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You Scratched My Ship!? - Part 2

Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2017 @ 9:21pm by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Bradley Hayes & Commander Gerald Holmes & Ensign Brian Davenport & Ensign Turol

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia
Location: Spacewalk outside ship
Timeline: While stopped in orbit

Bradley finished readying his own environment suit (proudly affixing the new Lieutenant pips) and looked at the crew assembled for this 'mission.'

Ensign Davenport had some spacewalk experience and Ensign Turol showed significant zero-G abilities during a combat exercise at Starfleet. He was quite happy with these choices. Their environment suit was also readied as per the instructions.

Lastly, Bradley looked to crewman Yu-vec, half human and half orion - his pale green skin was very dry and didn't do well with the environment suit. The brand new Lieutenant helped the crew mate with his suit to alleviate the irritating skin contact.

Bradley addressed the group but turning to Turol first he spoke in a commanding tone, "Ensign Turol, you have experience in Zero-G. I'm depending on you to use the calibration equipment that crewman Yu-vec is carrying. Keep your wits about you and watch Yu-vec for illness. You'll be bringing up the rear during the spacewalk to and fro."

Turning to address Brian, he continued, "Ensign Davenport, thank you for your volunteering or at least agreeing to the Commander's wishes. Your spacewalk legs should return within a few minutes of being on the hull. You will be tethered 2nd after me on the spacewalk."

Addressing crewman Yu-vec last, "Crewman," Bradley started, purposefully omitting his name, "it is because of your careless training exercise that the deflector dish needs manual realignment."

Pausing for affect, Bradley then continued, "more accurately, it was your failed attempt to cover the mistake more than anything. In either case, you should be happy you are still in Starfleet. I expect the lion's share of work from you and a top-notch work performance record for the next year. That means no complaints about your assignments. You will be in position 3 during spacewalk in front of Turol."

Turned to include everyone in the address, Bradley finally said, "and don't forget: Smile! It suppresses the gag reflex."

With that dramatic conclusion to his pep-talk, Bradley presses the button to evacuate the atmosphere and disable gravity in the air lock. Alarm claxons begin, but slowly fade as atmosphere is taken away.

Gently, everyone starts to float. Bradley points to the button on his arm to engage the mechanical magnetic lock to remind everyone where it is. He opens the outer portal hatch, spins to put his feet on the hull and engages the magnetic locks in his boots in one smooth motion.

"I love a good spacewalk!"

"So nice to finally get outside for a walk," he pokingly teased as the rest of the crew tried the same spinning maneuver with awkward success.

After checking in with the bridge, tethering everyone together, Bradley led the walk to the deflector dish in a slow pace.

After the butterflies in his stomach had subsided, Davenport quickly got his spacewalk legs as the Lieutenant said he would. For now he was enjoying the awe inspiring view that was the vastness of the USS Enterprise. It was moments like this that he was glad that he had joined Starfleet and put in all the hard work at the Academy. For now he was moving at a moderate pace behind Bradley.

This wasn't Turol's first spacewalk, and he managed a bit more grace than his two human companions did, though not as much as the Chief Engineer. He attempted to look confident in his movements, though one awkward stumble was too big to miss.

The spacewalk was brutal. With it over they could at least focus on the work. The crew performed admirably, even crewman Yu-vec was able to supress the nausea enough to work efficiently.

"Looking down at the hull can help your land-based brain to think of it as 'down,' which can alleviate the nausea. Ultimately though, none of us were made to be in space, so the quicker we can do this the better," Bradley tried to sound encouraging.

After the sensitive equipment was mounted to the hull properly, it acted as a computer-controlled levelling jack and reoriented the deflector dish perfectly.

Bradley opened his suit's communicator, "Bradley to ops, we are heading back. The work was successful. Wait until we are clear to test."

With the job complete, Bradley tethered the crew back together and slowly made their way back to the airlock.

The airlock made a comforting suction noise as the atmosphere was returned and equalized.

Bradley checked on each crew member and helped with their suits.

"Hopefully that wasn't too bad, and I'll let the commander know of your exemplary performance," he smiled with approval.

"If there is nothing further, consider yourself dismissed."

"Understood, sir. I will return to my standard duties," Turol said, trying to suppress some lingering nausea. He bowed his head, then walked off in the direction of the turbolift.

As Brian turned to walk to the turbolift, he told Bradley, "Lieutenant, that made for an interesting time, thanks for picking me to go outside with the group."

With the mission complete, Bradley sent the doctor a note regarding their recent adventure in space and a reminder to put it in each of their medical files.

"It's already done," Jerry sent back to Bradley.

"Bradley to OPS," the Lieutenant opened his communicator. After confirmation, he continued, "the spacewalk is complete. You may proceed with a final test of the deflector dish's alignment. If it passes we are cleared for ship propulsion from engineering."

After OPS acknowledgement, Bradley went to his quarters and took a well-deserved nap.

Lieutenant Bradley Hayes
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Brian Davenport
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant

Dr.(Lieutenant) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes
Second Officer/Chief Medical Officer
USS Defiant


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