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Posted on Mon Feb 6th, 2017 @ 9:59am by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant 'Iron Kitty' Ang

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia
Location: USS Defiant, Docked at Starbase Arcadia

Ang was pleased to have given the chance to a chief of an starship. Giddiness she kept under wraps as best she could hide. Of course, the captain of the Defiant had seen something with her record, that made her exceptionable over all the other personnel that applied for the position. Yet, never the less, the cait arrival was two fold. Saying good bye to her friends on the Grafenwöhr and meeting those and the captain on the Defiant. Starbase Aracdia was a massive complex for a station. It had more twists and turns, then the Metallica song that sang about the never. her paws moved under her body as she approached the docking area, where the USS Defiant was dock at. She noticed various types of species that wore the logo of the Defiant. She would ask if the captain was among them, but the former Police officer kept her eyes on the look out for him and or the ship's XO.

Commander Christopher James had been strolling the promenade for quite some time. The various bright, colorful signs of the shops has kept him pretty well distracted and he suddenly realized that he was now lost in the maze like structure of the Starbase. Someday it would be teeming with life and business like it's larger sister station, Yorktown. But for now, Arcadia was a strange balance of industrial and luxiurious. One moment he's be next to some high end jeweler. A moment later he was passing a rail station that was only beginning construction. It was an odd sight, and the lack of a significant population meant the buildings were only sparely lit. Chris had been gazing up at the buildings overhead when he noticed a sharp eyed Caitian women in Tactical Red standing not far off.

Chris approached her weaving through the crowd gathered outside a holotheater. As he approached, he spoke over the murmer of the crowd. "Ensign Ang. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I'm Chris James, Commander of the Defiant."

"The same sir" retuning in a pleasant voice "May I ask what the commander had seen in the holotheater?"

"Indecision, mostly," Chris said with a laugh. "I spent a good 20 minutes trying to pick one to watch and didn't make much headway. Mostly, I've just been looking at each other the venues that have opened on the station." He sidestepped as a particularly hurried looking man barreled past, and then returned his attention to the conversation. "Have you been aboard the station long?"

"No not long, captain. Unless you count walking from one end of this massive bike wheel to this point long." Ang returned "Then yes, I have been on station long. If not, then it's just another stroll on patrol, sir. However, if I may suggest, something from the Lucas or Marvel studios. That's if you want action and excitement. If not, then their Perry Mason. Purrrhaps classic Sci fi/ horror movies, the Commander Tucker's selection is remarkable good choice."

The commander nodded. "You're referring to Charles 'Trip' Tucker, I presume?"

"Yes, sir." replied the captain SecTact chief "The chief Engineer of NX Enterprise, loved his movies from Earth's past, if I recall my history correctly"

"Oh yes. You do recall it correctly. History is a personal interest of mine. I actually heard Jonathan Archer speak once in person. That sorta set me on a path to starfleet." He turns and faced the Caitian. "I am intrigued that you know so much about historic Earth pop culture though. Is that a hobby of yours or is there a larger reason?"

"Purrhaps you'll like the short answer, to that statement, sir. It is a long winded one, that, I don't think I'm Admiral enough for as of yet." Ang stated, while poking fun at long winded Admiral speeches.

Commander James smiled. "Fair enough, I'll take the bite size version."

"I was a Police officer for the Phoenix Arizona, who has a law degree. So if you need a JAG rep, then I'm you cait. That was before I joined Starfleet and did some time on the Graf, before being assigned to the Defiant. "

"Interesting. That explains why you know so much Earth culture then. I actually am very familiar with Phoenix. I grew up about an half hour shuttle ride west of you along the California coast. A good friend of mine lived in the Valley and we spent many a night in the Tempe or Downtown. Perhaps you were on patrol one of those days."

Chris focused a little and changed the subject. "There's a bench just over there. Would you care to talk duties for a minute? It will save us a boring meeting in my ready room later."

With a nod of her head, Ang, agreed silently.

"Excellent." Settling into one of the bench seats, Chris turned to talk to the Caitian. "So I imagine you know the basics of your duties. You'll be chief of the Tactical and Security divisions aboard Defiant. However, unlike many ships, we also will have a Chief Strategic Operations Officer. They're primary duties will be coordinating with the fleet and this Starbase, but they'll have some secondary responsibilities as well. For example, they'll function as an Assistant to the XO and will serve as your Chief investigator on board the ship. Almost like a Chief Forensic Officer on a police ship. Sound alright?"

"Good enough for me, sir" returned Ang.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Ensign Anastasia Harper, our Chief Diplomatic Officer is looking to take some combat lessons. She was captured planetside during our last mission and I think she'd feel safer with some training."

Ang nodded her head to this. "Training never hurt anyone and it feel better knowing it'll help purrtect them."

Chris smiled. "Good. Then I'm glad to have you aboard."

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Ang
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Defiant


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