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Need a Lift?

Posted on Tue Nov 12th, 2019 @ 1:15pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Cecile Cashwell

Mission: Shore Leave: Business As Usual
Location: Guest Quarters, USS Defiant
Timeline: -

Charlotte made her way down to the guest quarters which housed their temporary traveling companion Cecile Cashwell while her ship was being repaired. Typhon's device had done a bit of a number on her systems, something Defiant had been lucky enough to escape.

The events on the surface may not exactly have happened in reality, but Charlotte was looking for a bit of closure regardless. Stepping up to the door, she pushed the chime panel.

Cecile had taken her time, exploring the quarters provided her, which hadn't taken all that long but had occupied her for an hour. Then she had climbed into the fresher and luxuriated in a long clean up. Wearing one towel and with another wrapped around her still damp, dark hair she heard the chimes and checked the screen. A devilish smile played across her lips as she touched the controls and the door slid open.

"Why, my dear Captain Reynolds. Charlotte. What a nice surprise. Please come in. I've been enjoying some of your ship's amenities and I want to thank you for that. And the lift."

"The pleasure is all mine," Charlotte replied, shaking her head a bit as she entered the quarters. Cecile probably hadn't known she was coming so her attire was likely not planned. But she had the feeling the woman enjoyed catching people off guard. Charlotte's own Starfleet uniform suddenly felt overly formal. She assessed the room, not entirely sure where would feel comfortable, ultimately deciding to take a seat on the couch. "I was coming by to let you know that repairs on your ship are underway, but may take a few more hours. Typhon's disabling field fried a lot more on your ship than it did aboard Defiant."

Frowning, Cecile crossed her arms and said, "Well of course Typhoid did. I don't know that my consignee's really believe the story I fed them, even with Defiant's log's to back me up. The merchant captain shrugged, her arms dropping and she continued, "But that can't be helped. Can I offer you something? I have some Tarkalian tea," she said gesturing toward a table, "Or I brought a couple of bottles of Ice Wine off of Frostpile, if it's not too early for you." Her green eyes crinkling with amusement as she regarded Charlotte.

"I'll take a little of that ice wine. My day is mostly going to be monitoring us traveling at warp. I think I'll be able to get away with a glass," Charlotte said, returning a sly grin. "If it's any consolation, my team do good work. Your ship will probably be in better shape than before the incident. We may also be able to divert our path a bit. Not to brag, but my lady can pull some warp speeds that would make most freighter captain's blush."

The brunette stood, adjusted her towel and made her way over to a spacer's chest. Opening it, she withdrew a pair of short stemmed desert wine glasses and a bottle from what sounded like a chiller unit. Removing the top, she poured a measure into both, then sat the bottle on the coffee table and handed the other one to Charlotte. "I think this one's about ten years old. Not too bad a vintage." Raising the glass in salute, she took a sip and smiled. "The Calliope wasn't in that bad of shape," she mock protested. "But, I'll take a tune up whenever I can get it, and I do envy you your speedy ship, Charlotte." Then her smile turned impish, "Though a slower passage allows for more leisure and diversions. I imagine you don't get too many diversions on your ship, though we talked a bit about that."

Charlotte took a sip before letting out a slow laugh. "It really depends what you mean by diversions. If you mean stuff like this Typhon situation, it actually happens a lot more than you might think."

"Well," Cecile started as she sipped at the sweet wine. "Typhon is an example, though honestly I could have done without his playing. Though, it did cause us to meet so that's a pleasant turn. And I irritated your executive officer for a time, which was amusing." She looked at Charlotte calculatingly, then said. "There can be diversions aboard too. How about we turn this glass into a pre-appetizer and you join me for supper aboard Calliope? Our steward, Chafe, is an excellent chef and it soothes him to cook. Our passengers and crew are enjoying your hospitality, the least I can do is offer mine?"

"I think I'll take you up on that offer," Charlotte replied, sitting back a little. "Do you know where you're off to once the tune up is done?"

"Pascal's world for a quick drop off and then on to Colony 446. They really need to pick a name for that," Cecile said, shaking her head. She felt the towel on her head loosen and she patted at it reflexively. She took another sip of the wine and asked, "What about you and your glorious Defiant? More fires to put out?"

Charlotte, turned to face Cecile, resting her glass gingerly, on the top of the couch, though keeping a firm hold in case it started to slip. "Oh, you know us, off to do some reckless adventuring. We were actually on course to investigate this mysterious extragalactic object spotted on long range sensors. Our plan is to get there early, see what we can learn, and figure out if it's a big dead probe, some lovely no neighbors, or a threat. So unfortunately, I think we're headed in the opposite direction from you."

Cecile smiled at that and said, "What is it they say about two star ships that pass in the night?"

"That tends to be the whole saying actually," Charlotte replied, as she absently swirled the glass. "I believe the whole phrase is just 'like two ships passing in the night'. So...not one of our deepest idioms. But yes, I will admit, things will be a little more boring without you around to stir up chaos."

Smirking, the brunette asked. "Me? I thought it was you who brought all that excitement into my life. But, I would entertain any suggestions? I may be a merchant, but not necessarily a chaos merchant. Regardless, I can guarantee most things won't be boring."

"Fair point, I suppose I was the one who stirred up a lot of things. You did sorta get dragged into things," Charlotte replied. Typhon had designed the trap around the Defiant after all. "While you're still here though..." She set her glass aside and leaned forward a little, a devilish smile on her face. "I was wondering if we could pick up where we'd left things in that tall grass?"

A smile formed across Cecile's lips before she took another sip from her glass and was still there, as was a glint in her eyes when she had finished. "Why I do recall the tall grass, Charlotte," she said, "The question is do you want to wander in the grass before or after dinner?"

"I don't see why the two need to be mutually exclusive," the captain replied slyly.

Cecile's smile widened as she let her eyes go wide with shock, "Why Charlotte. I do like how you're thinking." She stood, pulling the towel loose from her hair and shook out the brunette locks. "Sounds like I should change and we can adjourn to the Calliope. Or were you thinking of something more immediate?"

Charlotte shirted a little closer to Cecile. “I was thinking something a little more immediate. Besides, your current outfit is rather flattering.”

Cecile slipped into Charlotte's arms with ease and smiled, "Don't think of it as an outfit. Think of it more as wrapping." The brunette's own hands moved to the blonde's tunic hem, commenting throatily, "Your's might take a tad more work to remove, but I think we can figure it out.

“It can be a team effort,” Charlotte said with laugh, pulling Cecile to her as their lips met. “Could always start with the easy part...” She kissed Cecile again, allowing herself to be leaned back slightly.

Cecile ducked to kiss Charlotte's neck and with a practiced move, caused her body towel to drop away. Against the blonde's throat she said, "Your turn," then she straightened and gestured toward the bed in the next room. "Come into my parlor?"

Your parlor? You know whose ship this is right?” Charlotte teased as she rose to her feet. Removing the hair tie from her hair, she shook the blonde locks out of their ponytail bundle, letting them fall across her shoulders with an exaggerate seductive look. Her uniform dress soon introduced itself to the floor. She stepped back toward the door Cecile had gestured to. “Beat me there and I’ll let you do the rest.”

Cecile's watched the Defiant's Captain disrobe with fascination and she moved toward her, then took a hold of her hand, and backed into the bedroom, leading Charlotte as her eyes played over the blonde's form, "Well, to use another turn of phrase, I'll see if I can't make you sing for your supper."


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