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Some Much Needed R&R

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 10:00am by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Summer Gallagher & Lieutenant Commander Bradley Hayes & Commander Gerald Holmes & Lieutenant Surovec & Lieutenant 'Iron Kitty' Ang & Ensign Anastasia Harper & Ensign Brian Davenport

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia
Location: Officers Lounge, USS Defiant
Timeline: After Episode 1

After a slightly harrowing ordeal on and above Eta Dosi III, Commander James was ready to give his officers a break. They had all performed admirably and they deserved to be rewarded for their performance. After returning to his quarters, he pulled his duty uniform off over his head and threw it on the bed before moving to the comm panel on the wall, punching in the commands for his bridge crew.

"Attention everyone. We are currently about 3 hours away from arriving at Starbase Arcadia. I don't care what you're working on or when it's due. Drop it. You are all officially relieved of duty for the rest of the day and tomorrow. My only requirement is you use that time to do something fun. Now the Doctor and I will be meeting up at the officers lounge with a deck of cards and quite a few bottles of booze. You're all welcome to join us or go attend some festivities on Arcadia. If you want to meet us there, be there at the 2100 sharp. And don't wear your damn uniforms. This is off-duty, people. James, out!"

Chris cut off the comm and dug into the side of his closet that rarely got any use, his civilian attire. He picked out a black zipper jacket, a red t-shirt, and some classic Earth denim-jean pants. If they were going to be partying, he wanted to be comfortable.

Anastasia heard Chris' announcement and changed her uniform and got into civilian clothes and let her hair down and heads to the officer lounge to join her crew-mates in games.

Jerry grinned at hearing the announcement. He had been looking forward to this. He downed the glass of scotch he was working on in his office while writing his report about the elderly Vulcan's treatment. He saved the document and logged off his terminal. Orders were orders. He placed the scotch and the glass in his bottom desk drawer. He left his office and then sickbay to head to his quarters. Once there he eagerly shed his uniform. After a hot shower he dressed in a navy blue button up shirt with some black khakis pants and a worn old looking leather jacket. Once dressed he grabbed some bottles from his stash of booze including some of the good blue stuff and headed to the Officer's Lounge.

After Brian had heard the Captain's announcement he was very excited, this would be his first shore leave at a distant Starbase and he wanted to make the best of it. He broke out his civilian attire; a button down plaid shirt, jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat. This was his preferred attire, not that he didn't like his uniform, but it reminded him of the farm and his family. He figured that his first stop would be to join the Captain and Doctor for some booze in the officers lounge and then he would see what Lieutenant Isley was planning to do while at Starbase Arcadia.

The Tellarite Ops chief, who preferred working then doing whatever the others were doing. But, she judged that it was an order from the captain from his message and showed up at the party wearing a black t-shirt that read 'Han shot first' and a apart of black jeans.

Bradley took this opportunity to put one of his civilian outfits on. It was fairly plain other than a light leather jacket received as a gift to his father from an Andorian trader. It was a beautiful garment that had enormous value among civilians. Bradley liked it for the comfort. He did his best to slide in the shadows of the room and pick a spot to observe others. He was looking for a good opportunity to converse, but was waiting patiently.

Anastasia is in a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of boots and she walks into the officer's lounge, grabs a drink and sits by the window and stares out at the stars.

Chris entered a few minutes behind the others, carrying a small bag which he placed on the table. After a moment of rummaging, he produced a few packs of Earth playing cards and threw them down on the table. "I don't care too much what we play, but I brought a few cards and chess boards. Jerry, I believe you brought the booze?"

"You believe correctly," Jerry grinned as he tapped on the box filled with bottles of liquid, one blue and one green, but for the most part they were shades of brown and a couple were clear.

Summer had given the idea much thought but she was not sure she would enjoy it. But she had changed into a knee length skirt of dark grey and a light blouse of teal blue with matching heels. And she had coiled her hair into a loose knot at the top of her head and then gathered a couple of bottles of Andorian wine and made her way to the gathering.

Summer was among the last to arrive.

Chris had settled himself into one of the seats at the table and was shuffling a deck in his hands. "Alright, I'm thinking first hand could be standard 5 card draw?"

Surovec took a seat at the table and stating in her best American western voice "Deal me in, partner" then added 'sir' for good measures.

Ang, was one of those rare people who like to have fun, during her off hours. Her arrival Officer's lounge, was everything one would except for someone taking the captain's orders to the next level. The cait was a stickler to detail, when it came to costumes. Her arrival, reviled that she was letting her hair down and reviling her off duty hobby, by arriving in a red yellow metallic suit. Her tail swayed as she walked and even her tail was covered and flexed armor, as well as her ears. Tapping the side of her head. the face shield lift up to revile, the Ensign and former PHXPD officer looked around and offering an cait smile.

