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Shuttlepod Inspection

Posted on Mon Jan 9th, 2017 @ 12:05pm by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Bradley Hayes

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia
Location: Shuttle Bay, USS Defiant
Timeline: Following Episode 1

Commander James assessed the shuttlepod that rested in front of him. It was amazing that his crew had been able to get the vessel operational at all. Though structurally in decent shape, the vessel had clearly taken quite a bit of abuse at some point in the past. However, he didn't need it to ever fly again. He just needed access to what was in its computer files.

He walked back to the entrance door and leaned in to speak with Lieutenant Hayes, who was lying on his back under the control console, trying to get it operational.

"How is it looking, Chief? Think we'll be able to salvage its flight log?"

Bradley was so deep in thought trying to get an interface connected that he didn't hear the commander at first, then when he finally did hear him it gave him quite a start.

"Oh! Commander!" Bradley slid partially out as he replied. "Yes, most of the data circuits are intact, but they are older and slower. I'm building the interface to perform the data access now. As the information streams out I'll upload it to the computer."

Bradley looked down at a notepad that he had withdrawn from his suit, "the flight recorder is at 31% loss but that was mostly the data the computer records on engine performance. I imagine that is useless to you anyway. I prioritized the personal logs and anything manually entered."

Looking back to the commander, "I've created a file on the computer where I will dump the data under Flight Recorder Data 73902. Feel free to mark it with special permissions."

After his report, Bradley reached for a coffee that was nearby, awaiting any further orders.

Chris nodded approvingly as he settled into one of the old craft's seats. "That's great news. The things I care most about are the flight data and personal logs. The flight data could help us track its point of origin and the crew logs could possibly shed some light on the situation. In fact, could you have the computer place the personal logs under command lock so I can review them in my ready room before we release them?"

"Yes, sir," Bradley replied. "You can expect it within an hour. I'm babysitting the transfer of data now so you have your chain of evidence intact as well."

Bradley looked back down at his PADD to update the filename and command lock.

"If that's all," Bradley politely queried.

"Yes. Thank you, Lieutenant. With any luck, this will get us one step closer to finding that ship." With that, Chris stood up and gave Brian an appreciative smile and nod, then exited the craft.

Bradley slid back under the console and confirmed the transfer was still in progress. Once complete, he sent a notice to the commander and closed the command lock. Then, noted how comfortable the older craft's seats had been, he swapped the seats on the old craft for the seats on shuttle 2.

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Bradley Hayes
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Defiant


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