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New Pips

Posted on Tue Jan 10th, 2017 @ 9:12am by Captain Christopher James & Crewman Natsuki Kai & Lieutenant Commander Summer Gallagher & Lieutenant Commander Bradley Hayes & Commander Gerald Holmes & Lieutenant Caroline Isley

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS Defiant
Timeline: Following Episode 1

Commander James finished signing off on the official mission report that Yeoman Kai had placed in front of him. "Thank you, Yeoman. That one is ready to send off to Starfleet Command."

"Very good, sir. I'll send it off immediately." She tucked that pad under her arm, but passed another across the desk to the Commander. "By the way, your request has been approved."

A smile spread across Chris's face. "Excellent. I'll get right on this then."

He reached over to the comm panel on his desk. "Lieutenants Gallagher, Hayes, Isley and Holmes. Please report to the Captain's ready room for a brief meeting."

Bradley, sensing this to be important wore a clean uniform and recently shaved. He arrived and stood before the commander at a relaxed attention.

Summer came in a short time after Bradley. She carried a PADD and was not really thinking about what might happen. "Sir" She said vaguely.

Jerry came in about a minute after Summer. Although in a crisp clean uniform, he did sport his usual day or two length facial hair like usual, purposely trimming it to look so, "You do have a knack for calling me in the middle of my paperwork." He noted the others there and that he wasn't the first to arrive and added, "Sir."

After quickly straightening her minidress uniform, Caroline Isley left the science labs and hurried to the captain's ready room. She thought she had a pretty good idea what was going to happen, so there was a certain sense of excitement as she entered the room and saw she was the last to arrive, something which caused a small frown to briefly appear. "Commander, everyone. Sorry I'm a bit behind," she said crisply as she moved to stand with her fellow officers.

"No worries, Isley. I don't want to hold you all away from your duties for too long. However..." Chris walked out from behind his desk and held a stack of padds for each of the officers in front of him. "In recognition of your efforts and sacrifices in the service of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet, its my honor to announce that my following requests have been granted by the Command."

He walked in front of Summer. "Summer Gallagher, your service has not gone unnoticed. I am proud to present to you the official orders from Starfleet Command. Congratulations, Lieutenant Commander." Chris added with a smile as he handed her the official certificate. "A long time coming, if you ask me. Maybe we'll try and avoid getting you injured so often, though."

He then turned to the three officers standing next to his Executive Officer. "As for you three," he handed one pad to each of them. "Each of you have also performed admirably and your performance has been recognized. As of now, you have each been promoted to full Lieutenant. No more Junior Grade. Congratulations."

He stepped back and looked at the four of his officers. With a teasing smirk, he finished with a faux-annoyed tone. "You four are also now in violation of the uniform code, so I'd suggest you change once you leave."

Summer saluted. "Yes Sir. Thank you sir."

Isley beamed at the news and smiled back. "Thank you, sir!"

"Welcome back my old friend. How long you'll stick around this time remains to be seen," Jerry said to the PADD. To Chris he added, "Yes Sir. Thank you, Sir. I shall make my way to the Quarter Master now." He wondered when Starfleet would go back to the easy to exchange rank insignia.

Bradley could not suppress a broad smile. "Thank you, sir!" he saluted. He looked forward to telling his father. Though his father was nonplussed to learn of his ambitions in Starfleet, Bradley still enjoyed presenting progress to the stuffy old man. He was confident his mother would still be pleased.

"You have all earned it." He smiled warmly as he looked at the excited officers. As the officers exited his office, he yelled after them. "And make sure to remind the Quartermaster that it's not my fault Starfleet chose to make the rank sewn into the uniform!"

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Commander Summer Gallagher
Executive officer/Chief of Intelligence
USS Defiant

Dr.(Lieutenant) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes
Second Officer/Chief Medical Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Caroline Isley
Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Bradley Hayes
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Defiant


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