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Now you see them...

Posted on Sun Feb 2nd, 2020 @ 9:28am by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1 & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir V1

Mission: Episode 2: Inevitable
Location: Crew Lounge
Timeline: After the poker game

After the card game, Morgan sat at a table watching the others idly as he sipped at his drink while walking a poker chip back and forth over the knuckles of his right hand. The quiet conversation of the others was calming and pleasant to hear. Those members of the crew attending the card game seemed at ease and that was a good thing.

He closed his eyes and took another sip of the martini, enjoying the cool bite washing over tongue. When the Doctor opened them again, he smiled as he saw Thyra approaching.

“Well, Thyra. Did you enjoy the game? I feel fully fleeced, personally,” he said as he flipped the chip into the air, caught it and with a small double flick of his hand, stared at his now chipless fingers.

“The chips were simply disappearing into thin air this evening,” he grinned and mischievously blew on his fingers lightly.

Thyra just shrugged. "I just think it is fun and games. Don't take it too serious." She grinned and said, "You're not a poor loser are you?" She enjoyed herself. She wasn't a big gambler, but this was fun.

The Doctor shook his head and said, "Oh no, I don't take these sort of things seriously. It was a nice diversion and a chance to get to know one another. We played quite a bit in my residency days. And I picked up card tricks and some manipulation magic to keep my hands nimble." He picked up a nearby deck of cards, shuffling them slightly awkwardly with one hand, though it smoothed out after a few beats. "The most memorable game was a game of strip poker we played the last evening before we all finished and were heading on our merry ways." He fanned the deck out on the table's felt top and passed his hand over it, rapping one end and making a chip appear.

"So that's where that went, he commented, slipping a sly wink at Thyra. "Shy chips. Pick a card?"

She sad down across from him and looked at the cards. She then moved her hand over the cards as she looked at him. The she gracefully took a card and held it up as she looked at it. "And now?" She asked curious, looking over at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Once you've memorized it, put it back into the deck." Morgan told her, his eyes glinting. "Have you ever lost your clothes in a game?"

Thyra looked at the card and then put it back. "Never lost my clothes in a game. Did you have something in mind?" She looked a little smirking at him.

"All sorts of things," Morgan smiled to the Andorian. He dropped the deck to the table and spread the cards around randomly, swirling them over one another on the tabletop, "And of course, as a scientist, it's in my best interest to explore many things. For instance, how you've been feeling since we went through Typhon's little fun house." The doctor gathered all of the cards into a stack again,and spread them out into a fan before himself, idly looking them over, before looking up at Thyra again. "Perhaps we can discuss some or all of those things over dinner one of these nights?"

Morgan ran fingers over the cards, then slid two cards out of the fan. One before Thyra, one before himself.

When the Andorian picked up her card, the Doctor did the same and watched while she turned the card over revealing the Queen of Hearts. When she met his gaze, with a questioning look, he flipped the card he had in hand, which was hers. "Ahh," he said with a wink, "Ahh, you got my choice of cards I think, but I have yours. I'm about out of tricks though..."

Thyra took the card. "Pity...that you're out of tricks. This could have been so much more fun." She looked grinning at him and leaned forward. "But...hey what is this..." She pulled a card from his sleeve. "Looks like you are not done with your tricks, leave it to the doctor to always have an ace up his sleeve." She held it up, it was an ace of spades. "Question is, will you be getting lucky tonight? Or will you be loosing more than just you chips?" She pulled him close to her looking almost daring at him.

Morgan smiled at her, his hand sliding over her hip as he said, "Well, that all depends. I may have more than just cards up my sleeves. Or the rest of my clothing for that matter. And I'm nearly certain you do. Lucky I can't speak to, but I am more than willing to gamble all. How shall we proceed. Play until winner takes all or a single draw from the deck?"

She thought about a moment and then said, "Single draw, but maybe I should check you for hidden cards and chips on you." She chuckled a little.

Morgan glanced at the room then met her eyes, "Well, both sound fun. Go ahead and check me, though..." he let his eyes drift over her from heel to crown briefly, "The same could be said of you. One can't be too careful...But, I will be a gentleman, ladies first."

Thyra just shrugged and then started to search him. She threw chips and play cards on the table. She looked to the table and then said, "Really?" She raised an eyebrow at that then shook her head. Then she spread her arms. "Guess its my turn now. I trust you, you are my doctor," she said grinning.

Morgan made a show of cupping his hands around her arms and sliding them from shoulder to wrist, pulling a pair of aces and a joker from within. Raising a mischievous eyebrow at her then, his hands went about her waist, tracing first downward at the back and back up, then up her sides. Then he stopped and got a confused look on his face and met her eyes again.

"Wait, what was I looking for again," he asked with a slight smile pulling at his lips.

Thyra shrugged. "I am not sure, but whatever it is, make sure you look everywhere. I am told I am pretty sneaky." She burst in to laughing when she said that.

