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Frigid Landings

Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2019 @ 1:21pm by Ensign Claire Lafayette & Lieutenant Commander Nathan Bishop & Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1 & Ensign Colby Pierce & Ensign Orin Saar & Lieutenant JG Samuel Kincaid

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Icy Mountain, Typhon's Creation
Timeline: A Short While After "A Lukewarm Welcome"

Out of the darkness, sensation suddenly returned. The rushing wind was the first thing that hit their ears. A brief glimpse of moonlight and a black night sky with pinprick stars piercing the darkness. And then a rush of grey clouds. As if from nothing, the landscape opened up beneath them. Several dozen meters below, was the snow coated bluff of a towering mountain. Coming toward them. Quickly.

The rush of air on his face brought Nathan awake with a start. "What the hell?!" He croaked, How did he end up here? He tried to remember what he had been doing on the ship and was dismayed that he couldn't. He was passing through some clouds and saw with a large amount of alarm a snow covered bluff rising up to meet him. "Oh shi,,,,,,,,!" Was all he managed to get out as he twisted his body to take the brunt of the impact before slamming into the snow with a thud.

Not long after Nathan had made contact, a piercing scream filled the air as Niamh made her own journey to the ground. In a split second the woman had gone from completing a report in her office to plummeting towards blindness and sharp coldness. Needless to say, she was shocked.

"Jesus wept!" she screamed as she covered her face. Fully expecting to die, Niamh struggled to contain a sob of relief when she realised she was wrong. Her body ached as she scrambled to her feet, her face bewildered.

Nathan moved quickly to Niamh, "Hold still. Are you alright. You hit the ground pretty hard." He told her as he kneeled beside her. "Any idea where we are or where we might be?" He asked.

"None," Niamh said once she'd composed herself, "I was in my office, the last thing I knew the Defiant was in transit towards a distress call" she explained as she surveyed her surroundings, "What about you?".

Nathan looked around and saw nothing but bleak, frozen nothingness. He then shifted his attention back to Niamh. "Sore from the landing if you can call it that but no broken bones. Just wondering how we got into these survival suits. Not that I'm complaining."

Niamh patted her clothing down, she'd never worn the survival suits before, even on Arcadia she had her duty uniform on, "I honestly haven't got a clue, but based on my experience we weren't asleep. We must have been transpor" something just past Nathans head in the sky.

The sound of the wind whipping past him didn't seem to phase Orin for a moment. It seemed to be a nice freeing feeling. Something about weightlessness had always been a good thing to him. It usually meant he was about to wake up from the dream. The problem this time, is when he opened his eyes, he figured very quickly that this was no dream. His eyes widened as the ground was starting to come faster and faster. "Faelirh ch'susse-thrai," was what he could muster before he smashed into the ground, not too far from the others. Orin had enough energy to roll himself onto his back as the air had rushed from his lungs, and for a moment he just laid there, staring at the sky as he tried to figure out what in the hell had just happened.

With a look of disbelief Niamh stumbled through the snow towards Orin, "Are you okay?" She asked as she reached him.

Nathan was right behind her, He reached a hand down for Orin to grab. "Are you alright? And has far as what happened, that is the million credit question."

Orin looked up between Niamh and Nathan for a moment, trying to get the air back in his lungs. Once the initial shock and awe and gone away, he nodded as he grabbed Nathan's hand. "Aye, I'm ok. Just not expecting a snow bath today," he quipped.

Waking up falling from the sky in sub-zero temperatures was one hell of a way to do it. Sam came to just as he plunged into the cloud layer, and was thankful for the survival suit to keep him at least a bit more warm and dry, but he still had no idea what the hell was going on, or how he had gotten into this situation at all. He didn't have long to ponder it, however, as he broke through the cloud layer and saw the mountainside rushing towards him. He had just enough time to realize he wasn't going to be alone before he slammed into the snow hard enough to knock the wind out of him. With a groan he lay there for a few moments and then struggled to sit up as his ability to breathe returned. He was just struggling to his knees when he saw the others moving towards him.

"I think we have another friend," Orin chimed in as he watched Sam take the spill. "You ok?" he asked

Sam took a few moments before answering the other person's question, and then nodded as he stood up, grunting and groaning as he did so at the various aches and pains from the impact. "I don't think anything is broken, at least. Are the rest of you alright?", he asked.

A frigid wind whipped up the side of the mountain, sending a wave of small snow particles past them. It was impossibly frigid here. However, from their place on the mountain peak they could see down into the valleys below. It was nighttime, but the dense canopy of tree covers reflected the moon's light as a breeze rustled through them. Suddenly, streaking out of the sky, a blur of light shot out of the clouds and made landfall among the trees. Its point of origin seemed to be a small reflective object in high orbit.

Orin, watching the streak of light, stopped for a moment to fully watch it, taking notes of where it landed. "What was that?" he asked to everyone, or anyone for that matter.

Sam took his tricorder and began gathering data, after a few seconds time had passed he looked up with an annoyed look. "If I'd had it scanning as whatever that was passed over us I might have been able to tell you, but I can't get any useful readings...", he said, letting his voice trail off.

"Alright." Bishop said. "We can't stay here. We need to find shelter to get out of this wind. Then we can try to get our bearings as to where we are." He looked around, "We'll go this way." He said pointing down the mountain. "And hope we can find a cave."

"Agreed, sir. We won't last long up here in the cold. I'll keep a constant scan going to try to help us find shelter. The snow is causing some interference, but I still should be able to make something out once we get close enough.", Sam replied, reactivating his tricorder and setting it to geological mode.

Niamh hugged herself to try and maintain her body temperature as the pair had discussed. Survival suits were brilliant but they weren't designed for prolonged usage, eventually they wouldn't be enough to beat the freeze back. "Good plan," Niamh said as she began walking, "we need to keep our eyes peeled. Not only is the snow disorientating, it's very good at hiding dangers" Niamh warned.


The trio had been walking from the train, on their way back toward the cave they'd discovered earlier. The wind was picking up, kicking snow dust into their faces and making the trip a bit more precarious than it had been the first time. The biting cold was really starting to get to them.

That made the fact that Claire stopped dead in her tracks surprising to even herself. "Hey, do you two see that?" She pointed with a shaking hand off toward the side of the mountain. A slight way down the slope and several hundred meters away were what appeared to be the forms of four people, struggling in the snow.

Colby shielded his eyes against the blowing snow, but he managed to catch a glimpse of the four individuals. "I see them." Colby turned to the commander, "Request permission to go after them, commander."

Claire hurriedly grabbed his arm to prevent him from storming off to go hunting. She held up the tricorder readings for him to consult. "I don't think that will be necessary. Those people over there? They're our crew mates."


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