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Back from the Brink

Posted on Mon Oct 21st, 2019 @ 8:47am by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1 & Ensign Heather Pinknie & Lieutenant JG Veronica Rios

Mission: Shore Leave: Business As Usual
Location: Sickbay, USS Defiant
Timeline: A day or so after the destruction of the USS Chaucer

The world came back to her in flashes. At first, she couldn't tell where she was. It was so overwhelmingly bright that Veronica could barely open her eyes. She clearly wasn't in the dark escape pod anymore. But eventually, her eyes adjusted enough for her to recognize the blue uniforms of Starfleet Medical staff.

So she was on a ship, in sickbay. She was on a biobed, surrounded by numerous pieces of equipment. Her mind was too scattered to pick up more information than that, and any attempt to move was dissuaded by either searing pain in her left side. She made an attempt or two to speak, but heard nothing come from her mouth, not that she was hearing anything above the loud ringing anyway.

A few moments later, she drifted back into the darkness.


Morgan was checking bio readouts when the patient awoke next and he stepped up. "Hello there, I'm Doctor Lindsay, how are you feeling?" He watched her eyes track, trying to take it in and said, "We've treated the trauma to your side and you're on something for the pain so this might all be a bit fuzzy. You're aboard the USS Defiant. When you're up to it, I have some questions."

"D...Defiant?" The doctor's words seemed oddly distant. Her hearing was still a bit off. Or mabye that was the pain meds talking. "How did I..."

"You're safe. You are going to be fine," the doctor told her easily, stepping up and pulling the cover up around her shoulders and moved a hand to check her temperature. Little things tended to comfort patients. "You were found in an escape pod. Looks like you and it had taken a beating. You came in with contusions, abrasions, low oxygen levels and corresponding high carbon-dioxide levels. Dehydration and a few other things that are all being treated. Probably a wicked headache. Can you tell me what happened?"

"I was aboard the USS Chaucer. We were on a deep space survey and...on the way back, or warp drive overloaded. I think the whole Engineering crew was lost in the initial explosion." She forced Arya's name from her mind. She somehow felt saying it would make it worse. Or more real. "An EPS Relay exploded next to me as I was trying to get to an escape pod. My...crewmate placed me in there and stayed behind."

Nodding, Morgan let his hand take hers companionably as he sifted through more readouts. "That's hard. It's always difficult to lose cremates. But we have to focus on the here and now. You're going to be fine. We'll get some fluids and supplements into you and monitor you for a day at least. You need rest and some good care, which I can guarantee you'll get here," he said, smiling."

"Thank you..." She wanted to say more, but couldn't find the right words. Her mind jumped between topics for a moment, before finding an easy exit. She hadn't exactly introduced herself. The doctor probably already knew, but it felt right. "I'm Veronica. Veronica Rios. I was a Diplomatic Officer on the Chaucer."

Morgan squeezed her hand and said, "Well, you passed that test. Your memory seems intact. And it's very nice to meet you, Veronica. I'm Morgan." His free hand moved to circle her eye, gentle fingers spreading the eyelid, so he could get a better look." You've obviously had a traumatic experience and you're suffering from stress as I mentioned. Give yourself a couple of days to rest."

"Thank you, Doctor. I might take you up on that right now," she said, as she struggle to keep her eyelids open. She was sure others aboard would need to talk to her about everything that happened. But for now...For now rest was sounding ideal. Within a few moments, she felt herself drifting off again.


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