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Not Going Anywhere

Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 4:53pm by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Summer Gallagher

Mission: Season 2, Episode 3: Foxes and Henhouses
Location: Promenade Pier, Starbase Arcadia
Timeline: MD3, Evening

As the artificial sun set on Arcadia, the wounds from the battle that was raging showed. In the distance, phaser fire was barely visible, its red glow glinting off the buildings. However, in this secluded area of the Promenade Pier, it was eerily quiet. Therest of the group was inside planning their next move, while Summer Gallagher had been tasked with standing guard.

In the distance, a silohouette of a vessel was barely visible launching and warping away. The USS Artemis had departed the station to safety.

Summer stood, dressed in jeans and a black leather jacket, having changed before coming to watch her home vanish into space. She wrapped her arms around herself as she stood there. She though was keeping herself prepped for anything.

A few buildings away, a vague ruffling issued. A figure appeared to be approaching near silently, but the terrain prevented perfect silence.

Summer spun around a knife appearing in her hand. "Come out " she snapped.

“You planning to stab me, Summer Gallagher?” A voice came from the shadows, but it’s tone was relieved. From the darkness, the frame of Captain Christopher Janes emerged. He’d changed as well, ditching the bulky dress uniform for a skin fitting grey shirt, dark jeans, and a black cloth jacket. He’d wanted to be mobile and less recognizable than in his Starfleet gold. A broad smile was on his face. He’d been worried sick since he’d been forced to abandon his friends...and her.

"Chris!" She gasped abd crossed the distance to fling herself against him "I thought you were on the Artemis!"

He took her in his arms, pulling her in to a passionate kiss. After a moment, he pulled away. “I got the survivors and the president and sent Artemis on its way. I wasn’t about to leave here without you.” He held her against him, glad to know she was safe. “I gotta say though. That was very risky assuming I wasn’t infected.” He was certainly glad she’s run to him, but he didn’t like the idea of what would have happened to her if he had been compromised.

Summer gave a slight shrug. "Maybe it was risky." She admitted and then she smirked. "I could take you." Summer seemed fairly confident in that.

"That I don't doubt," Chris said with a laugh. "Everyone ok in there?"

Summer nodded and rested her head on his chest as she leaned into him. "Shaken up but okay. We even have a medic."

"Doing alright, huh? Any sign of Kenna? She was on the inside when it all went down," Chris said, looking ovr his shoulder at the command tower.

"No." Summer said softly. "I think Captain Reynolds is worried but is hiding it. Kenna is a good officer. I have faith." She looked up into his face. " How is the president?"

"The President is safe. Free of parasites and off station aboard Artemis. They’ll be hiding out for a while. I don't think Charlotte like us sending Kenna in in the first place. I'm going to talk to the Captain about it. I have an idea or two about retaking the station from these things. A rescue mission would fit inside that nicely," Chris said, pointing to the tower. "I think you and I might need to pay the Admiral a visit."

Summer's lips curved. "Oh I'd love to pay her a visit." Pausing Summer considered the options. "Kenna could be just laying low. She doesn't know where we are."

"That's my hope. She's smart. Once the shooting started, she'd have gotten somewhere safe. But without backup, she could be trapped in place, unable to get out of there. Hopefully we go in and she just comes to us." Chris knew it was a bit of wishful thinking, but the woman was smart and tough. They just might need to help her out a bit. "Shall we head inside and let everyone know I'm still around?"

Smiling Summer gently kissed him. "Sure, in a minute. I want a few more moments with you alone." And then she kissed him again.

“I can agree to that,” he smiled as she came back in. He held her close. Leaving her behind in the Diplomatic Center has been difficult. Especially since he’d taken most of the armed men with him. He was beyond glad to know that she was ok. “By the way, I brought you this.” Reaching under his jacket, he retrieved a knife in a boot holster.

Summer took the knife and smiled. "You know me so well," she said softly.

“Thought you’d like it,” Chris said with a chuckle, running his hinders through her hair. “Besides, if we’re about to take those guys on again, it’d be nice if you had a way to do some damage at close range.”

Summer nuzzled his neck, and smiled. "I wonder how hard I can make Javier scream." she whispered.

“You have a weird idea of what counts as romantic conversation,” he teased, resting his head on hers. “We should head inside. The sooner we resolve this, the sooner we can get back to normal life.”

Summer laughed softly. "When we are finished here I'll show you romantic Captain James." Stepping back Summer calmly bent over and strapped the knife on.

"I think I'll take you up on that," he said with a laugh.


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