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The Weather Outside is Frightful

Posted on Thu Oct 24th, 2019 @ 1:11pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Ensign Claire Lafayette & Lieutenant Commander Maralen Seitha & Lieutenant Dante Rawlins V1 & Lieutenant JG Alexander McConnell & Lieutenant JG Samuel Kincaid

Mission: Shore Leave: Business As Usual
Location: USS Defiant, Orbiting Ice World
Timeline: -

The bluish-white glow reflecting off the structure below cast its hue across the Defiant bridge, making the white structures of the command stations look like ice instead. Captain Reynolds stood near the view port, gazing down at the object. It was odd. Not exactly a planet, as there wasn't a central core of rock. No, this was more unique. There were pieces of rock, but they seemed to have been picked up during the objects like a snowball during it journey through the cosmos, before it ultimately settled into this orbit. A strange finding indeed.

She didn't turn around, but instead spoke loud enough to be heard across the bridge. "Science Team, report?"

"From what I can tell, it seems to be a coreless planet, none have been discovered before and they were thought to be just theory. I'm having difficulty mapping its origins though so I could be off," Alexander considered from his terminal, "Perhaps we could send an away team down?" he suggested, looking the Captain's way.

The captain nodded. “Agreed. I think a close up study would make for some fascinating findings. Ensign Lafayette, can you find us a place or two to set down a shuttle?”

Claire was barely paying attention when the captain had called her name. She was ecstatic, staring at the readings coming in. A discovery like this would redefine whole subsets of planetary science! It took a moment for the realization of the request to come through in her mind. “Uh...yes, sir. Identifying now.” She began searching. It only took the computer a few moments to identify a potential location or two. “I have 2 optimal landing sites. But we’d have to time them correctly. The weather on the surface gets increasingly severe as it turns toward the sun. It’ll have to be while the sites are on the dark side.”

“Understood,” Charlotte replied with a nod. “Mr. Seitha, have the hanger prep a pair of shuttles to head down to the surface. Core drilling equipment on both. I’ll start preparing the shuttle rosters.”

Maralen smiled. This was more like what Starfleet proported to be, exploring, discovering new things. "With pleasure." he said, the smile remaining even as he sent orders down to the shuttle bay. =/\= Shuttle bay, prepare two shuttles, both with core drilling equipment. Have them ready within the hour. =/\=

The response came back immediately. "Yes, sir."

They sounded as pleased as anyone else, he thought. "Shuttles are being prepared, Captain."

"Excellent." The captain walked back toward the science station, stopping beside Isley. “Lieutenant, I imagine you’d like to see this up close. Do you think you’ll be ready to head out with the first shuttle?”

The captain strode back toward her chair as the various officers departed their stations to prepare for the brief shuttle trip. She addressed the helm station. "Mr. Rawlins, put us in a geosynchronous orbit between the landing sites. We'll want to keep them in view."

Using the ships advanced navigational sensors Dante quickly mapped an exact location that would place them at optimal altitude above a point equidistant between the two points on the surface of the object. Feeding them into his helm console he made a few minor adjustments to the ship's trajectory and a few moments later placed the console into station-keeping mode. "Geosynchronous orbit achieved, Captain.", he said, and turned to face the center chair. "Will I be flying one of the shuttles?", he asked, obviously expectantly.

"I was going to let your subordinates take them actually," the captain replied a bit tentatively. "There's actually something else I'd like to discuss with you, once your relief arrives to take the helm station."

Dante slightly narrowed his eyes, a sense of nervous anxiety tempering his previous enthusiasm. Quickly stamping that out he nodded, "Understood, Captain.", he said, and then turned back to his station to await his relief.


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