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Sending Up A Flare

Posted on Wed Feb 6th, 2019 @ 10:17am by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Ensign K'Muss & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir V1

Mission: Episode 4: Fires of Arcadia
Location: Comms Terminal, Promenade Pier
Timeline: After "I have a Bad Idea"

The pier was nearly silent, a strange change compared to the continuing violence on the other piers. Fires and firefights continued in the distance. But here? It was silent.

The two Defiant officers snuck past empty building after empty building. A few seemed to have survivors hiding inside, but none showed themselves. It was at the end of the string of buildings was a long empty stretch, without much cover. Beyond that was the communications terminal...with three station guards surrounding it, phaser rifle drawn, but pointed toward the ground.

Thyra and K'Muss hit behind a pillar. "Great," Thyra whispered. "Now is a good reason to have done that imperial guard training." She sighed. "Well, it's just three of them. We can divide them among the two of us." She looked around the pier to see if they could get around them, but that seemed impossible. She know reached down to her ankle and took her phaser. She looked to K'muss. "Yes, I did take that training." She grinned. "Even if it was just to please my parents."

Kit grinned. "Puts you one up on me. I was just a humble firefighter" the caitian laughed. "Phaser on stun...and go!" Kit let loose a few blue bolts from his weapon while dodging their fire. He wasn't the Best shot but he got a guy on the left before hitting cover.

Thyra bolted out from the other side of the pillar and started shooting as well before dodging behind a huge planter. She looked over to Kit and then to the remaining guards. They had ducked for cover as well. She quickly moved aside as one of them took a fire at her. She came out quickly and fired back and as quickly she pulled back. The situation of the communication wasn't in their favor, it was easy defend able by the guards, but tactically they couldn't take out the guards. She looked to Kit. "Cover me, draw their fire." She jump rolled over to him to draw their fire to him. She hoped to get to them from the side to take them out.

Kit nodded, taking pot shots in the way of covering fire, the Caitian popped away with his phaser. It was set on stun. Infected or not, they were still Starfleet officers. He silently mouthed "Im sorry" with every shot he fired

She reached one of the guards behind the pillar near the communications terminal. As he looked surprised at her she rammed her fist against his face and then ducked as the other guard took fire at her.

"Good punch." he said to himself as he moved up. He took out the guard firing on Thyra as he linked up with the Andorian. Guard number three came up behind him. Kit heard this and quickly spun round, providing a swift kick to the guys knee. A snap was heard as the man slumped to the ground.

The infected officer K'Muss had just knocked down, wasn't done though. His leg had been damaged, but he reached out with remarkable speed, pulling the Caitain's foot out from under him and causing the officer to land. Hard.

The guard that Thyra had punched recovered from his momentary disorientation, focusing his attention back on the duo.

The Guard near K'Muss used his rifle to prop himself back up before a sickening crunch in his knee indicated that he'd snapped it back into place. He lifted the rifle and prepared to fire.

Noticing her furry friend in trouble, Thyra grabbed her phaser and pointed it at the guard near K'Muss, when the guard she knocked down punched the gun out of her hand and pulled her hand back. Thyra cried out in pain, turning around, using her foot to push him off. He let go of her hand, but came back at her hand back and held it with her other. She cursed in Andorian. "What are these things?" She tried her best to fend him off while trying to not use her broken arm. Just rolling, ducking and avoiding the punches the guard threw at her.

Finally she slipped and grabbed the phaser with her hand that wasn't hurt. Setting the phaser she aimed it at the guard it was lunging at her. She screamed as she fired the phaser pushing the guard away from her against a pillar. She was panting heavily, putting her jaws together. She got up holding her broken arm down, while aiming her phaser to the other guard. "Kit, set your phaser to kill. Stun isn't working." She hated to do it, but there was no time to follow protocol. They had to send that message. And she was unsure if she could do it with a broken arm. Kit would have to help her do it.

"Understood" Kit said, heart sinking. The last thing he wanted was that, but the situation was desperate. Reluctantly, he did switch his weapon. Which did him no good as the guard smacked it out of his hand.

Kit could hardly even react before the guard swiftly rammed his hand into Kits shoulder, connecting with a loud crack. "Rowwwwr!" Kit yelped in pain. Pushing through Kit scrambled for his phaser, shooting at his targets general direction. The guard hit with a thud.

Thyra heard the roar. She looked to him, forgetting her own injury a moment. Long she didn't dwell on it as they both went for the terminal. She started to use her other hand to tap in the sequences and frequencies and started to transmit. "This is Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir, Communications Chief on the USS Defiant, to all nearby vessels. There has been an incident on the base, please keep your distant." She let the message send out on a loop before contacting the Defiant.

She looked to Kit and then said, "USS Defiant, this is Ensign Sh'shraaqir and Ensign K'Muss, two to beam back."

There was an uncomfortably long delay, but eventually the safety of the transporter enveloped the two officers, leaving only empty ground behind them. Several additional guards arrived a moment later, but it was too late.


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