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Meeting the strange man

Posted on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 @ 10:35pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Ensign Samaire MacBride

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Typhon’s Tower
Timeline: Unclear

Skylah was quiet as she walked into a large room. She paused and looked around. The now 5 year old spotted a tall figure off to one side. She wandered over and tugged on the man's clothing. "Excuse me?" she asked politely.

Typhon seemed to be staring absently at the landscape before him. The Defiant crew were taking longer than he expected to stumble upon his little puzzles. He wondered if he needed to...speed things along a little. He was getting vaguely bored. It took almost a dozen little tugs on his robe before he seemed to come from his stupor, signs of life returning to his towering form. He looked down at the girl, his face shifting slowly between features as it continuously did.

He bent his knees lowering him from his nearly 7 feet of height down to her level. "Ah. The small one approaches. Tell me, child. What has brought you to me?"

"I wanted to meet you." She said boldly. "You are hosting us, my aunt says we should be nice to people who host us."

"Your aunt sounds like a wise woman," he said with a soft laugh. The man looked over the small girl as if assessing her. He looked out over the landscape. "Is your aunt one of the ones out there?"

Skylah nodded. "She isn't in here with everyone else. I think she is out there." She moved to look at the different views. "Is...she safe?"

His brow furrowed at the question. "Safe. What an interesting term. What makes someone safe? Are you safe, hidden inside the walls of this mighty fortress? Is the farmer who stays home to avoid war safe? Safety is an illusion, created by the mind to make the reality of the world easier to deal with. Safe isn't real. But will she be harmed? If she is intelligent, she will probably survive. My goal isn't extermination. I know that is not the answer you want, child, but that is the answer I have for you."

She studied him and after a moment's through she said. "What is your goal? Can I help you with it?"

Typhon assessed the girl again. “Perhaps. I have a few goals here. But you may be able to help me with one of them. Your captain has a piece of information I need. I’ve tried to get her to...’tell’ me. But she won’t share so far. But I wonder if she might be more willing to tell you...”

She rolled her eyes. "I am 5, not stupid and the captain doesn't talk to me. I am a kid." She crossed her arms and studied him. "Do you have special powers?"

"I have many special powers," Typhon said, flourishing his hand and causing the decor of the room to change a bit. A few austere displays of spears and coats of arms were replaced by plants and paintings. "This entire world is my creation. I shape it, populate it, or snuff it out if I want."

"Wow that is cool." Skylah smiled brightly at him. "If you have such cool powers, why can't you make the captain see you as someone else?"

Typhon's eyebrows raised at the comment. "Well...I suppose that'd be an interesting idea, now wouldn't it."


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