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Surovec's Physical

Posted on Sat Jan 14th, 2017 @ 8:39pm by Commander Gerald Holmes & Lieutenant Surovec

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia
Location: USS Defiant - Sickbay
Timeline: MD 2 @ 1000 Hours

Dr.(Lt.JG) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes sipped at his coffee black as he read the personnel and medical file on Ensign Surovec. Since the last one blew up in his face he was eager to get a fresh start on a new case. Once he felt up to speed on her medical history he hit the communication's button on his desk, "Dr. Holmes to Ensign Surovec. Please report to sickbay for your physical."

Surovec was going over shift logs with her NCOIC of Operations, when she was paged by the Doctor. She looked at the chief, the two shrugged their shoulders. she had returned the page. Informed that she got the page and stated she will be there shortly. A few minutes later, the Tellarite woman entered into sickbay and looked around and spotted Dr. Holmes.

"You summoned me, Doctor?" asked the Ops Chief.

"Indeed I have," replied the Doctor as he walked out of his office into the main Sickbay area with his medical tricorder slung over his shoulder, across his torso and dangling at his opposite hip. He patted on the nearest bio-bed, "Have a seat."

The Ensign nodded her head and followed the gesture of the doctor to one of the bio-beds in the medical ward. she strolled over to the bed and took a seat.

Jerry waved the scanner for his medical tricorder up and down the Ensign's body, "I haven't treated a Tellarite since my residency, but if memory serves, you're a picture of health."

He prepared a hypo-spray for a Tellarite's physiology and injected it into her neck, "This is just a Starfleet booster shot to help prevent common ailments from taking hold. Now lay on your back and kick at the peddles sticking out of the wall there."

"Of course Doctor" returned Surovec

She turned about, laid back onto the bed, and placed her feet onto the peddles and began kicking the device.

"I am surprise," stating the Tellarite chief between breaths "that my medical records doesn't reflect what took place near the Romulan neutral zone, while I was assigned on the USS Ingenuity, Doctor."

"What do you mean? I read about it, a nasty bit of business that was," Jerry replied. He added, "Feel free to just call me Jerry. Everyone else does. I like to keep things informal."

"Okay Jerry" returned the Ops chief "Well, over the course of nearly four hours, me and what remain of the Ingenuity crew battle to keep our home and friend afloat. Our medical staff as doing their damnest in keep the injuries to an minimum. Updating medical files as best they could. Most of us, Ops and Engineering, were burned, sick with radiation and just down right hurting from I-beams and other broke of our home or mentally exhausted. However, I gave the order to abandoned ship. When the alert came through that the core was reaching critical. I knew were venting coolant some where, just not sure where. I was glad to get all hands off the ship, but I don't recall how I got onto a shuttle. Until later an medic informed me I was knocked out cold by piece of ship. Just not sure if that piece of medical history is in my file, Jerry"

"All that's in the medical file is a description of all your illnesses and injuries since you joined the Academy and how they were treated and any medication prescribed to you. It doesn't paint a full picture of the events leading up to them," Jerry explained as he waved her off to indicate stopping on kicking the peddles. He asked, "Does that answer your question?"

"Aye that it does, Jerry" returning with a nod as she sighed a breath of relief from the peddles.

"That's good enough. As much as I love watching your legs kicking the peddles I'm satisfied you're fit for duty," Jerry smiled at her.

She let slip an small laugh at the doctor comment "Well good, Jerry. Knowing my legs are well loved by you. So, is there any other test I should under take?"

"That's all I need for your physical," Jerry replied. He added as he sat down on the next bio-bed, "But since we're on the topic of legs, it's your turn to play Doctor."

Jerry pulled up his right pant leg to reveal a robotic right leg. He disconnected it and placed it next to him on the bio-bed, "Doctor meet Patient. I'll need you to do routine maintenance on it from time to time and keep it in tip-top shape. And to repair it when needed."

The Ops chief looked at the pad and noticed it need new rubber padding. She turned slight and touched the controls of the bed to extended the piston out.

"Hmmmm...working this one heavily, Jerry" she gestured to the rod "pitting is normal on these things, however, a class one leak isn't much of an concern, not until a class three"

"No rest for the wicked," Jerry shrugged.

"Class one, wetness and forms a droplet. Two, steady drop for more then a minute or so and a three is, lots of drops it's pouring" Surovec stated "Also, I suggest that you and staff do more PMCS on your equipment and gear. First line of maintenance is the Operator. As for this, I'll get one of our mechanics get cracking on repairing this thing."

"It operates fine. May need a tune up soon. Just letting you know that it'll be something you'll be working on as needed," Jerry reattached his robotic leg where it connected at the right thigh mid-way between his knee and hip. He kicked it out a couple times to show her.

"But if there's nothing else. You're free to go," Jerry added.

With a nod of her head, the Tellarite lady left sickbay.

Dr.(Lieutenant) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes
Second Officer/Chief Medical Officer
USS Defiant


Ensign Surovec
Chief of Operations
USS Defiant


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