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Laying a Trap

Posted on Sun Sep 29th, 2019 @ 9:40am by Master Chief Petty Officer Amelia Redgrave & Lieutenant Commander Nathan Bishop & Ensign Colby Pierce

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Jungle, Typhon's Creation
Timeline: Following Campfire Meeting

The trees rustled softly as a breeze wove it’s way through the jungle foliage. It was awfully quiet. So far, the group had found few traces of the pirate group. The carnage from last night’s spider attack was present, but couldn’t even begin to account for the whole group they’d seen earlier.

Amelia was just finishing rigging another snare when she thought she heard something in the distance. She made a gesture toward her companions. “I think I heard something,” she whispered.

Bishop had been rigging trip wires when he caught Amelia's gesture. He nodded and motioned for the others to quickly finish their jobs and get out of sight.

Pierce had just finished digging a hole and was laying tree branches over it when he heard the warning. He quickly sought cover next to Amelia.

The group found various forms of cover, offering them vantage points against the possible paths of entry into their little trap. A good choke point looked open until you were in it, and that was the goal. Pierce's trap would effectively block off retreat toward the pirates' camp. Bishop's trip wires would turn the paths back toward the mountain edge into a nightmare. And with any luck, Amelia's snares would turn the paths from the stream into a less lethal mine field. Whatever direction they approached from, they'd be able to get within firing range just as all hell was breaking loose.

Amelia climbed into the lowest branches of one of the nearby trees, checking the various paths. And sure enough... "Coming from the stream. Sounds like at least 8-10," she whispered just loud enough to reach the other's ears.

The pirates approached, moving quietly, but not enough to escaped the trained ears of their hunters. The leader of the group called one up beside him. "Where'd you think you saw her?"

"Just this way. I don't think she knew I was there. Only ran off when you all started making a ruckus," the man replied.

Amelia felt a trickle of sweat down her back. She wasn't sure if she or Kenna had been spotted, but somehow one of them had been eyed by the scout. That wasn't good news.

The leader nodded. "Alright everyone, keep your eyes sharp." With that, he gestured the group forward, slowly.

As the group moved forward, one of the member fell across one of the trip wires and other was caught by a snare. The hell broke loose as Bishop and the others opened fire.

Pierce opened fire, hitting at least one of the pirates. Another stood up, tried to run and found himself in the pit Pierce had dug. The pirates soon realized that they were caught out in the open, with few options for cover.

From his hiding spot Bishop began firing with his phaser catching the pirates in a crossfire and driving them away from the away team.

The group advanced again. This time a small group of Orions appeared through the trees to their right. And this group wasn't just any group. The ring leader had a face which immediately stuck out to the Strategic Operations officer. A face she'd seen years ago...

Pierce saw the Orions appear on the right, so he shifted position and started firing at them. At least 1 went down, another was injured.

Bishop caught the Orions from the right. He shifted his position slightly to fire on the Orions and saw at least one fall to his well placed shots.

Within a few moments, the firefight died down. The pirates, whose formation had held initially, quickly began to be picked off as trap after trap were triggered. The tides had turned, and the Starfleet officers pushed the advantage. With the last of the pirates becoming pinned or eliminated, the Starfleet crew ensured that they'd eliminated the last few opponents and retreated back toward the rest of their crew.

By this point, supplies would be being loaded into the train. They needed to be there and be prepared for their final confrontation with Typhon.


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