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Posted on Sun Feb 10th, 2019 @ 12:33pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant Commander Kenna Wolff & Lieutenant Michaela Holland & Lieutenant Elias Lindholm & Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1 & Ensign Colby Pierce

Mission: Episode 4: Fires of Arcadia
Location: Outside Starbase Arcadia
Timeline: Following "Sending Up a Flare"

The massive doors to the R&D Docking Tunnel lit up, surrounded by flashing orange indicator lights, warning any nearby ships that a vessel was about to launch. The doors had yet to actually open, but it was evident what was happening. The advanced Dreadnaught-Class vessel was powering up and would soon attempt to leave the station.

It would not have a seamless exit though. Outside the station, any vessel from Battlegroup Wyvern that was still in battle condition had taken up places, blockading the exit bay. If the massive ship was going to leave, it was going to need to fight its way through numerous vessels to do so.

"This is the Phobos," the Captain of the Phobos, Captain Talia Harith said into the fleet comm. "Everyone, form up, lock weapons on that hatch. Lets give them a warm welcome! That ship is not going anywhere."

The massive doors began to recall, opening the hanger inside to the space beyond the stations. The lights were all out at first, creating a feeling as if staring into an abyss. Somewhere in there, the mighty vessel was preparing to leave.


"Martel to all ships, the doors have opened. Standby for contact," Captain Bunyon said into the fleet comm. His gravely voice carried to his bridge officers. The Martel was positioned almost directly center of the hanger. She had her starboard side facing so she could bring her phasers and cannons to bear. As the only other battleship in the fleet, Martel carried more weapons than the other ships around her.


Close to the Martell, but on a lower elevation to the rest of the taskforce, Captain Henry Santiago had positioned his vessel to take full advantage of Polaris’ firing arc, the ships dorsal shields set to maximum. On the bridge, the tension was palpable, the crew knew their odds, but worked in strained silence determined to that themselves and the rest of the taskforce would beat them.


Inside the depths of the hanger, three blue lights suddenly became visible. Two slim nacelles, one shielded deflector dish. And then another series of lights appeared. A stream of red phaser bolts scorched through the still opening doorway, assailing the vessels on the outside of the hanger.

A second later, two massive torpedo spreads slammed against the USS Nimitz, fired from the vessel's rotating torpedo launcher. The Indomitable was clearly looking to ground the vessel's fighter squadrons before they could be put to use. A second barrage specifically targeted the launch bays. With its opening salvo underway, the impulse engines of the Indomitable roared to life and the vessel began to push its way toward an exit.

As the Nimitz was crippled, the Polaris opened fire, a vibrant ruby torrent of phaser fire slammed into the Indomitables shields, apparently with little consequence. The indomitable noticed the aging vessel quickly, realising a volley of its high-yeild photon torpedoes on it in retaliation. The Polaris had tried to flee the projectiles path but only managed to clear her saucer section, once the flames were choked by the vacuum surrounding them it became clear that the Polaris had lost her shuttlebay.


The Nimitz had taken severe damage, but the thrusters were still operational, as were two phaser banks. The flight decks had taken direct hits and weren't usable. Captain Bronson had the helm officer maneuver the ship towards the station.
Everywhere on the ship, every deck had taken damage. Sickbay was overloaded with injuries. Dozens of his crew, his people, were dead. Stations on the bridge were vacant because there was no one to man them. Once the ship was within weapons range, "Fire phasers, and continue to fire until the emitters burn out!"


The Phobos all but darted under the bulk of the Nimitz as it took up the role of defender. Torpedos slammed into its hull and Phasers danced off its shields. On the bridge of the Phobos, Captain Harith gave orders and sections of the Phobos were sealed off as they began to vent atmosphere in sections. "Cover the Nimitz as best you can while not in their line of fire!!" Harith ordered her helm officer. "Fire all weapons!" the Phobos launched its compliment of torpedoes and phaser banks almost in unison with the Nimitz' firing patterns. "Contact the Nimitz, find out if any of their fighters have launched!"

When the message came in from the Phobos, Bronson tapped the comm button. "Phobos, this is Bronson. Launch bay has been damaged, unable to launch fighters." Bronson had his tactical officer keep firing.

Martel continued to fire salvo after salvo at the Indomitable. She had taken some hits, but her shields still held. The Martel maneuvered away from the enemy vessel and dropped down slightly. On the Martel's bridge, Captain Bunyon continued to analyze the situation. He knew that his ship would be the main target once the Nimitz's hangar bays were crippled. He looked at his helm officer, "Full impulse ahead helm, come right 20 degrees. Z axis down 40 degrees."

