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A Bit of a Fixer Upper

Posted on Mon Sep 16th, 2019 @ 3:07pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant Caroline Isley & Lieutenant JG Connor Burton & Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1 & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir V1 & Lieutenant JG Samuel Kincaid

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Mountain, Typhon's Creation
Timeline: Following Campfire Meeting

The frigid air whipped around the outside of the metallic train cars, whistling as it went by. Charlotte was glad to be inside again. It wasn't exactly warm in here, but without the exposure to the open wind, they were at least a little more comfortable. It had been surprisingly easy to find, being the only non-rock landmark on the snowy mountain top.

As the Doctor and Thyra settled in, she turned toward her other companions. "Mr. Burton, any chance you could use that mobile power supply to get the heating in here running? I think our work will go a lot more smoothly if we're not all shaking violently from the cold."

"Give me fifteen minutes." Connor nodded "That's a clever exaggeration. You'll know when I'm done."

“I’ll let you get to work then,” Charlotte replied. “And Lt. Isley, if you need any help checking the reliability of the power systems, we’re at your disposal.”

Isley nodded. She didn't think she would need any assistance and she knew everyone else was busy. "I think I can handle it, captain, but I will let you know." She configured her tricorder and got to work.

Morgan tried not to shiver and kept himself moving. He'd handed his suit's coat over the scantily clad woman...Cecile was her name...the Captain had found, though he'd sold it by keeping the gloves and balaclava that were tucked in it. The latter, he wore bunched around his neck. Now that Thyra looked some better, he was taking more of an interest in their surroundings and wondered aloud, "A train. Seems an odd thing, though even gods must play. I remember reading that toy train sets were all the rage with pre-pubescent earth males of a certain culture. I wonder if that resembles this..."

Thyra looked around as well. She could feel her strength com back in the lower temperatures than where she was earlier. She drank some more water. Even though it wasn't so warm anymore, she was still a bit dehydrated. She noticed Morgan trying to stay warm, while she was trying to cool down. She reached out her hand and took his.

The Andorian's move surprised him and he pulled her hand up to kiss it. "I am glad you're feeling better, Thyra," he told her. "I do recommend the close personal care of your chosen physician for the next while and several follow on check-ups over the next few months though." He bit back another shiver as it wracked him and he could tell he was bordering on hypothermia. They all needed activity and there were steps they could take to minimize their exposure. Well, all those who it was a danger to

Catching the Captain's eye, he said "Captain, I recommend setting up a heating station someplace for crew to rotate through to warm up as needed. Thyra seems to be getting better, but she should limit her activity to shorter periods." Maybe use a phaser to heat up something up for the short term?"

“I’ll see to it,” the captain replied with a nod. “And I’ll get someone to gather some water for her too.”

Thyra reached up for some kind of edge and pulled herself up and gently put her arms around Morgan. She wasn't sure if it would work. She was high with fever now, and she just felt an urge to be close to him. She couldn't bare to see him shiver, even if he tried to hide it so badly. She hoped she didn't make him shiver more.

Morgan slipped his arm around Thyra's shoulder and held her, a familiar warmth filling him unexpectedly and he half chuckled. He stroked her hair carefully, avoiding the injured antenna and said, "Well. You were talking about taking me home to meet the folks. I suppose this is fair training for that."

Thyra laughed softly, "Inside it's warmer than this, I can assure you. Our houses are perfectly warmed. I think you wouldn't shiver in our house. The food and drinks are also warming." She smiled.

The doctor nodded, "Well that's a relief. I had visions of arriving and having to be chipped free when it was time to leave. Although, it would keep the booze nicely chilled," he paused then said, "And then there are the occupants to consider. A reception to the lovely Thyra's friend who sometimes plays doctor might be a tad on the chilly side from them.."

Thyra looked to him and then laughed, "Oh no, my family is really nice. My family's hospitality is well known in the area. My parents will love you, all four of them. Both my mothers keep asking me if I met someone in starfleet. I can finally tell them I have. And you're a doctor on a starship." She was so excited she almost talked with a squeaky voice.

Morgan smiled at her excitement then commented, "Ahh, but a Chief Communication's specialist must be ever so much more exciting. Surely that will be the main source of pride, while a human doctor will be a mere curiosity." His tone was teasing and he watched her face intently, hoping to see how she was truly feeling after her injury.

With Burton's power supply now funneling power into the system, heat began to flow throughout the craft. Charlotte approached a rather frigid looking CeCile, who had holed up next to one of the heating vents. Lieutenant Kincaid wasn't far off. "There, you should be a bit less of a popsicle now. Sorry it took so long. This train's systems aren't being entirely cooperative."

Her teeth chattering less so than they were, Cecile glanced up at Charlotte and smiled. "Goo..good to know, Char...Charlotte. It's something to...know that old Typhoid obviously plan on us getting" She pulled at the tatters of her dress and grinned, "Th...though I can pro..probably sell this lo...look to an Orion I..kne....know."

The Captain gave a sympathetic look. "Sorry for subjecting you to this climate. I should have had Maralen call down his pod. Or at least had you hold on to my dress. Though, if you'd listened to me while we were back at camp and gone with Maralen, you could have stayed in the jungle where it was nice and comfortable."

