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Leaving Eta Dosi III (Part 4B)

Posted on Fri Dec 30th, 2016 @ 1:12am by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Bradley Hayes & Commander Gerald Holmes & Lieutenant Caroline Isley & Lieutenant Surovec & Ensign Brian Davenport & Ensign Kaln Thiriv & Ensign Turol & Vimir
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Mission: Episode 1: Hellbores and Hieroglyphics
Location: USS Defiant, Eta Dosi System
Timeline: Following "Running for It"

The USS Defiant was moments away from dropping out of warp in the Eta Dosi System. Commander Christopher James closed the communication line with the shuttle and stood up quickly. "Alright everyone, we need to pick up the shuttle quickly. I don't want to hang around longer than we have to."

He turned toward his second officer. "Jerry, the old Vulcan who they met in the village is injured and in need of immediate medical attention. You and I will head down to the shuttlebay to meet them. Have a med team meet us there."

"Will do," Jerry replied as he followed Chris to the turbolift. He pulled his communicator out of his pocket, "Jerry to Sickbay, have a Medical Team report to me in the shuttlebay. STAT."

"Understood Doctor. A team has been dispatched," came the reply.

As Chris and Jerry entered the turbolift, the Commander addressed his bridge crew. Keep performing sensor sweeps looking for Hydran vessels headed our way. "Ensign Surovec, you have the conn."

The ancient shuttle pod all but creaked as it entered the shuttle bay and touched down like an old woman sitting down in a chair. With creaks and groans.

As the shuttlepod touched down inside the bay, a team of medical staff ran up to the craft and began to treat and unload the elderly Vulcan.

"My God, this man needs to be in a museum," Jerry commented out loud having never seen a Vulcan so old before, although he had heard that their life expectancy was about a couple of centuries. He grabbed a medical tricorder from one of his staff members and began scanning the elderly Vulcan, "Besides a bad gash on his head, he's not in that terrible of a shape given the circumstances. I'd like to look at this work on his severed arm. Give it a good ol' 23rd Century tune-up. The work on it was decent, if not primitive. I should also give him a well overdue physical and look him over for anything else."

"Get him to sickbay. We'll set a course for Starbase Arcadia as soon as we're back to the bridge." Chris turned to face his XO. "Looks like you guys had a rough time down there. Everyone alright?"

"We are alive" Summer said as she straightened her uniform. "Some of us are worse off than others. Vimir has lived among these people for a while. He has a fair amount of intelligence.

"I am better than I could be, sir," Anastasia said.

Jerry and the medical staff took the elderly Vulcan to sickbay to get him treated.

While the Captain was away, Brian was watching his sensors for any signs of pursuit by the Hydrans hoping they would know when to quit when his fears were confirmed, "Ensign Surovec, I am reading 2 to 3 Hydran carriers on an intercept course for the Defiant - but I'm unable to tell if their weapons are charged or shields up. By my estimate we have approximately 3 minutes until they're in weapons range."

"Red Alert!" Surovec's response to her own Red Alert, was a mix of Tellarite and Norse cursing. She opened a channel to the captain.

"James, here. I take it our Hydran friends have caught up?"

"Indeed sir. We have company arriving in about..." she paused and reviewed her screen " about a few minutes. Unknown, if they're delivering pizza or not. I'm gathering they're on silent running, captain" The Ops chief gave a joke to help lighten the mood

As the Red Alert klaxon echoed through the shuttlebay, the crew knew that they had one more hurdle to jump before they could get out of here.

"Alright everyone, we have incoming. As long as you're all fit for duty, I need you at your stations. Lt. Hayes, Doctor. You two should get to your departments. Everyone else, with me."

Anastasia heard the klaxon go off. "Great, what now?" Anastasia asked

The crew got in their separate lifts and rocketed off toward their separate locations.

Chris and the others exited the lift onto the bridge. He strode over to his chair and decided to stand in front of it. "Status report."

Surovec update on the ships, was a little grim as she looked over her shoulder to the captain. "Probably a minute or two, give or take, captain. Damn, they've increased speed. I guess they want to deliver our meal on time"

The Commander nodded. "Understood. How many more uses do we have out of those flak launchers."

Brian responded, "Captain, we only have a few rounds left for each flak launcher. We wouldn't have enough to take on three Hydran carriers."

Chris was worried about that. The new launchers were only a temporary solution to the fighter problem. "We'll need to make them count then." Fighting their way out might not be a complete solution. "Did you learn anything potetially useful about the Hydrans while you were down there?"

