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Crew Swap

Posted on Tue Feb 26th, 2019 @ 12:52pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant Commander Maralen Seitha & Lieutenant Dante Rawlins V1 & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir V1 & Lieutenant Andromeda Sheffield Dr

Mission: Episode 5: Better Angels
Location: Federation Space
Timeline: MD 3: Crew Swap

The stars outside the bridge window were racing by as Charlotte paced in across the bridge. They were about to initiate a rather tense crew exchange. With the ship in pursuit of Indomitable, they didn't have a lot of time to pull this off. There were well over 150 civilians aboard ship that they needed to offload, and new crew they needed to bring aboard. That meant that each of the ship crews would need to be performing at peak.

The USS Giffords, a hospital ship, would be taking the injured and the civilians to safety. Starbase Arcadia had been secured over the past 2 days, but they needed all the help they could get. The USS Agatha King was performing the opposite, helping Defiant round out their roster. However, in order to make a three way crew exchange work, they were going to need to get creative. The two ships would be docking on opposite sides of Defiant, and all three's transporters would be going non-stop. It was a logistical nightmare.

From the science station, Ensign Lafayette called out. "Captain, I'm reading that our two contacts have stopped at the rendezvous point. Predicting about 2 minutes to arrival."

"Understood," Charlotte nodded. "Ensign Sh'shraaqir, hail the other vessels and let them know we're about to arrive."

Thyra nodded. "Aye, captain," she turned to her console and opened a channel and relayed the message. She then turned to the captain. "Captain, message sent and confirmation received," she said.

The captain headed over to her seat. Settling in, she looked over toward the central station. "Mr. Rawlins, prepare to bring us to sublight for docking. Nice and smooth, but efficient. We only have about an hour to pull this off."

Heeding the captain's warning Dante made ready to do just as she said. As soon as the ship was in position he pulled back on the throttle and dropped them out of warp within maneuvering range. "Thrusters only now, Captain. Lining up for docking maneuvers.", he called out.

Maralen watched the screen and his console alternately, waiting for the optimal moment to activate the docking bridges. When the ship was lined up just nearly perfect -- he began before perfection because by the time the docking bridge extended, they would be in perfect position -- he began extending the docking bridges. As they lined up, and the bridges finished extending, he activated the clamps that would lock them to the other ships. His board signaled complete, and he looked at Captain Reynolds. "Docking complete."

As the ships connected, Charlotte punched up the comm on her chair. "Captain Reynolds to Dr. Sheffield. We're in the process of passenger transfer now. I don't suppose there is any way I could convince you to stick around."

"I would love to Captain but unfortunately they need me back on Arcadia to remove more parasites. Oh and I am taking the corpse and parasites with me," came the reply.

Charlotte sighed. It was the answer she'd expected, but it didn't mean she wasn't disappointed. The doctor had quite the resume. "Understood, doctor. Then good luck. You might need it."

"Thank you Captain. Its been a pleasure to serve under your command. Good hunting out there. Sheffield out" Andie cut the link.

--An Hour Later--

The Defiant was beginning to settle into a normal rhythm, with all the supplemental crew now off ship. The Captain had returned to the bridge, preparing for the end of their crew exchange.

Thyra saw her console bleeping. She pressed it and put her ear piece in. "USS Defiant..." She nodded and turned to the center chair. "The other vessels are requesting to detach, captain."

"Mr. Seitha, release docking clamps," Charlotte said as she walked toward the center of the bridge.

Maralen acknowledged her order and began by uncoupling the clamps. When the board signaled that was complete, he retracted the docking bridges. That took a couple more minutes, but when it finished, he nodded to himself. "We are uncoupled from both ships, Captain." he told Charlotte.

Charlotte nodded. "Alright. No more delays. Helm, lay in a course for Qo'nos. Same mirroring pattern behind the Indomitable."

After a few seconds of manipulating his console Dante spoke. "Aye, Captain.", he called out and punched the throttle forward. On the viewscreen, the starfield around them suddenly elongated and then went into the familiar flickering light show. A few minutes later, he spoke again. "We are now resuming our previous pattern behind Indomitable, but it will take us a bit of time to get us at the same distance we were before we stopped.", he added.


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