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Running For It (Part 4A)

Posted on Tue Dec 20th, 2016 @ 3:08pm by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Bradley Hayes & Lieutenant Caroline Isley & Vimir
Edited on on Mon Apr 17th, 2017 @ 7:43am

Mission: Episode 1: Hellbores and Hieroglyphics
Location: Eta Dosi III
Timeline: Following "Negotiations" and "Choices"

The smoke was still clearing as Lt. Gallagher, Ensign Harper, and the elderly Vimir barreled through the opening. They turned and began to run up the length of the canal, headed back toward the location of the shuttle. From behind them, they could hear that the Hydrans were rushing toward the exit as well. It would only be moments before they were coming through the opening themselves. The away team was left out in the open, with little cover to run to. A ways up the slope, Lt. Isley was waiting to help them get back to the shuttle.

Summer made sure she kept a firm grip on Ana and Vimir once they hit the slope, pushing them ahead of her, wishing she had her weapons with her, she would then have been able to fire back and give them cover. "Harper, get Vimir to the others."She ordered as she pushed them ahead.

"Yes Lieutenant " Anastasia said as she grabbed Vimir's arm and lead him to Caroline and Bradley

Caroline Isley was distracted by the smoke and almost missed the rest of the away team running toward her. With a few blinks she finally started and then noticed they were being pursued. With a curse under her breath that she was once again in a combat situation (although this one was real and not a drill) she raised her hand phaser and began to fire a few shots at the pursuing aliens. Her aim wasn't great so she went with just warning shots.

When Gallagher got closer, Isley motioned to her and then threw her the hand phaser. "I think you'll be a bit more effective with this than me," she said with no false modesty.

Summer caught the weapon easily and pivoted on her right leg and as she brought the phaser to bear began to fire. She aimed for their feet first, sending them scattering, but there were some were more stubborn and continued. So Summer changed her aim to their chests. She would protect her crew with everything. Several fell and then they were more cautious. Summer continued to back up the hill. "Isley, you and Harper get to the shuttle with our guest." She called out as she continued to lay down a mix of cover fire and death.

The science officer didn't need to be told twice, motioning to Ensign Harper to follow her, she turned and ran toward the shuttlepod, hoping that Hayes's repairs had been successful.

Anastasia took Vimir and she, Caroline and Vimir went inside the shuttlepod.

Summer barreled in a few moments later. She slumped against the wall near the hatch and continued to fire shots out.

With everyone aboard and accounted for, Bradley motioned for the last one in to close the door. "Belt In!" Bradley shouted as he manuevered the controls to begin launch, "I'm neither a good pilot, nor is this a vessel built for comfort!"

Summer sealed the hatch and took a seat.

The craft jerked and sputtered as an aged warp core was brought back to life. A sound many had never heard.

"Leaving the ground is one thing... Orbit is another," Bradley muttered under his breath.

Aboard the old shuttlepod, Lt. Hayes's communicator chirped loudly.

"Hayes here," Bradley answered hurriedly.

The voice of Commander James emitted through the speaker. "Lt. Hayes, glad to hear you're alright. Are the rest of the landing party with you?"

"We've only just launched, you may begin to see us on sensors as we leave the atmosphere. Everyone is accounted for, plus one passenger," Hayes reported.

"Good work, Lieutenant. I want you to make a break for orbit. The Defiant is headed your way at maximum warp. We're only a few minutes away. I want to bring you all aboard quickly, though. We can't be sure a Hydran ship isn't trying to intercept us."

After a few nauseating tumbles through turbulence the craft broke orbit as sweat broke on Bradley's forehead.

While Bradley's stomach has always taken these types of take offs and landings since a child, others were not so well acclimated. After attaining orbit, he turned to assess his passengers.

The new member of the group, an obviously aged Vulcan had a nasty gash on his head and his eyes were rolling around a bit as if he was trying to focus.

"Umm.. MEDIC!?" Bradley queried the group.

After narrowly avoiding throwing up all over neighbor, Isley noted the Vulcan's head injury. Caroline rolled her eyes as she realized that a doctor should probably be a member of every away team. "I'll take care of it," she said, as she pushed a button on a panel near her and pulled out a first aid kit. She wasn't an expert, but she did know how to use the kit to close a gash. Struggling to get to her feet, she looked at the old Vulcan and said, "Just try to stay awake." Using a small dermal regenerator she managed to close the wound.

"You should be, um, fine," the blonde said. There wasn't any more green blood flowing from the wound, but Caroline had no idea how serious his injuries were.

Anastasia felt woozy and made it to her seat and puts her head between her knees and breath. "I have never felt this bad before Anastasia said

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Summer Gallagher
Executive Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Anastasia Harper
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant JG Bradley Hayes
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Caroline Isley
Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant


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