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Covering Our Bases

Posted on Sat Jan 11th, 2020 @ 9:30pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant JG Connor Burton

Mission: Episode 2: Inevitable
Location: Main Engineering, USS Defiant
Timeline: -

Captain Reynolds entered the busy engineering section and was immediately met by the rush of activity. Unlike most of the rest of the ship, this room rarely saw a break from the activity. Every single function aboard Defiant relied on this one piece to work. There was rarely a moment when the Engineering team wasn't being called off to a new crisis. Charlotte hoped she wouldn't be one of those today.

Walking toward the center of the room, she soon spotted the Chief Engineer as he seemed to survey work on one of the plasma relays. She approached, calling out ahead of her self. "Good morning, Mr. Burton. I see you're busy as always."

"Morning Cap." He nodded towards the relay. "I might have been a bit over eager to upgrade things. This is the third time we've fixed one of the relays in a week."

"Well, that's less than ideal," the woman replied as she walked to stand next to him. "Is it a big issue? We're about to enter mission space. I'd rather get ourselves fixed up now than run into an issue while we're under pressure."

"It's probably nothing." Connor shook his head "Just a few circuits running a little too high. We'll get it fixed, don't worry."

Charlotte nodded in reply. "Fair enough. I just want to be prepared. A shorted out relay is one thing. Losing a section of the ship or an entire system is another. There's a chance we might need to fire up that cloaking device again. Given what it did to our power systems last time, I want to make sure we don't have any pre-existing weaknesses. If you need me to order any power rationing, I can do so."

"I'll let you know." Connor replied, smiling sheepishly "To be honest, any issues can be fixed with a few clever re-routes, I just prefer things to be standardized as it's easier to fix."

Charlotte nodded. "Can't argue with you there. Since the ship is in good shape, how is your team holding up? I'd rather you all get rested up before we get ourselves in a situation where we need to be under pressure."

"They seem to be doing okay." Connor said "Better than my old team used to do during shake ups."

"They're a good bunch," Charlotte replied, assessing the room. "Well, it sounds like you have everything in hand. If you need anything let me know. But I'll get out of your hair for now."

"Thanks, I think it's already messy enough." He grinned "That was a really bad joke wasn't it?"

The captain suppressed a snicker. "I've heard worse. But I think I'd stick to engine rooms for now."

"My stand up fans will be crushed." Connor quipped "Have a good day, Cap."

She smiled as she backed toward the door slowly. "You as well, Lieutenant. And let yourself out of here once in a while. The engines can survive without you for a little while."


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