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Life Keeps Moving

Posted on Wed Jan 4th, 2017 @ 2:54pm by Captain Christopher James & Admiral Virginia Haster
Edited on on Mon Jul 31st, 2017 @ 12:18pm

Mission: Episode 2: When the Sword is Once Drawn
Location: Starbase Arcadia
Timeline: 1100 Hours, Station Time

Commander Christopher James had spent most of his day aboard the station relaxing and visiting the shops that existed there so far. The station was mostly uninhabited at this point, with several wings of its inner structure still incomplete. It'll be interesting to see this place grow, he thought to himself.

The upper level balcony he was on looked down the habitation arm back toward the center of the station's structure. It was an odd view, twisting with to compensate for the stations own rotational gravity. He'd been up there for some time, sipping some tropical Deltan drink that he couldn't remember the name of. He was surprised when he finally heard footsteps approaching behind him. Expecting it to be a member of his crew, he swiveled around only to find Admiral Haster, the current commanding officer of Arcadia.

Pulling himself to attention and quickly placing his drink down, he addressed the superior. "Admiral. I apologize. I didn't know to be expecting you so soon."

The Admiral, an older woman, nodded. "At ease, Commander. I didn't know I would need to seek you out until a few moments ago either." She settled into a chair at the balcony's table and gestured for Chris to join her. "We have received notice of a diplomatic issue developing in the expanse. You remember the Lenaran people, right?"

Chris nodded in reply. "Of course. We have a colonization agreement with them. One of their colonies was attacked, which necessitated the Defiant being sent here."

Admiral Haster continued. "Correct. The Lenarans have found themselves in the middle of a diplomatic situation. They've been drawn into a territorial dispute with their neighbors, the Drenh. Both races have laid claim to the Igalla System, due to its rich deposits of dilithium crystals."

Chris interrupted her. "Wait a minute, did you say Igalla System?"

"Yes," she said, nodding her head. "The same one listed as the last known location of the USS Shelley."

Chris sat back in his chair. He was beginning to see why he was being approached for this. "I see. So the Defiant is being sent in to mediate this dispute?"

Haster tilted her head as a somewhat perplexed look spread across her face. "Not...exactly. You will be there to keep things from escalating to conflict. But your primary objective will be to represent the interests of the Federation and the Lenarans, to counter the other factions."

Other factions. That was never a good sign, Chris thought. "And those are?"

"The Hydran Kingdom and the Klingon Empire." The Admiral's face showed a bit of tension at the complicated nature of the dispute.

"I see." Chris brought a hand up to rest his chin on. This situation could easily get ugly. The Klingon's aggressive expansion and the Hydran's defensive territorialism were not a difficult match. Having to fight for the Federation's interests at the same time would make this very challenging. He would need to pull on the best of his diplomatic abilities to get through this dispute.

"The Federation Council has dispatched several ambassadors to Arcadia. They should be arriving in a few days. The Defiant will then ferry the Ambassadors and envoys from Lenara and Drehn to a neutral location. You still have some time to prepare. I'd suggest you rest up now."

Chris raised his eyebrows in agreement. "Yes, sir. I'll make sure Defiant is ready by the time they arrive."

"Excellent. Enjoy the view, Commander." With that, the Admiral exited the balcony, leaving Chris alone to think on the situation.

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant


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