The Indomitable pushed forward, the light of the weapons playing across its ornate silver hull. The vessel had yet to be pushed toward its limits. Its advanced systems were easily able to outpace the outdated weapons of the battle group.


General Javier sat in the command chair, looking almost bored. “Tactical, as soon as you get a clear shot, I want the Martel eliminated. With them out of the way, we’ll cruise through this.”

Martel dropped below the Indomitable and fired a barrage of phaser cannon fire. She continued her starboard turn and fired two photon torpedoes from her aft launchers.

The massive Indomitable was pushing its way through the fleet. They'd have a clear warp path in a few moments. Its massive torpedo launchers locked onto the Martel, preparing a heavy barrage. "Alright. Let's let the Martel see what a real Dreadnaught can do," Javier said, sitting back comfortably. "Helm, plot a course for Qo'nos."

Captain Talia Harith was beyond pissed now. "All crew to escape pods, you have 30 seconds." She ordered. What she had planned was worth no one else's life but hers. Aroundhee the bridge crew exchanged loooks and sighing went to their pods. Talia took the helm and listened as pods ejected. She set shields to full and changed the Phobos course.

The course would bring them in a strafing run across the Indomitable's stern but so close that their shields would clash.
She pushed the Phobos into its max impulse and as she curved up and over the top of the deadly vessel she unleashed all of the remaining compliment of weapons on to the shields of the Indomitable. Then the smaller ship dipped beneath the shields of the larger vessel and she pushed them to full force as the Phobos skimmed between the two nacelles . "Take that you bitch" she said as the Phobos, badly damaged by the maneuver shed debris down onto the hull and onto the nacelles from point blank range along with the last few torpedoes.

Then the Phobos was outside the shields and its engines died. It was adrift and out of the fight.

Captain Talia Harith sat on the darkened bridge as the computer tonned warnings around her. "Great one Talia, thats two ships you've wreaked." She quipped as she stood and headed to the remaining escape pod.

The USS Vanguard, one of the newest and more nimble ships in the battlegroup, had not immediately joined the fight. Instead, its captain, the Andorian Commander Kiva sh'Eiron, had planned to hold it in reserve, to intercept and block the Indomitable, once it had committed to a course.

For a moment it seemed like Vanguard might be able to do just that. It moved to intercept, and with its initial volley actually managed to break through the Indomitable's weakened aft shields, further damaging its nacelles. It only managed the one volley though, before the entire ship went dark. The much larger dreadnought didn't even bother to return fire as it moved past the now-adrift ship. It didn't have to. It knew full well that Vanguard's power grid had been sabotaged, and that for the moment at least, it was no longer a threat.


The Martel had taken numerous hits, but her armor and shields had managed to mitigate some of the damages. She attempted to keep to the Indomitable's port side and utilize her fore and aft phaser banks to keep continuous fire on the ship. On the Martel's bridge, the tactical officer had a readout on his panel that he didn't fully understand, "Captain, I'm detecting a massive energy buildup from the Indomitable." Captain Bunyon kept his focus on the main viewscreen. He knew that at some point, the massive ship would attempt to escape. "She's fixing to jump to warp, focus all fire on her engines."

The tactical officer shook his head, "Sir, the energy is not coming from the warp drive." Captain Bunyon let his gaze drift to the young officer, "What is the source then?"


On the bridge of the Indomitable, General Javier looked furious. The vessel had weathered incredible damage and was, remarkably, still warp capable. But they wouldn't be able to hit full warp without hours of repairs and that would make getting to Qo'nos even more difficult. "Tactical, I want that Dreadnaught gone!" A loud klaxon alerted the bridge to their primary battery firing.

At that moment, the Martel shook violently as she was hit with two massive phaser cannon blasts. Martel's shields and armor didn't stand a chance at deflecting the energy. Two more shots took out the Martel's starboard nacelle. On the bridge, the main viewscreen was gone, revealing a shielded hole where it used to be. Several bridge crew had been sucked into space, and the rest had clung to their seats until the forcefield had reacted. Captain Bunyon took in the noise and alarms as the damage was relayed to him. He hit the intraship comm button on his chair, "This is the captain, all hands to escape pods. Abandon Ship." He said the last words solemnly as the evacuation alarm sounded.


General Javier sat back comfortably as the vessel once again pushed through the fleet. There was nothing left to oppose them. The helm officer entered their trajectory. "Course laid in for Qo'nos, ma'am. We'll be making several adjustments to avoid Federation security. And at our current maximum of Warp 6, it's going to be about 6 days travel."

The General barely reacted. "Very well. Take us to warp."

A moment later, the vessel's nacelles flared and it leapt away, leaving the remains of Battlegroup Wyvern floating impotently in space.


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