

Her mother took a short breath. “We were talking to Lord Harrison yesterday and he mentioned that he brought one of your… paintings.”

Andie considered her reply carefully. “I sold three of my paintings before I left Earth. Which one did the good lord buy?”

“He said it was named ‘Golden Prison’. And he described it as fantasy image of a large golden cage which surrounded a young girls bedroom. He brought it for his granddaughter as it appealed to her sense of fantasy.” His Grace replied.

Andie merely inclined her head. “His lordship has good taste in art.”

“You are not to sell any more Andromeda.” Her father laid down the law. “Its humiliating to know that…a daughter of the house of Sheffield is selling such.. things.”

Andie had to bite her tongue for hadn’t her family for generations sold their children in the pursuit of wealth, genetic purity and more? And there stood her father laying down the law about her selling her art? She merely said in reply “The gallery wants my art, and I will continue to sell it.”

“You will do as you are told…” Her sire began to say

“Oh and that has worked so well for you in the past, yelling at me to get me to comply. Deal with it Your Grace, I am not going to do what you want. If there was nothing else, I am sure my siblings are more important to you and are waiting for you to contact them. Good day.”

She reached for the button to terminate the call.

“Andromeda.. Please listen, we only wants what’s best…”

“Best for you Mother not me. Good day.” And she severed the connection. She hated the calls from her parents. They never ended well and she always needed to meditate or swim to relax herself after it.

Instead, Andie turned to her unpacking and even though a lone tear escaped her eyes, she kept herself busy setting up her quarters. She would make her mark on Arcadia.


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