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Be it ever so humble Part 1

Posted on Wed May 1st, 2019 @ 12:09pm by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1
Edited on on Fri May 3rd, 2019 @ 2:24pm

Mission: Shoreleave: Earth
Location: Crew Quarters
Timeline: Several days after First Things First

Morgan looked around his quarters, running fingers through his hair as he took in the mess.

He could officially classify it as a mess because he had seen more than a few in his day and while this wasn’t the worst, it was ranking there. Morgan had brought some stuff in, had others dropped off by very obliging crew and actually witnessed a few pieces of furniture beamed into his quarters.

That last had left him with a disturbed dream: that Ann had decided to transport he, while sleeping in his comfy bunk, directly into the middle of the Atlantic someplace and he’d woken with a start, rolling out of bed as a great white took a bite out of the bed.

He probably deserved that dream, but it wasn’t going to do to leave the quarters in such a shambles. Professionally, he knew that the dream was in response to how he’d chosen to break things off with Ann and that his disordered living space coupled with coming to grips with a new job was not helping.

The job wasn’t going to be that bad. At least not while the ship was docked.

Sick people were sick people. That part never changed, the bureaucracy that went with it could go swim with that bloody great white.

He started opening boxes. Then stopped. Professionally speaking, he sucked at bringing order to his own life. Which was hypocritical, given that he preached such to his patients. Repeatedly.

That got him to thinking and he went to the computer terminal, activated it and said. “Computer, tell me about civilian guests allowed aboard ship while docked.”

To be continued


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