"They thought that we were attacking them, sir," Anastasia said.

"Correction they thought we were invading them." Summer replied as she moved to her seat. "They are a violently inclined race who rule their domain with an iron fist."

"Ah," Chris said. Suddenly, things made a lot more sense. "Well, that explains quite a bit. Defiant isn't equipped to take on an empire. Maybe we could get through to them and explain why we're really here."

The Hydran vessels dropped out of warp and almost immediately began launching fighters. Even as the Defiant began to target the smaller craft, the Hydran vessels fired off a pair of Hellbore blasts.

Surovec gripped her console as the ship rocked. Her hands danced across her panel to readjust the targeting control for tactical, plus sending repair teams and fire out to start repairs. "Minor damage aft and starboard side. A fire is detected on deck 4, captain. Fire team has been sent. Minor damage to starboard shield emitter."

Chris opened a comm to engineering. "Lt. Hayes, I need emergency power to the starboard shield emitter. If that goes down, we're in trouble."

"On it, commander," Bradley replied as he typed in the command to reroute power. Bradley accessed reserve power and attached it to the shield emitters on the starboard side. "You have it."

"Captain, at this range, if the Hydrans were Tom Cruise in Top Gun buzzing the air traffic control tower with his jet plane and we fired everything at them, with they're shields up. It would have a worse effect on us, like a Ninja that Chuck Norris round house kicked in the fa...." she paused when an flashing red light when one of the Hydran's shields dropped "...Ion venting on Ship Bravo..." she was near the tactical station went it burst into sparks knock the officer away from they're station.

For a moment, Chris and several of the bridge staff stared at Surovec a bit confused by all of the references she had just made. The confusion passed quickly though. The eruption of sparks from the Tactical console brought them back to the moment.

Chris checked on Ensign Thiriv. He was fine, but had been knocked unconscious. "Get him to sickbay," Chris said to one of the bridge crewman. As the young crewman carried the injured Andorian away, Chris turned back to the task at hand. This battle was going poorly and they needed another way out.

Surovec left her station and went to the tactical. She was luckily that it only blew a few switches and she target the Ship Bravo. The phaser and torpedo barrage knocked a few of the Hydran's weapons offline, but this ship had superior armoring to the last one. It was still very much in the fight.

Chris held on tight to the arms of his chair as the ship rocked from yet another hellbore blast. "Isley, Davenport. I need you to create an ion pulse with the deflector dish. It'll force the Hydran ship to lower their shields. Ensign Harper, the second they knock out the shields, I want you to start hailing both ships. If we can get them talking, we might be able to get us out of here in one piece."

Summer turned back to her console ignoring the rest as she began to run scans on the ships incoming. "Sir, Suggest we fall back and call for reinforcements." She winced as she brought up the nearest ships. "There are not many of our ships out this far but we could perhaps get a few here within the next 3 hours or so."

Chris grimaced a bit at Summer's advice. She wasn't wrong. If this ion pulse failed... "Turol, plot a course to Starbase Arcadia and prepare to go to warp. If this fails, or even if it succeeds, I want to get the hell out of here. Ensign Harper, start hailing now."

"Hydran ship, this is Ensign Harper of the USS Defiant, respond please" Anastasia said into the com console trying to hail the Hydran ship.

As Brian worked his fingers across his controls to set off the ion pulse, he realized that he was working faster than he had ever done before. Then it came to him, he realized the reason for this was that he had never been in a life or death situation until today - and this was the second time in less than an hour. He completed his task and said, "Captain, the ion pulse was successful and the shields of the Hydran vessels are down."

By the the time Caroline arrived to the bridge, Davenport had already finished the ion pulse. She didn't relieve him in the middle of the crisis and instead sat down at a secondary station and began running her own analysis. The ensign had done well. "Confirmed. Well done, ensign," she said, almost under her breath.

"That's our cue. Ensign Surovec, fire a few shots to disable their engines. Turol, the moment we've done that, take us to Warp 6."

The Defiant fired a quick burst of phaser fire, knocking the Hydran nacelles offline, then immediately turned and shot to warp. The third Hydran vessel arrived barely a moment later to find to disabled vessels and no trace of their attacker.

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Summer Gallagher
Execuitive Officer
USS Defiant

Dr.(Lieutenant JG) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes
Chief Medical Officer/Second Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Caroline Isley
Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Bradley Hayes
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Anastasia Harper
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Surovec
Chief Operations Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Brian Davenport
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant


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