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Dead Or Dreaming?

Posted on Thu Oct 10th, 2019 @ 7:11pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1 & Ensign Heather Pinknie

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Sickbay

Pierce laid on the floor of the security office. Part of his mind was trying to tell him to wake up and get moving...but another part just wanted to sleep.
The part that wanted to sleep won.

Pierce opened his eyes and found himself on one the ship's corridors.
The lights seemed dimmed by smoke.
His head hurt.
People were running.
The alert lights were flashing.

"What's going on?" He said to a passing crewman. No answer came back.
He saw a familiar face, "Joe!! Tell me what's happening!" Joe just moved on.
Then a group of people ran straight at him......and past right through him!!

Pierce stopped and looked around.
Then it dawned on him.
"I'm either asleep....or I'm dead."

It took him time to orient himself and figure out what deck he was on.
Once he knew where he was, he moved to the turbo lift. The security office was 4 decks above him.
Something was telling him to go to the security office.
He walked to the doors of the lift, and they wouldn't open for him. He tried pressing the call button, but his hand past through the wall.

The lift doors opened and people got out. When they past through him, he entered the lift. "Security office!" he called out, but the computer didn't respond.
3 people entered the lift, told the computer where they wanted to go, and luckily, it was where he wanted to go.
When the doors opened, he waited until the people left and then he walked out.

At the end of the corridor there was a bright light.
He felt an urging to walk towards the light.
But he stopped himself and walked through the door of the security office....where he saw...his body...and medical people working on him.
Amelia was there...she was crying.

The medical people stopped working, and shook their heads.

Pierce found himself back in the corridor.
The light was brighter.
It beckoned him.

He started walking towards it.

The closer he got, the stronger the desire to enter the light became.
He took one last look at the ship, and stepped into the light.

He started screaming, and he found himself on a biobed in sickbay, sitting up.
His body was drenched in sweat, and he was trying to catch his breath.

Heather moved over, laying a hand on Colby's shoulder, "You're alright," she said soothingly. "You're in sickbay. You're safe. I'm Nurse Pinknie." Her hand encouraged him to lay back, but she stood there, emphatic brown eyes. With her other hand, she touched a control on the bio bed. "Get your breath back and relax. How are you feeling?"

Pierce looked around. "How did I get here? Last thing I remember was being on that ice planet."

She pushed him back onto the bio-bed now, firmly and said "Yes. That Typhon caused some big illusion or holo-cloaking thing. I really don't quite understand it. But the main thing is you're safe and back aboard Defiant."

Summoned from his office, Morgan shoved the last of a cookie into his mouth and walked toward the station, he noted Heather talking to the bed's occupant and saw Ensign Pierce was awake. Walking toward, he smiled "Ahh, Mr. Pierce. How are we feeling?" He looked the security officer over and put fingers to his wrist archaically checking his pulse even though the information was there on the readout.

Pierce looked at the doctor. He hated being sick, and hated being confined to sickbay...all he wanted was to get out. "I'm fine, when can I get out of here?"

Morgan sighed. "Is it me?" He asked Pierce as he let go of the Ensign's wrist and began sifting through readouts on the screen as Heather moved to the other side of the bio-bed and fussed with the controls located there. "You are not fine and lying to your doctor only means you don't get out of sick bay," Morgan continued as he took in the scans. "So, it perpetuates itself, I suppose. Right now you're suffering from shock. Dehydration. And your body needs electrolytes. Morgan peered at the Security officer, comparing his pupils and then looked at Heather.

"Nurse Pinknie, please administer fluids. Start with 200 milliliters of Ringers and supplement with 2000 milligrams of electrolytes every four hours," as she turned to comply he looked at Pierce, "Sorry Ensign, but you're here for the duration. Now that that's out of the way, if you'd like to talk about anything myself or nurse Pinknie are more than willing to listen. The more we know the sooner we can get you sprung from our custody." Morgan smiled reassuringly then, leaning against the bio-bed. "You're going to be fine. But you have to give yourself a moment."

"Doc," Colby sat up on his bed. "I can get all the fluids I need in my quarters. You need this bed for people who are actually sick. I'm fine."

Morgan fixed an eye on the ensign and gave it a moment. "No, Ensign. You get to stay here and keep us company. Treatment needs to be administered and you need to be monitored. There is no negotiating, Pierce. So, get your ass back in that bed and let the good nurse do her work."

He knew when he was fighting a lost cause, so he laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He tried some breathing exercises he had read about while at the academy to relieve stress, so he tried them.

Colby asked one of his friends to retrieve his sketchbook and pencils from his quarters. When he got them, he started sketching what he remembered of his dream....the faceless people walking through him in the corridor....his struggles to get to the security office.....seeing his body laying on the floor of the security officer and the medical personnel trying to revive him and stopping.....him being back in the corridor and seeing that light at the end of the corridor.....and him walking towards it....until he entered it...then nothing.


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