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Escape with Flair

Posted on Wed Feb 20th, 2019 @ 12:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Kenna Wolff

Mission: Episode 5: Better Angels
Location: Medical
Timeline: MD3 15h00 after the transfer of crew

Kenna had woken, silent and still in a cool darkened room. The scents, that came to her nose was a smell she recognised well. Medical. Starfleet Medical bay. She flexed her hands and feet. They were not bound down.

There was the low hum of conversation from outside the door to her room. She could not pick out voices or anything other than the hum. She slowly opened her eyes, peeking from beneath the lashes as she took stock of the area.

Her last memory was facing Captain James, his XO and another crew member, she didn’t know, being held firmly by infected and Javier, that… bitch, showing something down her throat. Oh that had been disgusting.

Then there had been the mental fight. She couldn’t see what her body was doing but she knew it was bad. Then there had been blessed silence in the mind, and her tormenter had ceased.

From the stiffness in her limbs, she surmised that they had removed that invader. And as she was not tied down, she surmised she was considered a threat no longer. Which in part was a good thing, though she was pretty much a threat most of the time to those who were her enemies. ~Come on Kenna up you get~ she thought to herself and she slowly, sat up. No alarms went off. A quick glance at the bio bed, showed it was a simple version, with only basic elements, and no movement detector.

Kenna reached out and flipped off the bio signs detector. A glance down at herself, showed someone had been in her closet. But she didn’t care. There was nothing important in her closet anyway. On the floor by the bed were her ratty old slip on shoes. They had, she noted seen better days. Maybe next time she went ‘shopping’ she should actually buy things. Sighing she went to slide from the bed when she heard someone outside the door.

“Look, leave the commander sleep for as long as she can. New CMO has arrived and he will want to check on her soon enough.” A nurse’s voice came through.

“Yeah agreed. Shame about Andromeda leaving. She would have been great to keep.”

“New CMO picks their crew. And Andromeda will go back to Arcadia and help them remove the parasites”

The voices trailed off.

Kenna slid from the bed, shoved her feet into the slip on shoes and took a moment to get her balance. How long had she been out? A glance at the chart at the foot of the bed made her grimace. 3 days. Well that sucked. And what, she wondered had happened in three days. Jerry was obviously gone. Who was Andromeda? Ah there. The name of the treating doctor on her paperwork. She would look that person up. Andromeda Sheffield. She grabbed the documentation and slid it up under her shirt.

Carefully she stepped to the door. She wanted out of the Medical bay, and back to her cabin. The door was slightly open giving her a view of the medical bay outside the private room. Nodding to herself, she slipped from the room and along the short wall and out the main doors while the medical staff bustled around making sure everything was perfect for the new CMO.

Kenna, tucked her hands into her pockets and walked briskly to the nearest turbo lift. Entering it she said “Deck 4”

And the lift rose to the requisite deck in blessed silence. The doors opened on Deck 4, a glance made it clear the deck and the path to her quarters was clear of anyone who might wonder why Lieutenant Commander Wolff was out of medical and walking back to her quarters.

She came to her quarters door, swiped her hand down the sensor and when the doors opened to her Spartan quarters, she slipped in side and breathed a sigh of relief. Removing the documents from beneath her shirt she placed them on the table and then headed for her bedroom, and her more comfortable bed. She would look over that stuff later. Right now, she needed to lie down again.



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