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Be it Ever so Humble Part 2

Posted on Mon May 20th, 2019 @ 9:21am by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Crew Quarters
Timeline: Three days after Be it Ever so Humble Part 1

Sitting on the floor outside of his quarters, Morgan tried to concentrate on the data slate. There were always more medical journals to read. It was hard enough to stay on top of the standard notifications, changes to procedure and the latest reports from StarFleet Medical.

The latter is what took up the majority of Morgan’s library hours. As the Federation expanded, new planets, organisms and species were met.

And with them, new diseases, sicknesses, and the like.

All of which meant that he spent, roughly, at least two hours a day keeping currant and dipping into subjects that interested him particularly. That was average.

He also had ear buds in, listening to Vulcan classical music: specifically Damanshu’s Fourteenth concerto, highlighting the Lyre against the San Fransisco Symphony. The music was soothing and interesting, keeping his mind focused on what he was doing without demanding attention.

Morgan was so lost in what he was doing, he was startled when a foot nudged him. Looking up, he saw the smiling face of Elder Marylyn Ravenhawk. Sliding his legs underneath himself, he used the wall to steady himself and stood, removing the ear buds at the same time. “Sorry about that, Mary.”

“No need, Mouse,” she said, smiling at him. She beckoned him to follow, leading him into his darkened quarters. “Lights,” he heard her say and slowly his quarters luminated, showing a flow of colors. The carpet had been dyed a rich brown, while the walls and ceiling shared shades of sage green and off white.

Shelves had been moved inline with the view ports and various potted herbs and greenery had been placed. Morgan could smell the soil he took another step in and looked around. There were accents of pine as well. “Thanks, Mary. I really appreciate all of this.

She shushed him and beckoned him to take a seat at the small table that sat near one of the ports and she asked. “How were your dreams last night. Any carryover from the sweat?”

Morgan shook his head at that. “No, I slept fine. It’s strange, changing spirit animals.”

Mary made a ticking noise then, “You know that the spirit’s are much more comfortable with change than we are. Change is scary..full of the unknowns. And you being aboard this ship is a great change for you. In many ways, it is not so hard to grasp that. Otter guided you for a long time.”

Then she grinned, “Perhaps he got tired and Shark lost a bet.”

Morgan chuckled at that. “Honestly, the first night I had that dream was after I broke up with Ann. I took it to have something to do with that.”

Mary thought about that and nodded, “A catalyst perhaps. A sign of the change. I never really liked her. She liked to keep a tight hold on you Mouse. No room to breathe with that one.”

Morgan could only nod, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the conversation. Mary pressed on though, “Sam told me you pushed her to it. Do you think that was wise?”

Twitching, Morgan said nothing at first, but finally answered. “It was…a considered decision. If I had just told her, she’d have thrown a crying fit and probably not left me alone until Defiant was far away from Earth.”

Then he laughed, “Honestly, I just decided to be more myself and that did it.” Mary nodded at him, a smile playing over her lips. She opened a compartment in the wall, revealing a tea service and poured them each a mug. “So, being yourself was the road to understanding you and Ann really didn’t fit together?”

“I know. And yes, when you look at it, it’s childish….” he trailed off and she nodded. “You’re getting older now Mouse. Time to put childish things away.”

He colored at that, embarrassed and knowing she was right. Morgan knew that. It was hard to face it, but he knew it. He met Mary’s eyes again and she smiled at him.

“If it helps, Sam is still a big kid. He’s just lucky I was able to house break him to tolerable levels.”

Sam and Mary Ravenhawk ran a Cree Indian museum and education center, their intention to help preserve the cultures and history of the tribe. Morgan’s ancestors had been of and embraced some of the old ways when they’d left earth to colonize Epiphany. When he’d come to earth to attend the Academy, he’d been welcomed by them and they had become family to him.

Morgan grinned at her and looked around the rooms. “It does look great in here, I can’t thank you enough.”

“Shut up Mouse, drink your tea and then we’ll go find some food. I hear there’s a new Junadian sushi place on the fifth level mezzanine,” Mary told him as she looked out the viewport at the station.


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