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No Looking Back

Posted on Wed May 1st, 2019 @ 6:35pm by Lieutenant Caroline Isley

Mission: Shoreleave: Earth
Location: Defiant: Isley's Quarters
Timeline: Shore Leave: Day 0

The bright blue planet outside the viewport didn't quite match the darker blue uniform in the hands of the woman looking out it, but it did cause her mind to drift. Chief Science Officer Caroline Isley was cleaning up her quarters when she found a uniform out of place. She picked it up and suddenly remembered why that was and a flood of memories overtook her.

This was the minidress that former Chief Engineer Michaela Holland had been wearing as a sort of joke on one of their last outings together. Isley couldn't believe she had allower her . . . friend (that would do) to take one of her carefully pressed blue science dresses, but something about it amused her enough to not stop the engineer. Holland returned it much later and Caroline had simply put it down on a shelf (also strange, since she usually kept her quarters incredibly neat). Since then Isley had forgotten to do anything with it.

So much had happened. To the ship. The Federation. Even the Klingons. But right now, all Isley could think of was what had happened to her. She wasn't usually the type to get emotional, particularly about other people. But she was emotional right now. Anger and sadness mixed with her fond recollections of a whirlwind few days right before the dreadnought incident. As she remembered all sorts of little details, she found herself clenching the dress, wrinkling it.

Then suddenly she started, remembering where she was. The blonde collected herself and looked down at the uniform. A smile spread across her lips, but it wasn't one of happiness or pleasure -- it was as cold as her expression. Isley walked over toward a disposal shoot and dropped the uniform in it. The minidress matched the one she had on. And perhaps a half dozen others in her closet. But she wasn't ever going to wear it again. She pressed a button and found herself straightening her just slightly too short uniform, before she turned and walked out of her quarters.


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