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You Scratched My Ship!?

Posted on Thu Dec 29th, 2016 @ 3:03am by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Summer Gallagher & Lieutenant Commander Bradley Hayes & Commander Gerald Holmes

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia
Location: Starboard Exit Portal, Outside Ship, Deflector Dish
Timeline: ?

Bradley enters his quarters and unloads tools into a bin. "Computer," he queries.

The computer bleeps in response.

"Go through the engineering logs, chronological order, warnings only," Bradley orders.

In its digitized female voice the computer begins...

"Warp core stabilizers experienced kinetic shift at 0504. No damage detected."

"Nice driving this morning, Turol," Bradley mutters under his breath and to himself. "Please keep the turbulence at a minimum during your morning flight control tests," he sent in a private communication.

"Sickbay: A 40 megajoule power drain occurred at 0702 hours this morning and continued for 412 minutes," the computer continued.

Bradley typed out a message on his PAD to the Doctor, "Your new laser enhanced surgical station is still not properly going into sleep mode.. Unless you were in surgery for 412 minutes this morning? Shall I look at it for you?"

"I did have a surgery, but not for that long. Let me check," Jerry replied before he got up from his desk to check the machine in question.

He asked the nurse posted nearby, "This machine has been actively drawing power for over 6.5 hours, most of which without a surgery and you never caught it?"

"Sorry Doctor," was her only reply.

"Starting tomorrow you're demoted to Beta Shift," Jerry typed some commands into it checking the settings. He ended up just shutting it down. Then went back to his desk to send Bradley another message that read, "It wouldn't hurt."

"Ship integrity dropped by %0.0045 percent," the computer continued.

"PAUSE!" Bradley almost shouted. "Explain," he barked at the computer.

"Cause unknown," the computer emotionlessly replied.

Bradley pressed the communicator, "Hayes to Operations, perform a level 1 hull scan, integrity dropped. Get back to me when you have the results."

Bradley closed the communication and started to address the computer again when the communicator beeped. Bradley, opened the channel, "Hayes here."

The Operations Duty Officer reported, "Chief, the scanners reveal hull damage at the main deflector dish immediately starboard of the dish. I'm sending you the exact location to your PAD. Any further orders?"

"No, thank you," Bradley replied.

Staring at his PAD and zooming into the damage it was clearly a light brush with another vessel of some sort. He rubbed his chin back and forth as he tried to recall any recent encounters that might have caused this.

"Hayes to the flight deck," Bradley opened the comm. "could you check the shuttles and look for hull damage?"

The Flight Deck Operations Officer immediately replied, "sir, we've already cataloged it. Shuttle 2 has a scar on the port side. When we saw it we tracked back through the logs, but couldn't find a log entry matching the time the shuttle was gone. It was gone yesterday at 1700 to 1752 but the log is just missing. I was about to send the message to the bridge when I saw it on rounds this morning. What do you want me to do?"

Bradley let out a deep sigh and added, "someone grazed the deflector dish starboard side during a training exercise, I imagine. But, to also delete the logs, covering up evidence?"

Bradley, paused a second to follow the if/then logic of Starfleet regulations, then ordered, "collect what you have on the matter and forward to Lieutenant Gallagher, copy the Commander as well."

Bradley closed that communication and opened another, "Hayes to Lieutenant Gallagher, I'm going to need a minute of your time."

Summer was in the middle of her reports when the call came in "Yes Hayes? What can I do for you?" she was hopping it would get her away from the paperwork.

"On my way to your office," Bradley replied, adding "Hayes OUT."

Bradley took the seat offered by Summer near her desk and started, "someone has taken a shuttle out for some reason and." Pausing for effect and raising an eyebrow he continued, "accidentally I'm sure, grazed the deflector dish."

"Flight Ops says the logs show the shuttle taken, but the 'who' has been redacted."

"I can't offer you any other evidence from an engineering perspective and everything can be repaired with some trouble. Speaking of that trouble I'll need you to authorize a team for a spacewalk to repair the damage and then readjust the dish properly."

"Given the risk and disequilibrium caused by a spacewalk it might be suitable punishment, in addition to whatever you prescribe, for our joy-rider when you are able to catch them. If it is a person in engineering then all well and good, but if not we can bring the person along for the extra manpower to carry the calibration equipment," Bradley concluded, satisfied he had communicated his ideas.

Summer listened carefully to the information. "Pick your team Mr Hayes. I am authorising it. And you can invesitigate it as much as needed."

Bradley typed a number of names and several notes in his PAD. "Please let me know the next time we are out of warp and I have 3 hours of work time outside the ship. This will be a space walk. Add anyone to the team you don't like. I grew up in space jumping between freighters but you're going to have to count the rest of the team down for the rest of the day from duty unless they have a significant zero-G background."

Bradley thanked the XO for her time and excused himself.

Summer sighed and went back to her paper work.

Lieutenant Summer Gallagher
Executive Officer
USS Defiant

Dr.(Lieutenant JG) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes
Chief Medical Officer/Second Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant JG Bradley Hayes
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Defiant


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