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Licking our wounds

Posted on Fri Feb 1st, 2019 @ 5:10pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Ensign Claire Lafayette & Lieutenant Dante Rawlins V1 & Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1 & Lieutenant Andromeda Sheffield Dr & Ensign Kalvin Reed

Mission: Episode 4: Fires of Arcadia
Location: Sickbay, USS Defiant
Timeline: Takes place after civilians have successfully been brought on board

SIckbay was abuzz with activity. With the crew mostly back on board, and dozens of civilians in tow, the medical staff was stretched to their limits trying to handle the influx of injuries. Some were worse than others. There were plenty with minor abrasions, but some were fairly badly injured. Serious phaser burns or worse.

Among the more injured and more unruly of the patients was none other than Charlotte Reynolds, the captain herself. "Doctor, I'm fine. I need to get to the bridge. We've got people in the field and I'm not about to abandon my post."

Andie rolled her eyes. "Captain, with all due respect, in the absence of the CMO this is my medical bay and here, I outrank you. You are not going anywhere. You are severely wounded. And you can communicate with the teams from here, but you are not going anywhere." She repeated.

The captain grumbled. "Suppose we compromise? You patch me up and let mre go to the bridge, then I come back later."

"Suppose you lay still and I forget you asked that silly question. I don't know how Doctor Holmes was, Captain, but I am not going to let you play fast and loose with your health." Andie said as she began patching the captain up.

Charlotte settled back a bit frustrated, but aware the doctor was right. She obviously wasn't going to be able to push her weight around with this one. Giving up on her initial attempts to escape the confines of sickbay, she allowed the doctor to take care of her not-insignificant injuries.

A few tables away, Claire Lafayette was laid out on a biobed. She was making much less of a push to leave. Instead, she seemed very on edge. Her eyes darted around at each entering face. Her leg injury meant she was stuck in place and she was feeling very isolated. Turning toward the neighboring bed, she spoke as quietly as possible. "Dante, are we sure these people are cleared. Lest thing we need is to have those...things get loose in here."

From the bed, he was sat on Dante frowned. "No, I don't think any of us were in the best of circumstances when we got back aboard. I'm not entirely sure anyone was checking, but I doubt they would bother trying to pretend to help us if they were infected.", he said, his left hand cradling the wounded part of his left upper arm.

"I do think we need to find a way to check that though.", he added through gritted teeth as another spasm of pain spread out from the laceration.

"You could find something distinctive to the parasite's biology and run a shipwide sensor sweep," Niamh suggested as she stepped in between the biobeds the pair were occupying. She felt incredibly out of place in the Defiant's Sickbay, her Arcadia uniform was the same uniform the infected had worn when gunning down their fleet mates, "admittedly, I'm not too familiar with the parasites myself, so I'm not sure if that would even work" she admitted as she read the data on Dante's biobed terminal.

"I'm O'Donoghue," she introduced as she replicated some gauze and retrieve a shot of pain relief for the hypospray, "I'm going to give you some mild pain relief and ask you to hold that over you wound whilst I tend to your friend, is that okay?" she asked Dante feeling a little rude. The sickbay was too busy for everyone to receive one-on-one treatment.

"Thank you.", Dante replied, taking the gauze and pressing it against the wound to his arm. He knew there was going to have to be some surgery at some point to get the pieces of shrapnel out, but there simply was no time for that with so many wounded flooding the room. He also was much more worried about the injury to Claire, as irrational as it was to be worried about someone he hardly even knew.

"Her wound is a bit more serious than mine. She couldn't even walk.", he offered, indicating Claire's leg.

"It's okay, she'll be on her feet in no time" Niamh assured him as she pressed the hypospray to his neck, "Tell me immediately if your symptoms get more severe or if you're starting to feel light-headed, the autosuture may be able to manage your wound" she wasn't sure about the last part, but she could hope. She waited for Dante's confirmation before turning to Claire.

Waving the woman off Dante replied, "I'm not worried about it. I've had worse I'm sure. The pain is almost all gone now.", he replied.

Once she'd finished talking to Dante, she began helping Claire "Hello Claire, based on your readings, you haven't got anything to worry about," she promised calmly, "you're just experiencing a little bit of shock on top of your wound, completely normal," she retrieved a cannula and one of the tubes attached to the bed, "We just need to get some fluids in you, and keep you comfortable, okay?" she asked as she retrieved an antiseptic wipe and some surgical tape, placing the role in her pocket.

The woman's uniform didn't exactly put her mind at ease. Thankfully, none of those she'd seen shooting at her had worn that science blue, but it was still...too soon. "O...ok. I think I can do that. I just...I've never been shot before. And with the whole parasite thing, its hard to trust people." She tried to slow her breathing a little, thinking. "I can get you a data file on the parasites. It'd let you or us scan for them...just in case."

Dante reached over and squeezed her shoulder, "You aren't doing anything just yet. Tell me how to get it and I'll upload it to her tricorder. I can do at least that much. As for you, you are staying until they clear you. In case you missed it you got shot.", he said with a reassuring look.

