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Once More Unto the Breach

Posted on Sat Jun 15th, 2019 @ 12:12am by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant Commander Kenna Wolff & Lieutenant Commander Maralen Seitha & Lieutenant Elias Lindholm & Lieutenant Caroline Isley & Lieutenant JG Connor Burton & Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1 & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir V1 & Ensign Colby Pierce & Lieutenant Ian Acainus & Ensign Samaire MacBride

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: USS Defiant, Earth Orbit
Timeline: Launch Day

Defiant was buzzing with activity again, a sight that brought comfort to Captain Reynolds's mind. She'd enjoyed the brief respite on Earth, but after some of the recent events, she was glad to get back out there. As she exited her quarters, she made her way down the hall toward the turbolift. Her v-neck style uniform was pristine, perfectly ironed and without a blemish. The pants were creased. The boots were freshly polished. She wanted to look fully revitalized for their launch.

Entering the turbolift, she grabbed the control lever. "Bridge." A brief moment later, the lift reached the bridge with a smooth stop. As the doors opened, Charlotte stepped out onto the bridge, casually and confidently. She decided to forgo the usual formality of asking for a status report. "Good morning, everyone. How are we looking?"

"Helm reads green, Captain." Ensign McBride at Helm reported

Kenna inclined her head from Strat ops. "Green here too, Captain."

At the captain's appearance on the bridge, Maralen stood from her chair and stepped aside. "No incidents to report, Captain," he stated, moving back to his usual place behind the Operations console. Once he had taken over the board, he ran a final check. "Operations is green across the board, Captain," he reported.

Elias checked his inventory logs on his console. He then checked the deflector status and his weapon safeties. He had ordered a recalibration of the targeting sensors prior to the Defiant's departure. He ran a quick calibration check and was pleased that his orders had been carried out. He then turned to face the captain, "All torpedoes are stowed and secured, weapons are fully charged and ready, and deflectors are charged and standing by. All tactical systems are a go, Captain."

Caroline Isley looked up from the main science station, listening to the others report, and then added, "Science reports ready, Captain. All passive and active sensors check out."

Ian stood just behind the Captain looking out at the viewscreen, mentally preparing himself for whatever was about to happen to them.

Charlotte took her seat leisurely, flipping the Comms button. “All departments, this is the Captain. Check-in for launch prep status.”

With Lieutenant Lindholm on the bridge at tactical, Pierce was in the security office, going over reports.

Colby tapped the comm button on the desk. "Security a go, captain."

Sitting at his desk in Sick Bay, Morgan touched the comm controls and reported, "Sick Bay standing by, Captain."

Connor moved away from the console he was working at beside the warp core, tapping a comm panel on the wall.

"Engineering ready, Captain." He said before moving back to his console, going over the matter-antimatter reaction readouts.

With a smile, she settled into a more comfortable position. "Operations, retract docking clamps and umbilicals. Helm, once we're clear, reverse thrust and take us into exit trajectory. Comms, get us a clear path from Traffic Control."

Maralen nodded, though she would not see it, hands moving over his board with ease and swiftness. He was secretly pleased to see her so relaxed, especially after that whole business on Earth. A few moments passed, and he looked up. "We are clear, Captain." he reported.

"Reverse thrust." Samaire commented. She moved her hands quickly. "Exit vector set."

"Traffic control is signalling clear path up ahead and wishes us a safe journey," Thyra said pressing her earpiece and looking over her shoulder.

"Then I think it's time we get back out there," Charlotte said with a smile. "Ensign MacBride, take us out. Warp 6."

"Warp Six, Aye" Sam said and the ship leapt forward like an eager puppy on a leash, eager for the next adventure.


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