"Well, the captain did order us to be relaxed, did he not?" stating pleasantly toward all that had gathered.

The Tellarite Ops chief looked up from her cards, toward the lady in armor suit and covered her face and sighed.

"He did, but I don't think..." Surovec started to say but stopped.

"It's Iron-Kitty to the rescue," Jerry said in an old fashion TV announcer voice and then chuckled. He then took a drink of the brandy he poured himself and looked at his cards with the other hand.

Chris looked up, amused at the strange outfit his new Tactical Chief was wearing. "Glad you could make it, Ang. Grab a seat. I'll deal you in."

Ang laughed and took up a sit "Doc, can you make one of those. Thanks sir, so who's losing? Is it you sir. I bet a box of donuts you are."

"At least I know better than to make a bet when I knew I had a certainty of losing," Jerry chuckled as poured Ang a brandy.

After a few minutes of playing, Chris had found most of his stack of chips had dwindled away. He'd never been much of a card shark, preferring games of strategy like chess if he ever really wanted to win. But poker generally proved to be a great game for socializing and the crew seemed to be having fun, especially Surovec who had taken the pot from him for the 3rd straight hand. He leaned back a little, assessing yet another dismal hand and sipping a new glass of whiskey.

Summer did not partake in gambling as she found it uninteresting. So she took a seat behind the CO and watched.

Jerry slammed his cards face down into the table after Surovec's 3rd straight win and chugged down his brandy. He replaced it with a glass of Romulan Ale, "If I were a suspicious man, I'd say: this little piggy is cheating." He glanced at Summer behind Chris and grinned, "If you're going to watch his cards, the least you can do is have a PADD in hand and text me what they are. Better yet, sit behind Miss Winner there."

Summer winked at him and said. "It would cost you more than you could afford for me to cheat for you."

Surovec smirked as she looked to the defeated Doctor "There is an old Viking saying, Jerry. Never trust a dwarf who has been drinking. They're wiser and smarter when drinking. However, in Tellarite, it translates too Oink Oink, MoFo. Royal Flush."

"Wow. I lost again" Ang stated she mouth silently 'how the...' as she shook her head as she down what was green drink as she tossed her aces and eight hand onto the table "I haven't seen this much of an ass beating not since Pacs from Orion was beaten ruthlessly by Magus Tron of Andoria at Caesar palace."

"I don't doubt it with the way I'm losing," Jerry replied to Summer. He glared a bit at Surovec, not sure if she was very lucky or a good cheat.

"Well, being a cop that I was, back then, I had to kept the peace at the local bars in Phoenix. It was peaceful for awhile, but later on down the line, well, you know what happens with you get liquid courage into your system. You do something stupid and I end up doing paper work" the Iron Kitty ended her tale as she waved over a person to give her a beer as she picked up the cards and began shuffling them "In honor of Jerry's losing so much to the Ops 'I win again' Chief, we'll make the Jacks wild. Any purrrrblem with that?"

"Against my better judgement, I'm in. I think the Doctor's ale is getting to me a bit..." Chris momentarily zoned out as he swirled the blue ale around in the glass.

"I'm in," Jerry replied. He added towards Chris, "I'm a sucker for a sexy purr."

Anastasia is sitting over by the window looking at the stars drinking her rum and coke.

Chris tossed out a few cards and requested 3 more to be dealt to him. The hand hadn't really improved. "So, anyone have any big plans while we're at the station?"

Ang winked at the Jerry as she picked up her cards "If you can bet our Tellarite friend doctor, you might just get that sexy purr."

"Well, I have no plans of yet. Just might take a random path and walk the station to take a look se at things. Just not sure as of yet" returned Surovec as she picked up her card and reviewed with a smirk.

Jerry was confused by Ang's statement, "Are you paying attention to a different game? That's basically what I've been doing all night... And losing."

Just as Chris was reaching for his chips, his communicator began to beep, a sound that didn't fit the usual chirp. With a sigh, he set his hand down. "Sorry, guys. Duty calls. Feel free to keep going with out me. I'm not sure how long this will take." He stood up and walked out of the room.

Summer watched him go and then calmly stood. "I should check on the bridge" And with a nod to everyone, slipped out the other door.

Jerry watched both Chris and Summer leave the room. He downed his blue drink and poured himself another. If that communicator call meant more work, he might as well drink as much as he could while he still could drink. He asked, "Don't supposed you guys would go for triple the wilds for those with a PHD?"

Ang laughed as she looked to Jerry and stated in a slurr as she gestured to Jerry "I'm down to see that Player Hater Degree being used. So says Iron Kitty!"

Surovec shrugged "Sure, A few more turns of stealing your money and then I'm calling it. Now deal up Doc."

"I think one more loss is all I could take," Jerry replied as he dealt the cards.

Commander Christopher James
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USS Defiant

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