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Different Perspectives, Same Results

Posted on Tue Nov 19th, 2019 @ 3:49pm by Lieutenant Ian Acainus & Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1

Mission: Shore Leave: Business As Usual
Location: Deck 7, Diplomatic Offices, Chief Diplomats Office.
Timeline: Current

Niamh felt different as she walked the familiar corridors of Deck 7. The only parts of her expanded roles that had her feeling a little anxiety were the ones relevant to the diplomatic department. Typically, the ship's counsellor only met with the crew and the odd passenger, they never left the ship unless it was an emergency and barely had any function beyond their assignment. She imagined her input would my more hands-off on this front but decided it'd be a good idea to get to know the Chief Diplomat in any case. She hoped that getting to know one another during a low-activity period would make it easier to swallow when she was suddenly present in the process.

The perk of it all was that the diplomatic offices share the same deck as counselling. She'd never have to travel far when they worked with one another.

Once she reached Lieutenant Acainus' office she hit the terminal, notifying him of her presence.

Ian had been reviewing or at least attempting to review a dissertation on aggressive alien negotiations for several days, but every time he would settle down and start to get into it, he would be interrupted. Now it had happened again. He looked up in mild annoyance when the chime sounded. He quickly regained his composure and put a neutral expression as he went to the door and opened it.

"Ah, come in," he said as he saw who it was, "what can I do for you?"

"Recently my role aboard the Defiant has been expanded and there's going to be a bit of overlap with diplomatic," she explained, feeling somewhat awkward in the doorway, "I figured it'd be a good idea for us to have chat before we begin working together".

The Diplomatic Officer shrugged his shoulders, "Of course, that sounds like a good idea. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable. Could I get you something to drink?"

"A glass of water would be nice" Niamh requested.

Ian went over to a small alcove spoke in a low tone to a console there and came back with two tall, chilled glasses of water. "Here you go," he said as he handed her "Congratulations," he said, "you deserve it."

"Thank you," Niamh responded pleasantly, "I wasn't expecting it to be honest, the crew had barely recovered from one event before we began dealing with the aftermath of our run-in with Typhon. I fell off the radar trying to manage therapies" she admitted, still finding herself unable to fully accept that she had earned the honour, "I'll definitely be more present throughout the foreseeable future".

Ian nodded, steepling his fingers, "So, are you going to be pulling double duty, will you still be acting as the ship's counsellor?"

"Yes," Niamh said, "Given that the scope of the role is pretty narrow I'll still have enough time to conduct sessions. I doubt I'd have accepted it if I would have had to give up that aspect of my role" she admitted.

"I'm glad to hear that. I think I'm pretty much over my with Elias leaving, but it's always good to know that I have a shoulder to cry on. Figuratively speaking of course."

"My door is always open, although I imagine I'll be by appointment only for the foreseeable future" Niamh replied, "I'm glad to hear you're moving on. It's always hard in the early stages but eventually, you'll look back and not be hurt".

"My problem I think was that I was thinking too much like a human, I just have to be more like an Akadian.."

"But tell me ma'am, who does a counsellor go to for counselling?"

"I've built a pool of friends since my arrival," Niamh started, "But officially, if I feel myself becoming compromised mentally I have a direct uplink to a team of counsellors who will provide distance therapy until one can be sent off. That or I go on shore-leave to receive treatment" She finished.

"I'm glad to hear that," Ian replied sincerely with a nod.

"Thank you," Niamh said, "So, any tips for an amateur diplomat?" she asked curiously, there was likely much she had to learn.

"Two things," Ian suggested. "Be yourself and don't stick your foot in your mouth."

"Thank you", Niamh said, "For both your advice and your time" she added taking a peek at her chronometer, "I best be off, got a few session later on that I'd like to get prepped on" she said rising from her seat, "Another time?" she said.

"Any time at all. My door is always open to you. Have a good day Cou... Lieutenant."


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