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Check Up

Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2019 @ 10:30pm by Lieutenant Jace Eldridge & Lieutenant Commander Kenna Wolff

Mission: Episode 5: Better Angels
Location: Sickbay - USS Defiant

Having worked in several large urban hospitals in the past, finding out that a patient has absconded was nothing new for Jace. Such patients often fit a particular set of characteristics, as much as he'd remind himself not to ever be too judgmental. But everyone knows the type of patient that would depart. Sometimes quietly without anyone noticing, sometimes through aggression and violence. The latter tend to fail.

Lt Cmdr Kenna Wolff, Jace had skimmed through the medical record. She'd been allocated towards the back, in sickbay's observation area. A low-acuity area of the department, something that would've likely contributed to her successful escape. Even then, it was only about half an hour before a member of the nursing staff took notice and reported the disappearance.

Having reviewed her chart, Jace felt there to be no need to force her back to sickbay. Her vitals signs had been trending normally for quite a while now, but he was curious as to why she decided to leave.

Making sure the door to his office was closed, Jace sat down on his chair and pulled out his comm, tapping on its glass surface to access the ship's comm network. He requested for a direct link to the Strat Ops officer, and patiently waited for her to pick up.

The comm took a few moments to connect. Kenna was sitting on her couch reading a book when the comm pinged. "Lieutenant Commander Wolff here," she said to the comm.

"Commander," Jace began. "It's Dr Eldridge, the ship's new CMO. I just thought I'd check in with you, ma'am, seeing as you're still registered as an inpatient in sickbay. One of our medics has informed me that you'd gone walkabout."

"Really?" Came the calm cool reply as Kenna turned the page of her book. "I believe your records may require updating Lieutenant. I feel they are out of date."

"Well, I'm not sure if you've been formally discharged," Jace said. "Either way, I don't think the paperwork matters too much at the moment. How're you feeling, Commander?"

"I feel perfectly fine. I have made an appointment with the counselor in two hours and should be back on the bridge within three."

"That's good to hear," Jace said, glad that there was some form of follow-up, even if it wasn't a strictly medical one. "Fortunately, it's clear that you don't necessarily need to stay in sickbay for too long... although we were hoping you'd stay put until a few of your test results return. There wasn't anything too distressing about being in sickbay that caused you to leave?"

"No," came the cool reply. "I have spent too much time in there. I do not like Medical as a rule."

"Huh," Jace said, unsure of what else to say and letting a somewhat awkward silence pass between them over the comm link. "Well then, I won't disturb you any further. If you experience any further symptoms or have other medical concerns, you know where we are, Commander."

"Yes I know where Medical is. Thank you Lieutenant. Wolff out." Kenna cut the connection.

Jace raised his eyebrows at the abrupt disconnection. "Huh," he murmured, before shaking his head and saying "Someone's in a shitty mood today." He turned back to his desk, bringing up the Stat Ops officer's medical record to quickly document their conversation, before returning to the work he'd been doing previously.


Lt. Commander Kenna Wolff
Chief of Strategic Operations
USS Defiant


Dr Jace Eldridge
Chief Medical Officer
Emergency Physician
USS Defiant


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