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Meeting the CMO

Posted on Wed Oct 16th, 2019 @ 10:37am by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1 & Lieutenant Commander Nathan Bishop

Mission: Shore Leave: Business As Usual
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Nathan wandered into Sickbay. He hadn't met the CMO yet and knew that the chief medical officer would probably insist on preforming
a physical. So here he stood in Sickbay feeling foolish as he looked for the CMO as nurses and lab techs scurried about on whatever
tasks they had to do. *Maybe their just busy. I can always come back later* He thought

Morgan caught motion at the entrance from he corner of his eye and turned. Finished washing his hands, he grabbed a towel and turned to Blonde man in command red and, by the rank he decided this must be Commander Bishop.

That and he'd gotten a personnel file on the man not overly long ago.

"Commander Bishop, I presume? I'm Doctor Lindsay. How can I help you?"

Nathan turned at the sound of the voice and found himself looking into the brown eyes of the CMO. "Dr. Lindsay, a pleasure to meet you. I just wanted to come by and introduce myself being new the Defiant family."

Morgan's eyes glinted with humor as he said, "Ahh. I see. Very nice to meet you Commander. Since you're here, why don't you jump on the bio-bed in the exam area and we'll get a base line. It'll just take a moment. And, if you have any pre-existing conditions. Concerns. Interesting things growing on any bodily part, that's what were here for." He gestured toward a small cubby and smiled.

Nathan glanced at the bio-bed. "Um why don't we just say I did? I'm fine. Don't have anything growing on me like mold or algae. As for pre-existing conditions none that I'm aware of." He didn't mention his occasional leg pain he got when the Arizona had been hit by Klingon disruptors and he had been thrown from his command seat. After all it came and went.

Morgan sighed. "Commander, you're been around long enough to know I can't do that. I like my work too much to allow a potential patient to get away that easily," he grinned. "I'm well aware of a general dislike of beings confronting their mortality, but we can do all sorts of things to make life better. So, humor me? I am not above skulking about and stalking those in my care to get to the truth."

Bishop chuckled, " At least you didn't say victim." he bantered as he moved to the bio bed. I'm not worried about my mortality Doctor. I just hate exams. So to keep you from sulking, conduct your exam."

As the commander turned to the exam area, Morgan rubbed his hands together and said "Muah ha ha ha. Er. I mean it won't be that bad." Once the blonde man had settled onto the bio-bed, Morgan cast a glance over the vitals and asked, "So humor me. I've seen your records. Old wounds being what they are, is there anything that causes discomfort on a regular basis? The earlier we deal with things like that, the more we keep them from becoming worse later."

Bishop turned his head to look at Morgan, "On a regular basis? No." He answered which as far as he was concerned was true. The pain in his leg came and went and he could still walk, run do everything he was required or needed to do . So everything was good. "A good philosophy to have especially considering your a doctor." he bantered back

Morgan took his gaze off monitor and grinned at the Commander, "Philosophies are fine things. As far as they go, kind of like half truths, but I'm glad you don't have anything persistent. Speaking of old wounds, how's the leg?"

"True enough." Bishop agreed He shook his head in agreement, "Nope nothing persistent." He answered simply without further explanation. "Leg is fine. Periodic pain but nothing as you said persistent."

Morgan nodded, sighing as he touched controls and two images popped on the display. "Here's your leg prior to the injuries in your file and here's today. Looks like the damage you took is, cumulative. Every time it hurts, it's sending you a message and it'll get louder as you get older."

He met Bishop's eyes and grinned, "As my teacher used to say, Growing up is optional, growing older is mandatory. So, that being said..."The doctor touched the computer and began making some notes, "There isn't anything I should do about the leg except help you watch it. However, since I am a doctor and people expect meddling, I can offer you a series of stretches and exercises that will help keep it limber and I'll send you a solve for the days it aches."

Making another adjustment to the computer, Morgan cleared the board and said. "And listen to it. If it changes, come see me, don't ignore it or try to tough it out." Then he grinned, "Star Fleet has put a lot of resources into getting you to this point in your career, so you've a responsibility to Fleet if not to yourself."

" I like your teacher. Had some common sense and you aren't meddling, well not a lot. You're helping. I'll take the stretches and exercises and I'll do them. No offense to you Doc but the longer I can put off having to see you for this, the better I feel.''

Wagging a finger toward the blonde haired man, Morgan said primly "My good Commander, I'll have you know there are whole classes at Medical school detailing the finer points of meddling. The thought being, that if we have to suffer so should our..what was your word? Victim?" Then his tone turned more serious, "Honestly sir, if I can see you and the crew when I need to it lessens when I need to see you all." He smiled again then, "Which leaves me more time to plot in my office, isn't that right Nurse Pinknie?"

Heather gave the Doctor a sideways glance, then met the Commanders eyes and rolled her own, smiling slightly. "As you say, Doctor. What are we doing tonight, Brain?"

"The same thing we do every night, Nurse Pinknie," Morgan smiled triumphantly, "Trying to take over the world!"

The doctor laughed then and Heather shook her head a smile ghosting across her lips before she moved off toward another of Defiant's crew who had entered sick bay.

Morgan met Bishops glance and smiled, "I'm a fan of old earth animated series, usually called cartoons. Luckily, Nurse Pinknie is a good sport and acts as my straight man from time to time."

Bishop shook his head and smiled. "Lucky for you, she hasn't had you committed Doctor and she does a good job." Bishop liked the doctor, his approach was refreshing and irreverent not to mention a breath of fresh air. "Anything else Doctor or are we done?"

Morgan glanced at the feeds and began patting down his lab coat as he nodded, "I think we have enough, Commander. Finally, he dipped a hand into a pocket and drew out a lolly. Smiling he offered it to Bishop, "Every good patient gets a lolly for their cooperation. Looks like this months is a representation of the Milky Way galaxy. I think this one's melon flavored."

Bishop reached for the lolly and then pulled his hand back. "Well, I'm glad my contribution to this was recognized. "He grinned, "Got a cherry flavored one? Those are my favorites."

Peering at the man, Morgan pulled the pocket of his coat wide and looked within. After a moment, he swapped the lolly out and handed it over. "You are a lucky man, sir. One cherry, as requested." He watched the Commander walk from sick bay then turned, rubbing his hands together.

"Next victim " he called out.


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