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Reporting for Duty

Posted on Sun May 19th, 2019 @ 1:33pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant JG Connor Burton

Mission: Shoreleave: Earth
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Early during Shore Leave

Connor walked up to the door to the Captain's Ready Room. It wasn't the first stop he'd made since coming aboard the ship or even the second. He'd wanted to go over Defiant's systems before going for this meeting. May as well start on the wrong foot.

He smirked to himself at the thought as he rung the chime.

“Enter,” came the voice from inside. The door opened upon a relatively decorated room.

Running along the window on the wall was a waist high display shelf housing a variety of historic ship models. The wooden frame of the HMS Defiance, Defiant's almost namesake, sat at one end followed by a progression. The Phoenix Test Bed sat next to the NX-326 Franklin, in its pre-reft form. After that came the historic NX-01 Enterprise, a personal favorite of hers. The NCC-718 USS Biddeford came next before Defiant herself, showing the progression fo the Constitution-class's design. Defiant was the largest of the bunch, making up the center of the display wall.

Then there were the strange collection of vessels that represented all of her previous assignments. The Mayflower-Class USS Bradbury, the Cardenas-Class USS Cairo, the Walker-Class USS Zheng He.

On the walls around the room were various decorative images she'd amassed over the years. A high definition image of a planetary nebula. A dramatic photo of a neutron star, taken from the view of a ship approaching at warp speed. A sunset behind an exotic, snowcapped mountain range. There was not, however, a single picture of a person, family, friend, or otherwise.

The woman behind the desk stood in greeting. “You must be Lt. Burton.”

"That's right ma'am. Connor Burton, reporting for duty." He replied, grinning as he nodded to the models "Nice collection. Missing one or two but I like it."

Charlotte shrugged. "Its a work in progress. Had an old Daedalus class, but I dropped that one and broke the neck. Decided I'd wait to replace it." She gestured to the seats in front of her welcomingly. "How was your trip? I understand you had a very long journey," she said with a wry smile.

"Yorktown is a ways out." Connor agreed "Still, what kind of designer would I be if I didn't stay to look over my handiwork. Now that Enterprise has launched, I need to get the next refit prepped. I'll try not to be too invasive in the preparations."

"I must admit, your timing couldn't have been better. I was expecting the back up, but Enterprise was a very pleasant surprise. Seeing your handiwork up close, it really is a sight to behold," Charlotte said. "How long do you think the major preparations will take?"

"Hard to say until I've given the whole ship a once over." Connor replied "Could be a couple of months, could be a year, there are multiple possibilities if we're doing this right. In the meantime, I'm sure you've probably already been told this, I'm to serve as your chief engineer, make sure we can get as many system overhauls done without being stuck in drydock as possible."

"That sounds good to me," Charlotte replied. "I'm in favor of whatever plan keeps us moving. I'd really rather not be cooped up in Spacedock. And your credentials are more than a little impressive. We'll be glad to have you aboard. I guess my question is, what do you need from me?"

"Thank you, ma'am." Connor smirked "As for what I need, just for you to keep an open mind when I've got people tinkering. You saw Enterprise, she's a work of art. That doesn't happen without a lot of behind the scenes work."

"Of that, I have little doubt," she said with a nod. There was a lot of changes to be implemented if they were ever going to become that ship. Defiant was already impressive, but it would still be a long road. "Sounds like you'll be with us for a while then. Make sure to have the Quartermaster get you some comfortable arrangements. You'll want to settle in before we get back out there."

"Thanks. I need to get the models up." Connor remarked with a grin, nodding to the models Charlotte had "Not had my set out for a while."

Charlotte gave an amused tilt of her head. "You'll have to let me know once you've got them set up. I'll be curious to see which ones you've collected."

"Yes, ma'am." He grinned before turning and walking out of the room.


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