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Arriving Home

Posted on Wed May 1st, 2019 @ 3:16pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant Commander Kenna Wolff & Lieutenant Commander Maralen Seitha & Lieutenant Elias Lindholm & Lieutenant Dante Rawlins V1 & Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1 & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir V1 & Ensign Colby Pierce & Lieutenant Ian Acainus

Mission: Shoreleave: Earth
Location: USS Defiant, Earth Orbit
Timeline: Shore Leave Day 0

The blackness of space was cut by a brief, brilliant flash of light as the form of the USS Defiant exited warp. The vessel altered its approach angle smoothly, catching the light reflecting off the surface of the planet as it did.

"Home at last," Charlotte said with a sigh. It truly was good to be home. They'd been through some difficult times recently. They needed the rest. She leisurely spun her chair to face the comms station. "Ensign Sh'shraaqir, could you kindly request docking permission for us?"

Maralen heard Charlotte's quiet proclamation about home and felt a small stab of jealousy for those for whom this was indeed home. He had learned to think of it as a surrogate home, but his true home was not somewhere he had been since the Realm had taken him from its ruins so long ago. He remembered it vividly enough that he had no need to go back and lay eyes on the devastation and emptiness. Yes indeed, he envied her and the rest. But he showed no sign of it as he waited for the communications officer to respond.

Thyra looked to her console and pressed her earpiece and said, "USS Defiant to Starfleet command, we request docking permission." She paused a moment. She then nodded. "Captain we have permission to dock. They will send us docking instructions to helm now."

Seconds later Dante's panel lit up with the incoming data. "Confirmed, Captain. We are being berthed at bay twelve. Docking procedures ready on your order.", He said.

Just as it wasn't home for the Executive Officer, it wasn't home for the Chief Diplomat. Ian was still Akadian, still a liaison officer, but he wasn't sure how much longer that was going to be true. He was closer and closer resigning his commission, perhaps even his citizenship. He wasn't quite there yet, but he was going to use this trip home to explore that option.

The Captain gave a confirming nod. "Take us into harbor, Mr. Rawlins."

"Aye, Captain.", Dante replied, and deftly maneuvered the large ship into the appropriate bay.

Charlotte flipped a comm button on her chair, opening a channel shipwide. "Attention all hands. It is my pleasure to announce we are finally in safe harbor. Defiant has docked with Starbase 1. Once docking procedures and primary shutdown are complete, you are all officially on shore leave. After what we've all been through, I know we could all use it. Please report back to Defiant in two weeks time. Until then, get some rest." Flipping the switch off, she looked around the bridge at her fellow officers. "That goes for all of you, as well. Get your departments in order. Then, get the hell out of here and go have some fun."

Elias listened to the Captain's words and nodded when she finished. Elias took a moment to glance out at the planet that was his home. He couldn't help but smile a bit at the thought of being home. At the same time, however, he felt those same feelings of melancholy come back to him. The smile disappeared and he caught the last bit of the captain's order to her bridge officers. He turned in his chair to face her, "I hope you don't mind Captain, but I would prefer to stay aboard the Defiant while we are docked. I don't really have any other places to go home to."

Charlotte returned a compassionate smile. "Of course. Defiant is our home as much or more than any planet outside our window. You're welcome to stay aboard."

A few moments later, with a dull thump, the ship came to rest against its mooring, and the docking clamps locked on. "Docking sequences completed captain, engineering cleared to move to umbilical power, and docking control states all personnel are cleared to disembark at their leisure.", Dante said, signing off his own console and turning as he spoke. "I'll be in my office for at least an hour if you need me, I need to get a little paperwork finished up, and speak to Mr. Carter about his continued training.", he added.

“Perfect. I’ll either be here or in my ready room,” Charlotte replied, entering a command in her chair to finalize another report.

With a nod and a smile, Dante rose from his chair and exited the bridge. If he hurried he might actually be able to get his paperwork done, and finalize everything with Carter well within an hour and actually get to enjoying his shore leave sooner. Only time would tell.

Ian had been surprised by Elias' comments but kept his face impassive. There would be a time for questioning him about it. But this was not the time for it.

Maralen watched all of them, listened to them. Some were excited by the prospect of being here while others were... less so. For his part, it might not be his home, but it was also not a starship; and it was good to get off the ship sometimes, walk barefoot through grass, let the wind brush through his fur.

I think I would like to go down to the planet at some time. His eyes flicked toward Charlotte's ready room, and he considered approaching it. After a moment, he did, tapping the announcer and waiting.

“Enter,” Charlotte’s voice came from beyond the door.

At the call to enter, Maralen keyed the door open and did so. He allowed the door to close behind him before speaking.

Pierce tapped on the wall panel. "Pierce to Lt Lindholm."

On the Bridge, Elias was in the process of securing his station when he heard the comm beep at his station. He pressed the activation button on the comm panel at his station, "This is Lindholm."

Colby spoke into the panel. "Sir. I heard the captain announce shore leave. Are you staying on the ship or taking leave, sir."

Elias took a moment before responding, "I will be staying aboard ship for the time being. If you would please meet me in my office in about twenty minutes so we can work out a leave rotation schedule for the department. I want to give everyone the opportunity for shore leave."

"Yes sir, I'll see you in 20 minutes." If the lieutenant was staying aboard ship, he wasn't interested in shore leave for himself, so he was hoping the lieutenant would allow him to remain on board to take advantage of the 2 weeks to continue with his training.


As the crew made their ways to their various shore leave plans, the setting sun cast a warm orange glow across the hull of the vessel. At least for the moment, they could rest.


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