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JP- Kenna And Nathan

Posted on Sat Aug 17th, 2019 @ 8:05pm by Lieutenant Commander Nathan Bishop & Lieutenant Commander Kenna Wolff

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Deck 7

Deck 7 was the perfect place to run, Kenna knew. It was the perfect distance from end to end and she often did two laps of it before shift.

Dressed in her oldest pair of track pants and a sports top, She ran at a steady pace around deck 7 at 04h00.

Nathan stepped out of the turbolift and spotted Kenna running. He had asked the computer for her location. He had on a t-shirt and jogging
pants. He waited as she got close before falling into place beside her. "Commander Wolff? I hope you don't me intruding on your running. I know
how relaxing and meditating they can be. They perfect way to clear your head. I'm Commander Bishop by the way."

Kenna had heard about the new officer by crew gossip. "Commander. I had heard that you have taken over the security department. What can I help you with this morning?"

"Nothing actually. I just wanted come by and introduce myself. This seemed liked the best way. Just the two of us in a casual and informal atmosphere. I hope you don't have an issue with it."

She considered it as they ran."No, its ok." She said making the choice not to be annoyed. "Welcome to the Defiant as well."

He nodded as they ran. "Thank you for the welcome as well." He ran alongside her in silence for a bit before speaking again. "Is my presence here a problem?"

"No, should it be?" Kenna asked as they ran.

He didn't answer immediately and when he did it was thoughtful. "Well, I'm sure my reputation has preceded me as well as why I'm here." He turned his head to look at her, "I'm just here to my job the best way I can and not make any waves."

Kenna pulled up and stopped in place. "Commander, if i may be frank. The captain chose you for this ship. She wouldn't have if she believed anything bad would happen. I am fine with you being here, in fact it will be nice to see security actually doing their job rather than posing and showing off their biceps."

Nathan listened as Kenna spoke. When she finished he replied, "I hope you are always frank and open with me Commander. I can assure you security will do their job and not be showing off their biceps. Thank you for your honesty. It is most refreshing."

She inclined her head. "Good luck with that by the way" she said as they started to run again.

He looked at her as she ran off. He sighed shook his head and ran after, catching up to her. "Do you mind if I run with you? I won't talk." He told her.

"Sure." Kenna said. "I have another lap to go."

He nodded and fell in alongside her as they ran together. It was the first time since the Arizona disaster Nathan had run and Kenna unknowingly had given his confidence a boost by agreeing to his running with her.


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