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The Start Of A New Adventure

Posted on Mon Nov 4th, 2019 @ 6:43pm by Ensign Ethan Edwards

Mission: Shore Leave: Business As Usual
Location: Various

Ensign Edwards beamed aboard the Defiant, leaving the spacedock behind. Since he was just a junior officer, he wasn't met by any of the command officers, probably be time for that later on, but he was met by one of the junior security officers.

Edwards handed over his orders and his identification to the ensign.

It was his first time being aboard one of these Constitution class ships...hell, it was his first time being on any ship in the fleet, not counting the cargo ship that brought him here. Even the transporter room was big...he wondered if the entire ship was like this.

Having passed the security check, the ensign welcomed him aboard, then gave him his room assignment. The ensign said that she would show him the way.

The ensign led the way, passing along corridors that seemed to go on for miles. People, the crew, came and went. No one seemed to notice him at the moment. They probably just figured he was a new member to the crew, usually called a "newbie".

They took a turbolift to deck 8, and the ensign found his quarters, and showed him how to program the door. When she was finished, she again said "welcome aboard" and turned and left.

He took a look around the quarters. They were small...junior officers quarters usually were, but luckily, he wasn't going to have to share the room.

On his left when he walked in was the head and shower. Past that, was the bed. There was a shelf over the bed so he could place pictures if he wanted. On the wall over the bed was a space for a display. The room had windows that looked out into space....small comfort that he didn't get an inner room that had no windows. Next to the bed was an "L" shaped couch under the 2nd window. In front of the couch was a round coffee table. Next to the end of the couch was a work station, and a monitor on the wall. Behind the desk, there were shelves....perfect for his books and his statue.

His luggage was already in his room.

But before he unpacked, he wanted to see the lab where he'll be spending a lot of his duty time in.

He walked along the deck until he came to the labs.

He past the Astrometrics and Stellar Cartography Lab, taking a quick peak in and saw how large and all the consoles.

Then he past the Planetary Sciences Labs, and saw how huge it was. It was the same for the Planetary Sciences Labs, and the Geology Labs, and the Chem labs and the Biology labs. All were very impressive.

Then he found the archaeology and anthropology lab. It was a small single room. Where there was a large view screen, this lab had just a small screen. Where the other labs had several workstations, there was just one.

If there were more then 4 people in the room, they would be on top of each other.

But...this was his lab, and he was going to be happy here. Someone once told him, that starship captain have little need of an archaeologist/anthropologist....he hoped they were wrong.

Ensign Ethan Edwards.


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