"Ok," she said. "I isolated my tricorder to avoid them spying on it. If you take out the datacard in the lower right, we can upload it directly to the sickbay computer. Probably easier than explaining how to network my tricorder again."

"Alright, I'll go do that. You let her do what she needs to do to stabilize you.", Dante replied, and wandered off to do as she'd suggested.

Niamh frowned as she watched Dante depart, he hadn't received treatment yet. She couldn't pull herself away from Clair though, who she observed was looking notably panicked. She was brought back to thinking over how conspicuous her uniform made her seem.

"You can trust me, Ensign" Niamh encouraged, "I'm definitiely not under the influence of those parasites," the idea alone made her shudder. Between the shock and the pain though, she imagined Claire would need something more concrete and so, with a discreet glance around her, she began to unzip her station jacket: just enough to expose the areas she recalled Amelia searching.

"Look, just me," Niamh assured her zipping the jacket closed, "and I'd really like for you to calm down so we can get you relaxed, and I can get you back on your feet. May I?" she asked, gesturing towards Claire's neck with the hypospray.

Claire let out a breath she'd apparently been holding for some time. The woman definitely wasn't infected. She offered her own neck for the hypospray. "I'll do my best. Sorry. I know I'm not the worst injury you have to deal with in here."

The counsellor smiled as she pressed the device to her neck, "You're not, but they have more qualified staff tending to them," she explained whilst she made quick work of fitting the Canula, silently congratulating herself for not fumbling, "I'm used to dealing with mental trauma, which is why I came to deal with you" she admitted. She'd spied Claire as she'd surveyed the sickbay for potential patients, noting the Ensigns marked anxiety.

"Now, we've done everything for the shock, but I'm reckoning we're going to need a protoplaser to deal with that burn" Niamh explained, whilst a gift in their own right, protoplaser's were fickle and she could end up overstimulating her healing if not done correctly, she'd need a medical officer, or nurse, for this.

Kalvin had just finished triaging a patient when he saw, as he passed the bed she was working, a concerned look on the face of the counselor he'd only met a few days prior. "Is there something I can help with, ma'am?", he asked, stepping over to her side.

Andie looked up. "Has someone triaged the patients?" She had been busy patching up the captain that she didn't notice if it had been done.

Kalvin looked at the woman who was in charge of Defiant's sickbay."Yes, ma'am. At least all the ones we've received so far. I just finished with the last one, and saw Niamh working on Claire. I figured I'd give her some help, unless there's something else you would rather I work on.", he replied.

"If it'll help clear things up, I'd like someone to operate a protoplaser for the treatment of Claire's burn" Niamh interjected warmly, sending a reassuring smile Claire's way as the medical staff discussed.

Andie came over and checked the progress. "Kalvin, You do this one. Then I need a count on the walking wounded before we get inundated."

"Understood, ma'am.", Kalvin said, accepting the protoplaser from the counselor's hand. As he began moving it across the wound on the ensigns leg he smiled at her. "I know that had to hurt, this won't take long, though.", he said, smiling down at her where she sat on the bed.

"That's what they keep telling me," Claire said, trying to play off her nerves. "I'd really like to get fixed up and get out of here when I get a chance." She covered her mouth a little to whisper at him. "I don't really like sickbay. It freaks me out."

Leaning closer, and whispering conspiratorially Kalvin replied, "I'll let you in on a little secret. It freaks me out too. That's why I'm an EMT and not a nurse...", he said, still moving the device slowly over her wound. A few moments later it beeped, signaling that it detected no further damaged tissue. "Well, that didn't take long. How does it feel?", he asked, placing the protoplaser back on the shelf beside the bed.

"A little odd. Still stings a bit. But...otherwise appears to be normal." Claire wriggled her ankle, glad that motion no longer caused lancing pain. "Thank you. I know its your job, but I appreciate it."

Dante walked back up just as Kalvin was finishing with Claire, and stood a little ways off until he finished, and left with a smile and a nod to her remark. "I'm glad you are feeling better.', he said, and then smiled as he added, "Once we get out of this I want to finish our walk, and it might not be as much fun with you limping along."

She smiled, the first genuine one in a while. “I can agree to that.”

Then, turning to Niamh he held up a datacard. "I finished uploading and disseminating the information we discussed into the sickbay data libraries, and l also made you this.", he said, waggling the datacard in the air before holding it out for her to take. "It contains all the scanned biometric data Claire was able to get while we were on the station. Should come in pretty handy for checking the incoming wounded, and scanning the ship.", he added.

"Thank you, I'll make sure your Captain knows who did all the leg work," Niamh promised grateful as she accepted the information. "You," the counsellor said as she turned to face Claire, "take it easy, try to relax and you'll be as good as new before you know it." She gave Claire's arm a quick squeeze before leaving Claire and Dante to talk amongst themselves, she needed to find Charlotte.


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