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Posted on Sun Mar 3rd, 2019 @ 9:57pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant Commander Kenna Wolff & Lieutenant Commander Maralen Seitha & Lieutenant Michaela Holland & Lieutenant Elias Lindholm & Lieutenant Dante Rawlins V1

Mission: Episode 5: Better Angels
Location: Inside Klingon Territory
Timeline: MD 6: Afternoon (About 2 hours out of Qo'nos)

The Defiant had been pursuing the Indomitable for days with no opportunity to catch the ship off guard. Captain Reynolds was growing worried. They were getting dangerously deep into Klingon territory. But Indomitable had simply powered forward. Charlotte was beginning to worry about the fact that they hadn't encountered resistance yet. The reports of an infiltrator in the Klingon ranks seemed increasingly true. It was as if the Dreadnaught's path had been cleared ahead of time. Maybe it had been...

"Captain." Kenna called out from Strat Ops. "Sensors indicate three Klingon Vessels on an intercept course with our target. Looks like two D5 Class and one battle cruiser"

Charlotte's eyes lit up, flicking toward the Strat Ops station. "There we go! 5 days in and we finally are getting an opening." She turned her chair and faced the woman. "Are we sure it's an intercept course? Once we close the distance, we're on a ticking clock."

"Yes, they are coming in too sharp to be forming an escort formation. They are 10 minutes out from weapons range." Kenna replied.

Charlotte didn't need to be told a third time. She swiveled back to face the screen. "Mr. Lindholm, Condition Red."

"Aye Captain," Elias said. He switched his side panel to the annunciators and activated the Red Alert signal. Throughout the bridge red alert lights activated and the overall color became predominately red. The klaxon sounded and the phrase "Red Alert" appeared on many idle terminals. Throughout the ship, red lights also activated as the crew ran to their required stations.

Elias then brought the deflector shield online, and made sure the phasers and torpedoes were armed and ready. He shifted his targeting sensors into passive to reduce their EM emissions. He then began checking his readouts for targeting distances.

Captain Reynolds flipped the button for the comm on her chair. Even before she spoke, the red alert klaxons had filled the ship's corridors. "This is the Captain. With any luck, we are about to engage the Indomitable. All hands to battle stations. Nonessential crew, report immediately to designated safe zones."

She clicked off the comm and flipped one to Engineering. "Chief, I think the time has come. Is our little surprise still plugged into Defiant's power grid?"

Michaela rubbed her eyes. She'd had a couple of hours to try and catch some rest, but her adrenaline rush from earlier had kept her from getting much of any sleep. Plus, thoughts of the dreaded confrontation with that monstrosity of a ship, and what it could do to Defiant had kept her awake. Now, with the alert sounding once again, she found herself bone tired, and barely functioning on a very short fuse. The captain's question about the chief engineer's least favorite system aboard the ship was nearly enough to spark that fuse alight.

"Engineering to Bridge. Connected, yes. Functional? Maybe." Michaela said, trying hard not to sigh. She had of course tasked a few of her engineers with inspecting the cloaking device, as it would be of obvious importance in the coming fight. No one fully understood the technology yet though, and it was difficult to tell if anyone had tampered with it while the ship had been evacuated.

"I'll take what you can give me," Charlotte said. She wasn't sure how well it would work, but it didn't need to be perfect. If Indomitable, thought they were Klingons that would work for their purposes.

Elias checked his annunciator panel and saw that the required stations had reported in. "Captain, ship reports battle stations maned and ready. Condition Red is set," Elias reported to the captain.

Charlotte nodded, looking ahead. "I think it's time then. Activate the cloak. As soon as we're hidden, take us up to maximum warp. We might only get one shot at this."

Maralen had never been very religious. He did not pray. He did not count on some higher being to help him. After all, it hadn't so far. So he didn't pray now. He nodded acknowledgment to Charlotte and entered the sequence of commands that should activate the cloaking device. A cohuple of tense seconds passed, then his console chimed, letting him know that the device was active. "Cloak is active. Power is fluctuating very slightly. It should hold though." he told his captain, hoping that the technology did not turn him into a fabricating bag of manure.

Just as soon as he heard verbal communication that the cloak was active and the ship was now undetectable Dante immediately slid the throttle handle forward, jumping the ship all the way up to maximum warp. "Maximum warp, Captain, course steady.", he said, checking the readouts for the ship's course and speed as he spoke.

The cloaking device played a little havoc with the warp field again, but nothing nearly as intense as the last time. The engineering team had clearly worked out a few of the kinks, even if they weren't quite sure what they were working with.


The countdown to their arrival was coming to a close. Charlotte had been watching the sensor readings of the battle ahead. It'd gone from 3-on-1, to 2-on-1. And they were now watching as the lone Klingon vessel challenged the far superior Dreadnought class.

Looking almost exclusively at his console, and giving sparing glances up at the viewscreen, Dante spoke, "Arrival in ten seconds, Captain. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...", and as he said the last number he eased the throttle back, the starfield outside going from the wavering, almost strobelike view of high warp to the pinpricked void of normal space. That void didn't last long, however as the ship suddenly found itself absolutely engulfed in a rather large debris field.

"Initiating evasive maneuvers to compensate for debris.", Dante called out, guiding the ship on a weaving path, tilting her along her axes as they flew, trying to keep any interaction with the debris around them to a minimum. Just because they were invisible didn't mean someone wouldn't see the effect they had on the stuff they hit.

Just ahead of them, they saw the massive frame of the Indomitable, lit by the brilliant flash of the final Klingon vessel breaking in two. The ship was right there, in easy striking distance. But even as Charlotte opened her mouth to give the order to engage, the vessel's nacelle's flashed and she rocketed away to warp. "Damn it!"

Her fists clenched. They had been so close. And yet, that proximity hadn't done them any good. The vessel had slipped away from them yet again. And now they'd begun the timer of staying cloaked. That ruse would only work so long. "Mr. Rawlins, pursuit course. Let's not temper our speed this time. Maximum warp."

Dante plotted the new course, having to adjust for the random swoops and dives he'd had to take to avoid the debris. "Course plotted and laid in, engaging at maximum warp.", he replied, punching the throttle handle forward. On the viewscreen, once again, the screen streaked into the familiar view of a starfield seen at high warp.

Charlotte looked at her display, seeing that the ship’s speed. The Indomitable had clearly enacted some repairs. They were now moving forward at warp 8, matching Defiant’s own speed. The cloaked ship wouldn’t be able to overtake Indomitable again. She simply spoke quietly. “Get everyone to their stations. We’re going to have no choice but to engage that ship over Qo’nos.”


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