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An Unorthodox Transfer

Posted on Mon Feb 18th, 2019 @ 10:40am by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1

Mission: Episode 5: Better Angels
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: Post Getting Out Of Dodge

Once things had quieted down in Defiant's sickbay, Niamh had found herself at a loss for a purpose. Now the crew had begun their pursuit of the Indomitable and had taken up their action stations it had become readily apparent that she wasn't a part of the crew, but she was hoping to change that. She’d never have imagined that a therapy session would lead to something so profound, yet her journey with Amelia and the young woman's crew had left her wanting more than Arcadia.

A quick check of the Medical roster confirmed Niamh's suspicions that the Defiant lacked a Chief Counsellor and had seized the moment. It had not taken her long compose a message to the ship's commanding officer to request more permanence to her presence.

Outside Charlotte's office, she couldn't wonder if she hadn't been too brash. The Captain likely had more important preoccupations, however, Niamh couldn't help but hope her distraction was welcomed. She tapped the door chime, fully committing to what would come next.

The Captain's voice came through the door. "Enter." As the door opened it appeared as if the woman was seated at her desk, working on reports. But a keen observer would note the slightly dishevelled look of her hair, indicating that she'd probably been using the moment in her office as an escape rather than a moment to do work. "Ah, Counselor. I was wondering if you'd stop by."

"Yes, I apologise for my timing, I honestly hadn't expected such a prompt response," Niamh responded as she made her way towards the Captain's desk, noting Charlotte's exhaustion she smiled sympathetically, "I'd been hoping to discuss the idea of me staying with the Defiant on a permanent basis, from what I've seen so far you have one heck of a crew, I can't imagine returning to Arcadia once we've accomplished our mission" she admitted honestly once she reached the chairs opposite Charlotte, pulling to a stop then resting her hands on the back of one.

"Perhaps I could prepare us a drink, nothing about this day has been orthodox and you look like you could do with a brew," the counsellor offered, just because the meeting was business as usual, it didn't mean Niamh couldn't try to work her magic and help the Captain relax.

"I think I'd welcome a drink right now. A chai would be great." Charlotte sat forward a little, looking at the counselor. "I think we'd appreciate your presence aboard honestly. Defiant has needed one for a little while now. I know I personally could use a counselor, so I'm sure a lot of the crew could too."

"There's no shame in acknowledging that, Captain" Niamh reassured as she went about procuring the pair their drinks. The counsellor had settled on something comforting, her fathers favourite soft drink, Dandelion and Burdock, "you and your crew have demonstrated astounding fortitude, given your experiences, I'm interested to gain insight on the strategies everyone uses to cope" she admitted, taking the drinks from the replicator back to the desk, placing Charlotte's in front of her, "I'm sure I have much to learn".

"I'm just a little worried we might overwork you here. The crew has been through a lot recently. Are you sure you're looking to give up the cushy station gig to stick with our crew?" Charlotte wasn't sure many would be leaping at the opportunity. "Then again, I get the feeling the station wouldn't be too calm either..."

Niamh took a sip of her soda, "I am. Arcadia isn't for me, I like to be on the move. I'm only assigned there whilst a viable transfer came up. This isn't how I expected it to come about, but I'm highly confident I can make a difference here and that's all any counsellor truly wants," the blue shirt elaborated.

"Also, I already have a patient serving on the Defiant, it'd be a dream to be able to conclude our therapy in person as opposed to long-range transmission." She wondered how Amelia was doing. Their discussion was turning heavy when the assault had begun and Niamh was worried about how the PO1 was coping. If Charlotte approved, the counsellor had no doubt that Miss Redgrave would be the next person she spoke with.

Charlotte smiled. She knew full well who the counselor was referring to, but wanted to maintain her confidentiality. "That sounds like a great idea. I think the officer in question has been dealing with their insecurities pretty head on the last few days. A counselor's visit would do them good."

Niamh nodded, "I'll keep that in mind. As soon as you give me the green light, I intend to get straight to work. I plan to take a tour of the ship and check in with the crew as we pursue the indomitable, offer a few words of support before the upcoming conflict." She knew what was to come when they caught up with the dreadnought, it'd take everything the Defiant and her crew had to come out of this on top. Not that she'd let anyone know that's how she felt.

Charlotte turned and tapped a few commands into the console, producing a satisfying ping from Niamh's communicator. "Consider yourself green lit. Before you get to work, I'd recommend getting yourself situated into permanent quarters. We can't have our counselor running herself ragged without some real quarters to head home to." She smiled, but then her eye caught on the Arcadia uniform. She felt herself flinch and knew she wouldn't be the only one on the crew to do so. They'd just fought their fellow Starfleet officers and the distinct station uniforms now felt associated with the incident. "You also might want to trade in that uniform for some Science Blues. I think the change of uniform might be helpful for the crew accepting you."

Niamh was hit by a wave of relief and gratitude at the Captain's acceptance, "It's nice to have some good news, and I'm just as eager to get out of this uniform and into my blues as anyone," she joked, "Now, with your permission I'd like to make my appearance a little less conspicuous, and get to work?" the blue shirt asked. The crew was large and she hoped to speak with as many as possible before they faced the Indomitable.

"By all means," Charlotte said with a smile. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant."


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