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A Little Bit of Peace of Mind

Posted on Tue Nov 12th, 2019 @ 9:00pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1

Mission: Shore Leave: Business As Usual
Location: Captain's Quarters, USS Defiant
Timeline: -

Charlotte entered her quarters for the first time in hours, exhausted but contented. Cecile's ship was on ready to get underway and Charlotte was in the process of reminding herself what responsibilities she had. After a brief shower, she donned her uniform and prepared to head for the bridge. But a thought entered her mind and stopped her.

Cecile had mentioned rumors of threats in the underworld which could be looking to get back at Alina for her unpaid debts. Charlotte intended on being an obstacle to such efforts. A little bit of peace of mind would be nice.

Stopping at her computer terminal, the captain pushed a button to be connected to the bridge comms officer. "Ensign Sh'shraaqir, patch me into the comm channel for Starfleet Security on Proxima Penal Colony."

A moment later, the screen flickered to life and a gruff security officer greeted her. "Proxima Security Commander Burkin here. What can I do for you, Captain?"

"Commander Burkin, I'm going to need some additional security on one of your prisoners, Alina Soyka. I've recently come into some information that leads me to believe she may be in danger of forces outside the Penal Colony," Charlotte replied, trying to sound as professional and detached as possible.

"Yes, I'm familiar with the prisoner. I was present at the trial," Burkin replied, looking slightly miffed that he'd been forgotten. The guard's brow furrowed. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but you're not authorized to make such requests. It'd have to come through central comma-"

"I know, through Central Command. I'm sending an official write-up later today, detailing my request," Charlotte said, cutting him off. "But this information is coming from a verbal source. Central is going to need time to collect evidence, but that could be a while. I want that security in place while the investigation is happening."

"Captain Reynolds, I can't simply do this upon your request. I need some sort of-"

"I'll get you an Admiral's command if you need it, but I want the security in place first," she added, cutting him off yet again. She didn't plan to use the next point, but once it entered her mind, she couldn't refuse. "Need I remind you that her case involved an Admiral who had engaged in witness intimidation? An Admiral now facing court martial? Put the security in place. I'll get the clearance you need, but I want her under protection."

"Yes, ma'am," the man finally conceded. "Do you know the origin of the threats?"

She shook her head. "Not yet. Could be a few sources. Soyka had been involved in a smuggling ring. My information indicates that a deal may have gone south when she came up short, possible caused by Admiral Reynolds' mishandling of her arrest. But I'm not sure. For all I know, the Admiral himself might be involved." She doubted her father would actually do such a thing, but it didn't hurt the urgency of adhering to her request.

Apparently, Commander Burkin agreed with her. "Understood, Captain. While I will be noting in the file that this was an unorthodox request, I'll put security in place until I hear official word to grant or rescind her protection. And Captain, if I may? You may want to get your family drama sorted out outside of the court room."

Charlotte let out a weak but genuine laugh. "Working on it, Commander. I appreciate the assistance. Reynolds out."


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