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Roommate time

Posted on Wed Jul 31st, 2019 @ 3:05pm by Ensign Claire Lafayette & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir V1

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Thyra and Claire's quarters
Timeline: Following "Follow Up Blues"

Thyra came home from her time at the lounge. She walked in to the quarters and pulled off her shoes before walking in to her bedroom. "Claire? Are you home?" She called out to her roommate. She dropped the hair clips on her bed and slipped out of her uniform and in to her pjs, which were a pink tank top and grey short. Walking out of her bedroom again on her bare feet. "You do not believe what happened to me," she said.

Claire emerged from her room, carrying a small work padd and a slightly cold cup of coffee. She'd dressed down substantially after getting off duty, wearing her hair tied back, a black t-shirt, and a pair of green capris. "Ooh, do tell!" she said settling onto the couch.

Thyra dropped on the couch in the common area as she put a bottle of another sweet cocktail on the table and two glasses. "Oh, you'll never believe it. I can hardly believe it myself. You know our Chief Doctor, right?" Thyra was kind of nervous, but excited at the same time. She never felt this way and she wanted to tell someone. And she felt, sharing a room with Claire, made her one of her best friends she had.

Claire set aside the padd she was reading and sat up a little straighter. "I do. Haven't met him, but I know of him," she said, intrigued and letting her eyes narrow a little.

"For one, I can tell you," Thyra continued, "That he is so handsome for a human male. I met him earlier today in sickbay for a physical. But to see him again in the lounge. He is very... I don't know." She poured her roommate a glass. "Want a drink?" She offered.

Claire chuckled a little. She could tell her friend was a bit smitten. "Sure," she said offering her class. "And go on. He is very..." she trailed off allowing the Andorian to continue.

Thyra poured her drink and took a sip from it. And then she thought a moment and then said, "I am trying to find words, I just don't know what happened. I am usually much more assertive. He seem to do something to me. And he...he....he kissed me." She fell back in the couch.

Claire made a little jump on the couch, landing herself in a way where she could sit forward more. "No way! Look at you, Thyra! Snagging the brand new doctor. Did you make any plans to see him again?"

"I think so," Thyra said, "He hinted at it. So I hope so, it's not like we settled a stardate to meet again." She grinned and continued, "But I feel great. I never felt like this, is this how it feels to be in love?"

Claire let out a laugh. She teased her roommate a little. "I think you it might be what it feels like to be in 'like'. Let's at least let the 'love' part wait until after your second date." She leaned back a little. "Speaking of which, got any plans for that? You thinking public or something a little more...private?"

Thyra hadn't thought about that. "I am thinking maybe more private, as we kissed in a public place and I think the ship is probably buzzing about it already. What would the captain think?" She thought a moment and then sat up straight. "Oh the captain, the commander, what do I do now?" She put her hands on her face.

Claire couldn’t help but laugh a little, though not at Thyra. “You’ll be fine. I’m sure it’s not the first instance of fraternization they’ve dealt with. I suppose, I should ask how far things progressed though. That will probably dictate if you need to let them know about it.”

Thyra couldn't help but blush. Her cheeks went two shades darker blue. "I may have left the lounge and joined him in his quarters. I am quite adapt now in the human anatomy. And specially what is referred to as a vascular response to stimuli. And I also found out that humans and andorians have a positive response to each other's body temperature."

“Oh my god, Thyra!” Claire said, laughing and tossing a pillow at her roommate. “You’re probably gonna start some rumors!”

Thyra caught the pillow, but couldn't stop it from hitting her face. She lay in her lap. "You think so?" She never been the topic of rumors. So she didn't know what it was like. Also rumors spread could either be negative or positive, it was hard to tell.

“Two officers disappear from the lounge together? And one of those is the handsome new doctor? Yeah, I think people will talk. You’re lucky it hadn’t already spread. I wouldn’t be worried though. It’s not exactly a bad rumor.”

"Oh," Thyra said, "That's good. It's not weird right? You know, him being a doctor? You know..." She didn't know what to say here. She really liked the doctor, but she didn't want to get him in trouble.

"I'm sure it's fine," Claire said, giving her a reassuring smile. She was sure it wouldn't cause issues. Shipboard romances were far from unheard of. "If you're really worried about it then tell the Captain or the XO. That way you can operate on the up and up."

Thyra nodded. "I may just do that. I am just not sure about the XO. We haven't talked much, even though he is my direct superior. But he seems a little...I don't know....what is the word here?"

Claire wasn’t really sure what word Thyra was reaching for. She also hadn’t spent very much time with the man. “Strict? Distant?” She tried, seeing if any would fit. “...fuzzy?”

"Well, fuzzy does suits him," Thyra said giggling. "I was more thinking of strict and distant, yes. I just have to talk to him. He is my direct superior any ways. I never really was afraid for someone, let alone a superior. He gives off this vibe, I don't know. Maybe I am just being silly."

Claire held back another laugh, before pulling herself back. "I'm sure it'll be fine. Just talk to him about."

"You are right," Thyra said. "Tomorrow I will walk right up to his office and just talk to him. I am the communications chief, I should be able to talk to my Superior, right?"

"Exactly! You're great at communicating!" Claire said, giving her roommate a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Now...I want to hear more about your night." She put on a mischievous smile.

Thyra smiled, "Alright!"


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