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Medicine Walk

Posted on Sat May 25th, 2019 @ 7:35am by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1 & Lieutenant Commander Maralen Seitha

Mission: Shoreleave: Earth
Location: Deck 6
Timeline: Midway through Shore Leave

Morgan wandered Defiant, letting his feet guide him as was his want. Any new posting, he liked to go on a medicine walk. Aboard ship, it wasn’t the same of course. There were no plants to inspect, animals to study or wind to listen to.

Of course, it was easier to get lost. And he’d done it now. Twice.

Sighing, he stopped by a terminal panel, orientated himself and checked the time. Time wasn’t a large consideration, he’d been pouring through files for days and checking the Defiant’s medical inventories.

Speaking of which…Morgan looked around and walked over to a console. It was alarmed, but he punched in his access code and opened the panel and looked. Each deck had three or four emergency medical cubbies. Morgan knelt, pulling the triage bag out to land on the floor with a thump while he checked the mass causality box.

Later, just before dock he could send minions around to physically check and replace the seals if he thought it were necessary. Checking that the seal was actually intact and took note of the glowing date code.

Straightening, he checked the triage bag and replaced it, then closed and re-sealed the cubbie. Turning he caught someone watching him.

Maralen had stood silently, watching the man take apart one of the emergency supply cubbies. The uniform spoke of medical or science, but he did not recognize this particular officer, and so he was watching to see what the man would do. Nothing untoward, it seemed. When the other stood, he approached.

"Are you looking for something specific?" he asked, whiskers flaring and ears swiveling forward as he let his senses take in the man before him. His tail remained suspiciously (to someone who knew cats) still, wrapped around his waist; and his expression gave no sign of what he thought or felt, showing perfect calm assessment... for now.

Morgan took in the felinoid, noting the rank insignia, “Lieutenant Seitha, I presume? I’m J.G. Morgan Lindsay, Defiant’s newest CMO.” Stepping forward, he offered his hand to the executive officer.

Half turning he gestured at the cubby with his thumb, “I was doing a walk about the ship and randomly checking medical supplies to make sure things are as they should be. I meant to check in earlier but with shore leave scheduled, figured it could wait a day or two.”

Maralen studied the man for a moment then took the offered hand. His rank was Lieutenant Commander, which in Starfleet was normally addressed, oddly enough, as Commander; however, he was not going to fuss about it at this point. "Welcome aboard the Defiant, Lieutenant Lindsay. I am Maralen Seitha." He gave the man's hand a firm shake then released it, glancing over Morgan's shoulder at the cubby then back to Morgan. "And have you found everything satisfactory, Doctor?" he asked.

Morgan saw the hesitation, thought back over the conversation and realized his gaff. Occasionally he'd get a burst of anxiety and a wrong word would come out. Sighing mentally, he thought about explaining himself, but the Seitha seemed to have let it pass so Morgan saw no reason to trot out his medical history just now.

"Some scars," Commander." Morgan said, smiling, "like the crew. but everything seems in order. I haven't found anything missing and I've only been lost twice." As they spoke, a few crew members made their way past and he asked, "Do you plan to take advantage of Defiant's shore leave period? From what I've been seeing in the records and the few patients I've examined thus far, everyone needs a break."

Maralen was pleased that the medical officer caught his error, but it had not been that important to him. He looked away as people passed them, watching the crew move and noting the sense of fatigue in them. Morgan was right; they all needed this. He looked back at the doctor. "I do indeed. I just thought I would make one last round through the ship before I disembarked. Will you be leaving Defiant during leave as well?"

"Here and there," Morgan replied. "I, however, am not due shore leave, as I've just reported aboard and will be keeping office hours and getting my quarters settled. I have a few conferences and meetings to attend, however so I will be transiting back and forth. When I checked into Sick Bay today, there were no sick beings so I left it in Nurse Pinknie's capable hands so I could snoop about the ship." Then he grinned, "Some would say that, since I've been teaching at the Academy, I've been on shore leave."

Maralen tilted his head slightly, his expression indicating thought. "Those people obviously don't know what is entailed in teaching then." he said in a tone that, while it sounded serious, carried a quality of amusement. "Well, just don't break the ship while we're gone please? That would most definitely look bad on my record as Executive Officer." And that was joking, slightly.

"Aye aye, Commander. Well, I'll try not to break it too much," Morgan smiled. "It all depends on if I have to hunt patients down or they come willingly," he joked in return.

Maralen chuckled slightly, allowing the calm he wore around himself like a cloak to slip for a moment. "Well, that would be more of a don't break the crew, wouldn't it, Doctor?" he jested in return.

"But, if they're broken that's where I come in," Morgan smiled. "I do agree I shouldn't be in on the breaking. Most crew seem to not need a whole lot of help when it comes to that. But, Defiant may be different."

Mar chuckled again. "They do seem to get themselves broken quite a lot, don't they?" he agreed a bit playfully. "Well, maybe you could see what you can do about that too, hm?"

"Well, I've started by reviewing crew files and getting a general health run down on the crew. I can start by introducing meal plans, suggesting supplements, and targeted exercise recommendations." Morgan said, grinning. "However, that would make me the least popular person in the crew and you would likely get complaints almost immediately. I'll hold off on that until there's a need to distract the crew from something else."

"Good point. I really don't need to have to field complaints about the overzealous Medical Officer right off the bat." he said, returning the humor. Becoming serious again for a moment, he asked, "Have you seen any of the crew for physicals yet?" The humor returned as he added, "Or are they avoiding you already?"

"Shore leave first, Commander," Morgan stated with an easy shrug. "Based on the latest medical reports, most of the crew should be good to go, unless they really do some damage on leave. New crew and selected patients will need clearance, but so far I'm not seeing any difficulties there. If you have any concerns about members of the crew; something perhaps that didn't get reported or caught, let me know. We'll make sure everyone's ready for whatever comes next."

Maralen shook his head. "No, I don't have anything. I think you have it handled just fine." In truth, he liked that the man seemed to have his figurative ducks in such a neat little row. People like this doctor made his job easier as he did not have to watch them constantly to be certain they were performing to their peak (and he didn't have the advantage the Realm did on that account). "Do you need anything from me before I leave you to your work and get my furry behind off this ship for a few days?" he asked.

Morgan raised a finger as if some great thought had occurred, then smiled at the Commander and extended his hand. "Well sir, you took the words right out of my mouth, excluding the furry behind of course. It was nice meeting you."

Maralen chuckled, imagining the man before him with fur. It... didn't work for him. "You as well, Doctor." he said, taking the man's offered hand in a firm grip and giving it a shake before releasing it. "Welcome to the Defiant."


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