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Coming aboard to join

Posted on Thu Apr 25th, 2019 @ 7:39am by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1

Mission: Shoreleave: Earth
Location: USS Defiant airlock
Timeline: Before First things First

Morgan hadn’t been up to Star Base 1 in three months, but the sheer scope of the facility and the number of beings living, visiting, and working here was staggering when you thought about it.

Those thoughts had been in his mind as he watched their approach through the viewports of the shuttle. Landing had made it that much more so, as the shuttle was swallowed into a cavernous bay.

It had taken him roughly an hour to thread his way to where the Defiant was docked. The docking bay was empty and he walked over to the companionway leading to the ship and stopped short, confronting two of the ship’s crew: a security guard and an dark haired man with Lieutenant’s insignia.

Deciding he was the Officer of the Deck, Morgan stopped and stated “Lieutenant J.G. Lindsay coming aboard to Join.” He pulled a flimsy from his satchel and proffered it.

The OOD fed the document into a reader and gestured at a palm scanner. “Alright, Mr. Morgan, place your hand on the scanner.”

Morgan complied and bit back a smile when the Lieutenant re-read his scanner and looked at him. “Doctor?”

“That’s what the medical certificate I bought says,” Morgan dead panned.

The lieutenant frowned at that but decided to let it go. At least he got a smirk from the security guard.

“Now that I’ve reported aboard, could you contact Academy Housing and have my dunnage beamed to my berth, please,” Morgan asked.

The Lieutenant nodded, worked his console and said. “No problem, Doctor. Welcome aboard. The Captain left a general message for you to report to her ready room when you checked in.”

“Yes sir,” Morgan acknowledged. He nodded to the two and strode into the ship. He’d studied the schematics and had a fair idea of how to get to the bridge. Anything else might be a challenge, but you had to look like you knew what you were doing.

Behind him, he heard who he assumed to be the security guard say, “Seems odd to have a Doctor call anyone sir?”

“Proper, you mean Petty Officer?” The Lieutenant said. “The purchased medical degree joke non-withstanding, he’s a JG until officially entered in-onto duty by the Captain or XO. Once he’s CMO, then he’s the position, not the rank. You should know that already.”

Then Morgan was out of ear shot and he refocused on finding the bridge.


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