He gave her a smile and glanced around the room. "I can do that. Do you want to do the single draw here or somewhere more private?"

She leaned a bit forward as she was standing a little on her toes. "How about private? And who knows, we don't even get to the draw." She giggled softly.

At her words, Morgan immediately stood and dropped the cards to the table. "Why my dear Thyra, I thought you'd never ask," he grinned to her. "My quarters again or do we seek a public yet secluded spot to show our cards?"

"Your quarters are adequate," Thyra replied, "I don't want anyone else to be seeing my cards." She looked at him with a playful grin.

Taking her by the hand, Morgan led her from the lounge shaking his head, "No. I watched you play back there Thyra. I know you like excitement and I'm in the mood for a bit of danger. Have you ever visited the docking cupola?"

Thyra shook her head. "I can't say I have. Do tell me more!" She insisted. The truth was, she was very curious. It was in her nature.

He offered her his elbow and they exited the lounge. "Well, while I was taking a helms cross training rotation, they taught us about the docking cupola on larger ships. When it comes to bringing larger ships into dock, they typically have a docking cupola. It's a smallish, area who's walls are mostly viewports. There are also repeater helms controls for the thrusters," he informed her. "So, I thought we could check it out and you could show me your...*cards* while we continue to discuss docking maneuvers." Morgan grinned mischievously at her as they entered a lift.

"Sounds interesting," She replied. As they were alone in the turbolift and she was holding his arm, she clicked her tongue a little. "Mouse," She called his attention, "What am I to you?" She liked the dancing around, but she could feel a certain connection and she wanted to know for sure.

Morgan's eyebrow went up as he looked at he let his eyes drift over her from crown to heel for a moment, then met her eyes again and said, "Well now. There's a question," he remarked. "I like sharing your company and of course the afore mentioned docking maneuvers have proven quite spectacular, in my humble opinion. I don't know if I've quite defined it as of yet, Thyra. But since you asked, I think I see someone I want to get to know much better when I look in your eyes. And in those eyes I see someone I have feelings for. The totality of those feelings, I'm not sure of yet," he admitted, "I'm not one to rush blindly."

Not looking away from her eyes, he said "I might ask you the same, Thyra."

"I have never been in a deep meaningful relationship, so I don't know what that's like," Thyra started, "But I do believe I want to get to know you too. I do have feel feelings and all that. But yea, I am not the rush type either. But all of this is already great. And I feel very comfortable around, and different then I feel normally, a good type of different."

Morgan kept her arm tucked into his as they reached the required deck and the turbo lifts opened. He lead her through the deserted corridor, then down access ladders before they found a door labeled Docking Cupola. Using his access code, they keyed in and they found themselves in a roughly three meter by three meter compartment. He activated a small set of controls and shutters slid completely away revealing the cupola as a small blister in Defiant's hull, approximately in the middle of the neck pylon.

The view was spectacular.

"Best view in the ship," Morgan told her, then smiled into her eyes. "I didn't think it could possibly get better, until you stepped in and look at that. All the stars worth gazing at," he finished, not taking his eyes from hers.

She looked around amazed before she looked to Morgan. Thyra sat down on the floor looking up to him. "Do you know how female Andorians initiate an intimate relationship?" She tried her best not to grin. "It's not mandatory of course. But it's known to be done."

Morgan sat down on the floor next to the Andorian, and eyed her dubiously. "Is this the one that includes sharp knives?" He asked, his eyes finding her face, then moving to the star field that was passing around them before back again.

"It involves knives sometimes. It's really up to the female." She grinned and continued, "Perhaps we can duel it out a different way, what do you say?" She looked daring at him.

"So, if it's up to you, dear female. What's your choice? I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more, but if this is where we switch to blindfolds, I'm in." Morgan kept his eyes on her, wondering which way this was going to go.

She continued giggling, "No, no blindfolds." She leaned over to the doctor. "But maybe a physical." Thyra took both his hands. "I know of Vulcans and Humans, Klingons and humans. But Andorians and Humans must be a rarity on a new level. What do you say?"

Morgan chuckled and leaned toward her then, one hand moving to draw her closer, murmuring before their lips met. "What else can I say? I'm all in Thyra."

Thyra smiled as she felt his lips very near hers. "Don't play all your cards just yet, but get that ace out of your sleeve." She held up a card. It was the ace of hearts.

"Not so much as Ace there," Morgan chuckled, as he withdrew a card and flashed it showing her the Queen of Hearts again. "Just a reminder, I think. Or perhaps fate?"

She looked to the card. She dropped her card and pushed him down on the floor and held him there. Thyra leaned very close to him and gazed into his eyes as she pinned him to the floor. "Maybe we should stop the games now. I am convinced, are you?"

"More than convinced," Morgan stated, dropping the card and watching her eyes intently. "So, no more games. Now that you have me, what are you going to do with me?"

Thyra was playing with his hair. "I am sure we can come up with something." She leaned over and kissed him.


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