The brunette half snorted, her teeth still chattering and she shook her head. "I'd ra-rather deal with temperature than temperamental. This too shall p-pass. You'll turn the he-heat on soon yeah? Or...thi-think of some nth-other way to warm me up?" She had her knees drawn up and rested her head upon them as she tried to keep her core warm. "Hot chocolate and a fire wou-would be about right."

"The heat actually is already running," Charlotte said as gave her a slightly concerned look. She reseted the back of her hand against CeCile's forehead. It was frigid, but she honestly wasn't sure what kind of information she expected. She was no doctor. "As for the hot chocolate, I'll have to owe you one when we get back to Defiant."

She removed her own jacket, and draped it over Cecile's frigid legs. "Here, I'll be alright until this train heats up to a real temperature. You could probably use a bit more warmth. And I'll have the Doc swing by and check on you in a few minutes."

Cecile smiled gratefully at Charlotte for the contribution to her warmth. At the mention of Defiant's doctor, she glanced to where he was comforting the wounded Andorian and shook her head. "Than..thanks so much for the coat. I think the cold se..set in. I do thin..think they have the better idea for... Well I'm not sure if she's trying to warm him up or if he's trying to keep her ill.. Still, it's not a bad idea given all this. You've been at it for a while. Sit and stay warm with me?"

She glanced over her shoulder at the other officers milling about the train. She wasn't sure she felt comfortable with that in front of the crew. For some reason, it was fine for others to display affection. But..."Ah, what the hell," she said, plopping down next to Cecile. "Train's not moving until the other parts get here, and I'm doing no good by hovering."

"A true showing of good judgement," Cecile congratulated her, teasingly. "It doesn't hurt your crew to see you're a standard sentient who knows there's nothing wrong in taking a break when you can. And, since I'm a guest, it's only fitting you extend hospitality," the brunette winked. "So Charlotte, do your friends call you Char when opportunity presents itself?"

"It tends to be Charley most times," the captain replied as she settled in a little. "Though honestly, only our tactical chief uses it these days. We served together on a previous ship. He knew me in a time when I was social member of the crew and not the intimidating goliath I now am." She poked a little fun at the isolating effects command could have.

Cecile nodded in understanding, "Keeping up the comportment and distance required gets hard. Though I have more luxury in picking a crew than you might have." She smiled, "Anyone that's too irritating I don't have to put up with more than a few months before giving them the boot. So the next question is, what do you like to be called. Obviously Captain or a variable there-of in public. What about in private? Say a nice beach side resort, or a frozen box car. The two are remarkably similar," she finished dryly.

"You can call me Charley," the blonde replied, an amused look on her face. "I do feel like I should point something out though. The attire for frozen box cars and beaches is a little different. You know, for next time."

Giving the blonde an arch look, Cecile met her eyes, her lashes fluttering "Why Charley. I do know when clothing is optional and when it isn't. " She gave a slight, mischievous smile to the Defiant's Captain, "I much prefer less to more."

“I’d gotten that idea,” Charlotte replied, shaking her head.

Extracting himself from the self-imposed isolation he'd chosen when they arrived, and closing his tricorder, Sam approached the two woman. "I'm sorry to interrupt, Captain, but I just finished reviewing my tricorder scans over the last while. I noticed something that I thought you might want to know. As big, and complex as this little playground Typhon has created is, have you noticed the one things he doesn't seem to have created?", he asked.

The captain pursed her lips in thought. "I'm not sure, Lieutenant. I have to admit, I haven't necessarily been the most observant the last few da-...hours. What have you noticed?"

"Well, here's the thing. This little creation of his seems to be incredibly complex. There are varied ecosystems, sometimes even extremely varied, all in very close proximity, there is an abundance of life, there's even evidence of advanced technology, such as this train. However... there is no intelligent life. There's actually no animal life at all. Nothing above a plant. I'm not even reading any insects, and I haven't done since we arrived.", he said, looking perplexed.

"I assume you mean other than the giant spiders I saw last night?" Charlotte joked back at him. But honestly, that didn't do anything to disprove his point. If anything, it confirmed that he was right. What did the giant spiders eat? Why was the only life from they'd seen a threat? His theory seemed to be quite solid.

Charlotte continued. "You're right though. I don't think I've seen anything from a bird, to a simple insect, anything. I guess that makes sense. He made this planet from scratch. But going as far as creating complex plant lifeforms, but not bothering with fauna? That's odd."

Sam pondered for a moment before giving her his own theory. "I'm wondering if maybe he can't create complex life. Maybe he's limited in what his power can achieve after all.", he said. "Giant spiders notwithstanding, that is."

She nodded again. "An interesting theory. I think there may be something to that. This place doesn't seem to be functioning right. Maybe our captors powers have some limits. Limits far beyond one of us, but limits none the less."

"Agreed, ma'am. I will continue to monitor this, see what else I might find.", Sam said, and then wandered away to take a seat away from the others where he could continue to study the situation as it unfolded.

Caroline was having trouble with the power systems. It wasn't as easy as she had thought, but she was determined not to ask for assistance. This was on the one thing that the captain had given her to do. But without proper tools, it was like this would never get . . . and then suddenly, several of the parts suddenly came out. Had she broken them? She looked at the damage and each seemed fine, but she couldn't shake a suspicion that the removal had happened too easily at the end.


Over the next 2 hours, the team with the new parts arrived at the train, installing their replacement parts. A brief test confirmed that the train would successfully operate once sufficient power was brought on line. Now they just needed that power...


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