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Talking to myself

Posted on Fri May 3rd, 2019 @ 2:19pm by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1 & Ensign Heather Pinknie
Edited on on Fri May 3rd, 2019 @ 4:33pm

Mission: Shoreleave: Earth
Location: Deck 7 - Sickbay
Timeline: Several days after First Things First

Heather was nervous.

She’d came aboard the Defiant last night, found her quarters and settled her things. She’d wandered the more inhabited areas and even been invited to supper by two of her nurses.

Heather had accepted, blaming her nervousness of the new posting for getting her past her natural shyness. It had been fun and they had sat up for several hours getting to know each other.

She really wished she could have checked in with the CMO but he, when she’d tried to contact him, had set his comm to refuse all calls and then in the middle of the night, had sent her a comm stating that she could report for duty at ten that morning.

So, Heather had gotten up early worked out and gotten her breakfast. Then carefully showered and dressed in her nicest uniform.

And discovered she still had two hours.

So she’d paced her quarters and tried to read. The chronograph seamed to have been caught in a temporal field, but finally the hour came and she headed for sickbay.

Heather walked into sickbay, looking around and noted there were two other personnel talking quietly at the far end, near the only patient.

When she had stopped by yesterday, she’d looked at the chart. Somehow, the crewman had slipped in his quarters and knocked himself out. He was under observation for 24 hours, so he’d be out by noon.

Then she heard a rather loud voice coming from the direction of the CMO’s office.

“Why. Why would you order THAT. What possible…”, the voice half ranted.

She gave it a minute, taking a couple of tentative steps toward the office, looking over her shoulder, looking at the nurse and med tech. The Tech gave her a grin and made a shooing gesture toward the office.

Turning back and squaring her shoulders, Heather took another step only to pause near the door as the voice ranted again, “Sweet suffering…now why would you diagnose that as a respiratory problem without checking to see if the scrubbers in the quarters were working properly. Three days…three!… of misdiagnosis before they realized it was viral!”

She heard a thump and jumped as the door to the office slid open and she peered around the jam. Seated at the desk was a medium built, brown haired man with maybe five days growth of facial hair dressed in uniform pants and undershirt. A blue tunic with JG insignia and a lab coat hung by hooks near the desk.

A data slate lay on the floor just inside.

He looked up, squinting at her and asked, “Yes. Who are you?”

She steeled herself, stepped awkwardly over the slate and stated, “Ensign Heather Pinknie reporting for duty, sir.”

Morgan stared, not really seeing Heather for several beats and then recognition flashed in his eyes and he smiled.

“Well, welcome aboard Head Nurse Pinknie.” He glanced at his chronometer and then at her. “You are two minutes late however, I thought I gave you plenty of time to get settled and arrive on duty?”

Her smile faded and Heather’s mouth opened. Then closed. Then finally she said, “Sorry Doctor. I heard you speaking and thought someone was in here, but I guess….”

She trailed off as she wasn’t sure how to finish her sentence.

“That I was talking to myself,” Morgan asked, his eyebrows raising in question.

“Well, yes Doctor,” she said, miserably.

“I will have you know, Nurse Pinknie,” Morgan said gruffly, “That sometimes that is the most intelligent conversation I can get. Whether that holds true aboard the Defiant is yet to be seen.”

Heather didn’t know how to answer that so she opted to say nothing.

Morgan held let her stew for twenty seconds while he flipped through a data slate and then nodded, looking back up at her.

He grinned then and stood, offering her hand, “Alright, Nurse Pinknie, welcome aboard. I'm Morgan Lindsay.” They shook hands and he gestured to the chair in front of his desk.

At ease and pull up a pew. I apologize. I was trying to be funny and I guess it didn’t come off that way. You’re fine, but tardiness is something I’ll want you to keep a tight rain on. Including on me.”

She took a breath in, relieved then and sat, nodding to him.

“And you can’t take any…well…most of my crap either. That’s your Sickbay as much as it’s mine,” he said, gesturing towards the door. “You only answer to me on how it’s run. That being said, it’s not in too bad of shape from what I can see. I didn’t dig deep, and now that you’re here, I don’t have to. I’m going to continue to go through crew records and begin making up lists of things we’ll have to do.”

At her questioning look, Morgan leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head. “They’ve had multiple CMO’s which is bad enough. But with crew replacements, I’ve been combing through those records to make sure things are right and some of the diagnosis I’ve seen reminds me of an old story about herding cats.”

He considered that, then said “Forget you heard me say that. We have an Executive Officer aboard who is a Ledaran and I don’t really need him hearing me use that reference.”

Sighing, Morgan sat up then and grinned. “And I’ve been doing most of the talking. Tell me something of yourself and thoughts you have on running this Department.”

Twenty minutes later, Heather actually laughed at one of his jokes. A kind of snorting caught and she paused then, mortified but he smiled at her and said, “I love that laugh, Nurse Pinknie. Very genuine, which tells me you’re a genuine person. I think we’ll work well together.”

He stood then and walked to the door, picking up the offending slate from earlier. “Maybe after we’ve worked together for long enough, I’ll show you my third favorite thing in the Universe.”

She gave him a slightly shocked look and he laughed, “I said my THIRD favorite thing. Don’t worry about it Ensign. You’ll get plenty of warning and homework first.”

Heather nodded and got to her feet, looking confused but nodded and walked through the door into her sickbay. Five minutes later, as she was talking to the nurse and technician she heard “Really? An Eruptive Epidermoid cyst mistaken as a case of Dovarian fetal larvae and she decided it had to be added to an endangered specie list?”…..

Head Nurse Pinknie could only grin and shake her head, hoping Doctor Lindsay would at least tone it down some once he got through those crew files.


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